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    Long post...but as many know, Rattle and Hum means the world to me, and I’m sharing this for probably the 269th time. Gloria drew me in in 1983 and I was a fairly casual fan until 1988. But I worked at a movie theater when the movie came out and as the saying goes, the rest was history. I remember we got the trailers in to promote the movie and there were several of us that were curious to see what it was all about, so after we added it to one of the movies, we went down into the theater to watch it. We had it set up on our biggest screen and I will never forget the feeling that came over me as I watched it. Complete awe and amazement and chills down my spine and I couldn’t wait for the movie to come out in November. For those who don’t remember or never saw the preview, here is what instantly grabbed me: Fast forward to November 2nd of 1988. When movies came into the theater, the reels came in in canisters and you has to “build” the movie. Sometimes we “needed” to check to make sure that the movie was built properly and a few would watch it before opening day. This was one of those movies. I fell head over heels in love with the movie and band that day... I have a picture of the movie in the platter, but I’m having trouble putting my hands on it right now, but it’s neat because you can tell the difference in the one color reel. Normally at that time, I worked in the concession stand, but opening night, I got to run the Rattle and Hum merchandise booth, where we sold things like you would see at a concert. I felt so privileged to run the booth, which makes me laugh now. Bonus was that I got to wear my Rattle and Hum T-shirt instead of my normal uniform. One of the perks of working at a movie theater at the time was that you could “claim” promo material. We had a giant 4 panel standee with photos of each member on each panel. I had “claimed” it and one day one of the assistant managers had sold it to someone for $300. 😭🤬 I actually ran into him last year and he said, “Remember that time I sold your U2 standee and you wanted to kill me” and I replied with “I still do”. So, unless it met an untimely death, someone out there has a standee that says in big letters on the back “THIS BELONGS TO MICHELLE”. The manager at the time was so mad at him too, and in 1993 when I finally turned in my keys, he gifted me the banner he had saved. (It’s a bit wrinkled because it’s about 10 feet long and I don’t keep it out at the moment.) Other memorabilia I acquired at the time was the one sheet which hangs on my U2 wall: And one of the previews that one of the managers gifted to me: And just like my concerts, I have a scrapbook page for the movie: Most importantly about my memories and love of Rattle and Hum is that this movie gave me my best friend of 32 years. Up until this point, we had worked together for a few months and I thought she hated me and she thought I hated her, but one day we took our break together and sat in on the movie during Bad and Streets and have been friends ever since. All in all, I don’t know how many times I actually watched that movie in the month that we had it, but it was a lot; and even more for that tiny section during break time. I would even volunteer to help clean theaters so I could hear All I Want Is You in the closing credits. And if anyone ever wondered where my adoration for Larry started, it all started with “it’s a musical journey.”
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    for those asking, just got a note from the tech team (i will be sure to send back any comments on the tech aspect of things, they will appreciate I am sure It’s never been released at this quality.. 1080HD with 5.1 Dolby Digital Made especially for this event.
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    those words are worth to post... "And let me tell you something... I've had enough of Irish Americans who haven't been back to their country in 20 or 30 years come up to me, and talk about the resistance... The revolution back home, and the glory of the revolution, and the glory of dying for the revolution... Fuck the revolution! They don't talk about the glory of killing for the revolution... What's the glory in taking a man from his bed and gunning him down in front of his wife and children Where's the glory in that? Where's the glory in bombing a remembrance day parade of old age pensioners their medals taken out and polished up for the day Where's the glory in that? To leave them dying, or crippled for life, or dead under the rubble of the revolution that the majority of the people in my country don't want? NO MORE!!!"
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    One of my favorite U2 stories was for this tour. I got tickets for the Staples center on Nov. 1st, 14th row behind the stage. Was a bit bummed to be looking at their backs the whole show... but, hey, we're in the building right? Turns out the first 13 rows behind the stage were collapsed to make way for the stage, making row 14 actually row 1. Then Bono spent half the show singing to Larry because his birthday was the day before. Absolutely amazing. Here's one of the many pictures I took, makes me wish digital cameras were better back then!
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    Thanks to everyone that has joined us today. You are what make these streams so special. Subscribers: if you want to take a little bathroom break and meet us over here for the documentary, see you in a few:
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    love and peace or else into sunday bloody sunday. nailed.
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    This "An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart" section was one of my favorite parts of the show (one of very many, of course).
