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    Hello from France :) Hope your are all doing well and safe home. Here is a glimpse of my first U2 show, was 19 and was living near the arena. Funny fact, my parents were at home, at about 3 or 4 km from the venue, and they could hear the whole show ;) Stay safe all :)
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    I have one of the ticket stub books too for my other shows. I’m pretty sure I have every concert ticket stub 🎫 in there I’ve ever been to, except for one R.E.M. show and I’m still hopeful that one day I’ll find it tucked in a book or something.
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    Omg....i finally got my 2019 cd gift set today! Yay. Renewed / ordered on Nov 27th 2019, so that is pretty much 4 months to the day. Its a Bit budget compared to the from the ground up and u22 cd sets mind
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    Love the scrapbook idea. I have a ticket stub book. Well 2 now since I filled one up. Yep, I totally missed this. Hopefully I'll catch the next one.
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    Hi mich40, I think it is brilliant that you have a scrapbook of concert ticket stubs and set lists, I wish I had thought to do something like that, I need to get more organised. I am disappointed to miss this first virtual concert together, but hopefully will catch the next one. Great idea from Madfl3a. Stay safe.
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    Yep - that’s what I paid all four times, and my seats were from every possible perspective. That of course is when ticket prices and relative pricing were more sane. (I still am upset at The Eagles and Madonna for allowing their tickets to be sold for much more exorbitant prices in the mid-90s; it affected the whole industry for the worse, and we haven’t recovered. I am hopeful that a very small silver lining in our current predicament is that ticket prices will be moderately, if not substantially, reduced when shows resume again.)
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