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    I'd like to know......what about the "collectable giveaways", you annunced via email on March 1st ???🙂
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    Thanks to whomever created ths thread. I also like the new EI look to U2.com. Very nice so thanks.
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    RUN, ADAM! Once, on a sunny afternoon in Chicago before an Elevation Tour show, my wife and I happened to be driving near the band’s preferred hotel. As I turned the corner on to a side street, my wife screamed as I suddenly and sharply hit the brakes. I has to avoid the person that jogged in front of my car —against the light. The runner, Adam Clayton, stopped, popped his head in my wife’s passenger side window and graciously apologized. He gently said, “Sorry”, smiled, waved and casually jogged off. Yep; I almost ran over Lord Clayton on Michigan Avenue...
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