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    It's time for me to talk about my memories:😃 In 1988, I was only 7 years old; that means I only started being a U2 fan much later. But one thing I can say for sure is that Rattle and Hum is where everything started. To be more specific, 2000 was the year. I was living with my sister, brother and cousin in Porto Alegre (the biggest city in Southern Brazil). We were all living there because we were studying at a Federal University, except for my cousin (who was taking a course to pass the “SAT” these Federal Universities require - which he, unfortunately, did not pass by the way. He had to go to a Private/Payed one). He was having a History Class on Saturday and that was about Ireland’s history. He invited me to go with him and I accepted the invitation. In the middle of the class, the teacher showed a part of the Rattle and Hum DVD: “Sunday Bloody Sunday”. When I heard the power of that song, especially Bono’s speech, I suddenly felt something in my heart that I could not explain (maybe I was Irish in a past life). U2 had me at “F the revolution”! 😆 Always working a lot and studying, I did not have much time for music, but, some time later, when I had already graduated, my ex-husband (who was only my boyfriend at the time) suggested me to rent Rattle and Hum, which I did and, after that, I JUST WAS NOT THE SAME PERSON ANYMORE!
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    and now... the standard on how to play Bad for every cover band around the world...
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    If you want to know where I was sitting, I was off to Bono's right in the lower level about midway back. 😎 (As he is looking out to the crowd, that is)
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    Well, it's time to give some customary pre-viewing thoughts about these fine shows and explain more why I was so eager to watch these shows in particular. First, very simply, they are the last three shows that U2 released to the general public via DVD that we haven't watched yet. Thus, merely for the sake of completeness, they ought to be viewed. However, there are so many more reasons... The first two shows, although less than full concerts, were/are/always will be vital testimonials of U2's rise to greatness, esp. of the years before the release of JT and the subsequent tour for it. Before the release of War, you could be forgiven for not knowing very much about U2, if anything at all. If you didn't have access to college radio and/or MTV (remember that, back in 1983 and before, not everyone had cable TV, and MTV was only on cable), you may not have ever heard "I Will Follow" or "Gloria". However, the release of War and, more importantly, two concerts performed and recorded during that tour exposed them to a wider audience. Of course, people will readily remember the Red Rocks show and the subsequent "Under A Blood Red Sky" video (as they should); however, equally remembered should be a show that occurred 6 days prior, their appearance at the US Festival. This was also on TV, and lots and lots of people were at the show in person. The combined effect definitely increased their profile in North America, along with tracks from War being played on the radio beyond just college radio. However, their next steps on the ladder to a wider worldwide audience were two of the shows we are watching today. In a nutshell, their Live Aid appearance left a mark on the entire planet, and the following year's headlining on Amnesty International's "A Conspiracy Of Hope" tour solidified their A-list status - these shows combined created a fever pitch in advance of the release of their next album, which, of course, delivered in every way. In many ways, this is one of my very favorite eras of the band, namely, the post-UF/pre-JT era. If you were already a fan earlier on, you could just feel that they were going to break into supergroup status. This growing frenzy compelled the band and Island Records to release "Wide Awake In America", an EP that wasn't originally planned to be made, but so great was the demand for new material from U2 that it had to be made. They took a few of the b-sides released on singles abroad and compiled them into a much-loved mini-album in advance of their Live Aid appearance. For a little over a month, the version of "Bad" on WAIA was the definitive version; it would be supplanted about 6 weeks later by the Live Aid version itself. Well, we could devote an entire thread (if not a website) to the global impact of the Live Aid concerts in London and Philadelphia - to put it briefly, any claims you may have ever heard about how impactful the event was on music were not exaggerated - the effect was seismic. So much so that it, at least indirectly, inspired the following year's Amnesty International tour. This was a six-date tour (5 arenas, 1 stadium - the NJ Meadowlands got the one stadium show as the tour's finale) - the first 3 shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Denver (the last of which, bizarrely, didn't sell out) had U2 as the closing band; during the last 3 shows (Atlanta, Chicago, East Rutherford, NJ), U2 yielded the closing slot to the reunion of The Police (the first three shows had Sting as a solo act). The finale was also a full-day concert, just like Live Aid. Well, that show was great beyond description and was completely televised by MTV. (It also provided me with my very first occasion of seeing U2 live - so, obviously, it will always be an extra special show for me.) It's a shame that we don't get their whole set (we get their first three songs: "MLK", "Pride", and "Bad" - all coincidentally (or not) from UF), but even these on their own are great (the full set is here: https://www.u2.com/tour/date/3783 ). This finale was also watched worldwide. The frenzy for U2 was at its peak...until the band created a newer and higher peak on their next album and tour. From these two seminal U2 appearances, let's fast forward to 2005 and Milan. I have a special place in my heart for the selection we get from Milan too - not because I was blessed enough to see it in person (I wasn't), but because it featured songs that were not played on the first leg (the setlist from the Chicago DVD was representative of the first leg of the Vertigo tour). The European setlist was extended into the second North American leg - so, it reminds me of the shows I saw them on in the autumn of 2005. Thus, different from the Chicago DVD, we get Vertigo-tour versions of: I Will Follow, ISHFWILF, AIWIY, WOWY, and (my favorite addition) Miss Sarajevo, complete with Bono's perfect Pavarotti impression. Despite not being a complete show, what we get is spectacular. So, get ready to cherish three great shows - 2 of the 3 are partial shows, but they are still completely worth the time to watch and savor anyway. Enjoy! 😎
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    Hi everyone! First time poster here, long time fan. Awesome show, what stood out is how strong how to dismantle an atomic Bomb was. I really don’t get a lot of the criticism this album has received over the years.
