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    Guess who's back? HA ! As part of the #U244 events, I'm teaming up with the brilliant Tyler of RevU2 podcast and bringing back a new version of the U2getherAtHome party! Off with the shows, on with the studio (kinda) ! We’re throwing a little party for an album whose anniversary is also coming up very soon. And I’m very happy to invite you all to join us for the #U2getherAtHome listening/watch along party : A celebration of The Unforgettable Fire this Saturday 26th at 6PM (UK) ! We’ve been working on putting together a Youtube playlist with a mix of studio/live videos of the album throughout the years and I hope you’ll enjoy listening/watching it as much as we did. I'll post the link shortly before the event. Hope to see you around Zootopians !
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    I - after many, many months - finally finished 1st in the Diamond League (i.e., the highest of their 10 leagues) for the week on Duolingo! 😊 The highest I was ever able to finish was third (once in the Diamond League, once in a lower league that I can't remember). I even did it as a free member too; so, I beat out all the other free and paid members this past week as well. 😎 I have to give a lot of credit to Duolingo - they make learning a new language very entertaining. (I do recommend the app to others wanting to learn a new language.)
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    45 563 Holiday counting. Having a nice chilled out day, will be going out with me camera later
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