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Sharing shades with Bono

My bestest Bono experience to date .. the end of 'All I Want is You' at Manchester 15/6/05.  Bono came and stood right in front of me (B stage) and I was screaming “All I want is YOOOOOOUU!”  back at him and frantically waving my glasses (shamrocks) and then he looked and I went 'BONO!' .. and he looked some more, swaggered over, reached down, took the sunglasses off me (our fingers touched - it felt electrical!) he took off his glasses, he put mine on, and posed for a pic.  Then he bent down, and passed his glass to me (our fingers touched again!), he said “put them on, give me your camera” (which i had in my hand) then he took my picture. 

Then it all went a bit wrong.. he reached back for his glasses, I was resistant, I said take me take meee with my arms reaching up (positive he would now want to dance with me), security man said, you have to give them back now, I said nooo!  I want to dance, security man said you have to give them back now so I did, fingers touched again.  So near yet so far!!!!!!!!!!

Meantime, the band have started playing the next song, Miracle Drug, Bono’s totally missed the words .. he said Sorry Edge, I got lost in a moment there ...  and then off he goes.  Girl next to me says that was you that was you!  You made him miss the start of the song.  I was just gob smacked.

So, bearing in mind I have wanted to dance with Bono since I saw that lucky bitch at Live Aid, I had prepped my daughter, (stood top my right in the pic, green vertigo tshirt on) “Heather, if Bono gets me up to dance, make sure you get it on camera!  Film it all – OK?” ... after the above experience, I eventually come back to earth, looked at Heather, who is equally gobsmacked and just grinning, “Did you get all that on camera?” ... “No, none of it, sorry!”  She had not even got phone out of her pocket!!!  Good job I have a good memory!

I know it is a very brief encounter, and far from personal in relation to the stories of other Bono meetings, but it felt like it went on for aaaaages!  I will never forget that day J


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