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    When Adam and Edge switch places, you know something special is about to happen. ❤️
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    These guys I just can't sometimes. They're so relevant. Always. Every day. This show is 15yo and it could be happening today. I have no words for that. I mean.. John Lewis. Mandela day. Damn universe, you're playing with our heads tonight.
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    Sometimes you can't make it on your own... And that's the very reason why events like tonight are so important. No one's on their own when you're a U2 fan.
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    It blows my mind when I look at Adam in those live.... Just like, yup, no biggie, no effort... How the hell is he so cool ?
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    If you can ever make it to Sun Studios, that drum kit is still there and you can sit at it. 💚
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    I choose to picture them on the streets, helping the community... wearing a mask...
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    This is my "Italian version" I hope I can join the party
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    Thank you!! From Vertigo... to Vertigo...! 15 years ago today I was in between my first U2 concert and... the second! Me and my friend decided to go to Nice in a pair of weeks because after the gig in Rome we went crazy... This is a picture I took 15 years ago in Rome. Sorry for the bad quality but... so precious memories for me. ❤️
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    Great show - someday maybe it will be complete! Thank you, EVERYBODY, for joining in! 😎
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    Milano looks like a spectacular show! Thanks for pointing out all these terrific videos!! Enjoyed this so much!!💓💓💕
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    "This is the Vertigo tour forever" - yes, that's true, Bono; however, we would gladly welcome the full Milan show and U2-3D too. 😎
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    I love the way this concert has been filmed I feel that Hamish Hamilton catches the bands performance brilliantly.
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    well, certain one wouldn't understand. You can show this concert to a cat, it won't care, it still thinks it is the center of the universe. Like some people think.
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    World need leaders who will respect human rights
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    I really liked this recorded section of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - it was needed - then, now, and always...
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    Pardon me, while I turn my full attention to Miracle Drug. ❤️
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    Good evening/morning, everyone!! 15 years ago, just next week, my first U2 concert in Rome for the Vertigo Tour. I still haven't found the words to describe it but I was over the moon!!
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    Oh, oh, oh Whats the song when U2 come on stage ?? 😜
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    I really hate that the critics couldn’t see this film for what it really was. Shame on them. And I hope the band realize that even if the critics didn’t get it, the fans did and are most thankful for it.
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    I have overdone it and am completely out of reactions tonight, (must be the cake) so all of you give yourselves Love / Brilliant / and Ha Ha's from me.
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    It is difficult to imagine a more powerful and emotional version of Sunday Bloody Sunday than this.
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    Sorry I’m missing the party, I’m out photographing the fantastic sunrise (that just happened!)
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    I have just been given some cake!! Cake and U2. Ok I can do this.
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    the father of one of my friends in high school was a huge jazz fan... annoyingly huge fan... He always was grumbing and moaning for that "OK Edge, play the blues!!!"... "That's!!! NOT!!!! BLUES!!!!" =D
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    "Ok Edge, play the blues..." (another phrase to put on the bingo card) along with "Am I buggin' you? Don't mean to bug ya!"
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    Say NO to violence to rock stars... ShadowMan or not, Exit was and is kinda scary... and too powerful... now.... gospel...
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    I stood on those docks when I went to Dubs. I reenacted the October cover shoot… while standing in tons of seagull crap.
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    Ok, I saw the movie in the cinema with my wife, I was blown away by it and a fan ever since. My wife dips in and out she is not as obsessive a fan as me although she has been to see them 3 times with me.
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