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I need your help.


How are you?Hopefullyvery well.

Dear friends andcolleaguesof art,I need yourhelp.

I amlooking for friendsto help mescore points ina photo contest.

The pictureisof glovesfor workers.

The image reflectsunemploymenttoday.Thelack of work.The main source ofsupport forevery family.

Every daythere is less work, it causes serious problemsto society andlife itself asthe lack of housing, food, people have to eatgarbage, theft and many other things thattriggeredthe lack of work.

In December 2001,Argentina experiencedfirsthand theworstfinancial and politicalcrisiscreated by theremoval ofrestrictions oncash fromtime deposits, current accounts and savingscalledCorralito, which caused the resignation from the presidencyofFernando de laRuaonDecember 20, 2001, and led to apresidentialleaderlesssituation.

In fact39 people were killedby thepolice and securityforces, including 9 children under 18years andleaving a countrywhichhas not yetsunkwestay afloat.

From alreadythank you very muchfor all yourtime and cooperation.







Thank you andGod bless.

Salu2and success!Primo.






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