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    People seemed to enjoy my scrapbook pages. Here’s my pages for my Vertigo shows.
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    Further thoughts on this show/tour after some more time to digest them... I always loved this DVD (see my earlier post for how often I used to watch it); however, last night was the first time I listened to it in 5.1. When I had it originally, I only listened to it in stereo. If you can enjoy this in surround sound, I highly recommend it. I noticed a few things with the extra channels and with the extra time: I loved COBL as an opener. It showed off the new album (at the time) and the new visuals well. I loved how much the early songs featured in the set - "Boy" and the early singles are some of my favorite U2 music. Their playing the "Cry" opening to "The Electric Co." was quite wonderful - it immediately reminded me of the early performances like the Red Rocks show. The interweaving of the older songs with the new was well done too - it showed off the strength of HDDAAB. Another thing that struck me is how well filmed the show was. Lots of great angles of the stage, the band, and the crowd. One of my favorite shots was during "The Fly" where you get a Bono/Larry-view perspective of the crowd near the stage - you feel like you were on stage with them. The band used the ellipse well on this tour too. Two of my favorite scenes were "Love And Peace Or Else" and "Zoo Station". The band spaced themselves out well all around it on the first; Bono and The Edge ventured out effectively, mirroring one another, on the second. Having the "Bullet"/"Running To Stand Still" pairing was a nice nod to their ZooTV (and original JT tour) pairing - and yet, there was a difference: they were played more deliberately on this tour; "Bullet" even had a little bluesy sound to it in Edge's guitar playing - a nice difference from the more bombastic versions of the past. This tour began their tradition of, if you want a little extra energy later in the show, have an AB section! 😎 (They would do this again for the later "U2360" shows and the later European "e&i" shows.) This was the section of the DVD I used to watch repeatedly, even late at night on weekdays. I especially loved this tour's version of "The Fly". The semi-acoustic (or very amplified acoustic) The Edge played on this song on the tour had an amazing sound - so sharp that it sounded like it could cut glass. I wish he would use it again. With the 5.1 mix, even Bono's guitar sounded really good during the opening; he just dug hard into that repeated chord he played at the start - just perfect. "Original Of The Species" and "40" near/at the end of the show just sounded wonderful. "40" needs to be come back as a regular show closer again; yes, it was for "i&e", but let's keep having it. God, I loved this tour - as I said earlier, JT and AB are the obvious anniversary tours (one which has occurred, and one I hope will occur), but I would put "Vertigo" as #3. I loved everything about this tour - the look, the music, the unique performances. It was wonderful to witness it again.
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    Max the Cat is ready to watch too. (Also in these crazy times, we’ve gotten the Wii back out to play with)
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    Vertigo tour was the first tour I was brave enough to take a camera to the show.
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    Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden, afterwards bought a souvenir poster and few photos
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    Covid sucks. We all know it; but even in these hard times, beautiful things are coming out. Maybe we could add some of the good things here. I’ll start with this one. Mind you, One has always been one of those sacred songs for me that I thought no one should touch...not even U2 with Mary J Blige, and this brought me to tears this morning because it was so beautiful.
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    I was right by Adam for most Chicago shows. It's when I think he looked at me and grinned like I was nuts, which I was. I can see myself several times on the DVD. "Look, Ma-I'm famous" haha I could not be in this thread for the viewing. I was really bummed but it's nice to read all the comments AND I did guess the opening song correctly. 😎
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    I have learned something very important during these viewings. It's not only actual shows where I start crying, but apparently when I am watching dvds/streams together with other U2 fans too.
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    Vertigo tour was the first tour we (my wife is a massive U2 fan too) went to multiple shows Who knew that was a thing ??? 😋 Dublin Then there was the postponed Australian/New Zealand tour Sydney 1,2,3 Adelaide. Great times, hanging out in GA or outside the venues to (successfully) meet the band.
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    I hear U2 have donated €10m to fund PPE for Irish Health care workers. great work boys , now let’s hope they can source some. https://www.rte.ie/news/coronavirus/2020/0408/1129416-ppe-supplies/
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    There will be a good amount of misty eyes from my part for that show. 360 was the first tour I managed to attend after about a decade of waiting....
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    R.I.P., John Prine. A legendary American performer and songwriter. Younger generations may not be familiar with his work, but he is very worthy of discovering. He beat two different forms of cancer 15 years apart; unfortunately, those two battles took their toll enough to make his final battle with coronavirus too difficult to overcome. R.I.P. again, John...
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    I thought those other guys said “Time is a train that makes the future the past” 😝
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    Yes exactly! Add to that that some countries did not had their clocks move forward this year - it was a mess lol. I've been talking about it on twitter and 9pm UK - so the "original" time (not using that GMT ever again 😅) seems more convenient for a lot of people. I'll let ya know which one we go for tomorrow night along with which show i picked for next party 😉
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    There was a little confusion this past Saturday, which prompted her asking. I actually messaged @Madfl3a this afternoon and told her that this her thing and to do what was most workable for her.
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    Cold pizza, tacos and pancakes. I like the way this Max fellow thinks.
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    Thank you all for joining in ! An idea is just an idea, it's you all that makes it a reality. So very grateful for that epic night of rock n roll. Stay safe y'all, we have more shows to cry and bounce to !
