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    When we have ran out of DVD`s, could Mich & Max be so kind and contact U2 control tower: Ask Mr O´Herlihy, if he could open archives, there must be a huge amount of soundboard tapes&disks during the last four decade. At least I could listen one (audio) old concert once a week.
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    The current pandemic is our reality at this moment. Right now is not possible to give any kind of update, as things are basically uncertain. Please be patient and for the time being, enjoy the stream...
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    YES..."And You and i" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bg-oUSmXacs Be Still I stand in this window to sing you a song Love's at a distance but Love isn't gone Blue turns to grey by the end of the day Same color as my eyes as I pull down the shades Darkness all around- no sound in the street Deaf dumb and blind- but I still hear them weap They sing from a window locked in a room When will it end- can I see you soon The willow will bend- The flowers will bloom The sun has it's time but then it's the moon's Behind every lie the truth is contained Behind a grey sky... The blue still remains.
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