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    Happy Birthday, glad we could all have a U2 party together to celebrate !
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    Why don’t they play Sometimes more often ? Such an awesome song
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    That's why Max the Cat likes this one....because of An Cat Dubh.
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    It's a never ending bouncing show! Electric Co! it works so so well.
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    certain past members of Zootopia may be experiencing sudden rage about the question, btw...
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    Passed the list to a randomizer generator, just because... 01 Rattle & Hum 02 October 03 No Line on The Horizon 04 The Joshua Tree 05 Songs of Innocence 06 POP 07 Boy 08 Songs of Experience 09 War 10 All Than You Can't Leave Behind 11 Achtung Baby 12 Zooropa 13 How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb 14 The Unforgettable Fire Qs and As: 01. Which was the first U2 album you owned? The Unforgettable Fire - back in the Jurassic time of 1986 and cents... 02. What were the first songs you heard from #3 and #13? Get on Your Boots... being the first single, the expectation was huge!!! Vertigo... It was kinda bonkers that it sounded like U2 but nothing like U2 (something that thinking a bit about it, for me it happens with every album) 03. What were your initial opinions of #7 and #1, and have they changed since then? Boy: This one arrived much later than the original release here, the one song I knew from this album was I Will Follow, but I was able to listen to it in full until years later. Liked it! Rattle and Hum: in a way it felt a sort-of Joshua Tree extension, so it was liked immediately - the movie also helped, since back then it was the closer we would have as being in a U2 show. 04. Which album(s) are your favourite? The Unforgettable Fire is, along with Disintegration, the best album ever. To complete the top 5 U2 albums, as High Fidelity dictates: Zooropa, Songs of Experience, No Line on The Horizon, Achtung Baby... 05. Which album do you prefer out of #10 and #4? All That You Can't Leave Behind vs The Joshua Tree... er... The Joshua Tree... 06. What are your favourite tracks from #6 and #12? POP - Miami... it defines and explains the whole idea of the album. Zooropa - yikes! Difficult to choose... mmmh... The First Time, maybe? (at least now, it may change in a few minutes) 07. What memories do you associate with #14 and #8? The Unforgettable Fire - a friend in high school: "Yeah, it's not bad... the thing is, now U2 has gone a bit commercial with this album"... yes, kids. Even back then there were comments in that direction. Songs of Experience - Being utterly floored by how good it is, the first time I listened to it. 08. Which album would you listen to when feeling down? these days, Songs of Experience... 09. Where would you rank #5 and #9 in your album preferences? um... higher? =P 10. Which album has a better opening track, #2 or #11? this means Gloria vs Zoo Station... o_O Achtung Baby... 11. What are your favourite lyrics from #10 and #13? All Than You Can't Leave Behind What once was hurt What once was friction What left a mark No longer stings Because Grace makes beauty Out of ugly things I'm not religious in any way, shape or form... still, i think the idea is beautiful... How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb You don't have to put up a fight You don't have to always be right Let me take some of the punches For you tonight 12. Which album would you listen to when feeling happy? these days, Songs of Experience... 13. How many songs from #7 and #2 have you heard live? Boy - 2 October - 2 14. Which tracks from #8 and #5 should have been released as singles? Songs of Experience - 13 (There Is a Light), without a doubt. Songs of Innocence - Raised By Wolves. 15. Which album do you listen to more, #11 or #3? Achtung Baby or No Line on The Horizon... No Line on The Horizon (gasp!!!) 16. Which album has grown on you the most? All That You Can't Leave Behind... at the beginning it sounded too "pop" for my precious alternative ears ( =P )... Over time, I managed to get rid of that pretentiousness, fortunately... 17. Which songs from #4 and #1 do you dream of hearing live? The Joshua Tree - It already happened... Red Hill Mining Town Rattle & Hum - God part II 18. Which album has a better closing track, #9 or #12? "40" or The Wanderer War, by far... 19. Which album do you prefer out of #6 and #14? POP vs The Unforgettable Fire... The Unforgettable Fire, by far... 20. Which album would you love to see played in full like on the recent Joshua Tree tours? in 2002, The Cure made a series of shows in which they played 3 albums in full (you can find them on the Trilogy DVD)... Since then, my personal little dream is that U2 follow those steps and make 3 nights with The Unforgettable Fire, Zooropa and Songs of Experience, in full...
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    Warming up for tomorrow. Press review by danish Extra Bladet. Found the copy of newspaper from the bottom of drawer. They gave 4 stars, probably due the terrible weather, it was pouring rain.
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    It’s kinda of an ongoing joke that Jets and I like to keep up. Back during that tour and for years after, we had many threads started about “what was the song before U2 came on?” I’m fairly certain “that” song is on the dvd....so if you don’t remember, you will Saturday. 😉
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    On the site here, there is no setlist, but one person comments on the thread: https://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/3858 You may have already seen this and wanted more info; if not, at least you know the date and the site ID of a person who was there. 🤷‍♂️
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    Hi @Madfl3a, hi all !! Couldn't make it, but I hope to join you all next time 😁 I really appréciate these exchanges between fans from all over the world ! Have a good week, stay safe !
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    Dear U2: I won't complain if you bring Original of the Species back... signed, me
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