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    Adam turns 60 on this Friday, the 13th of March. We want to celebrate him here in the Zoo in grand fashion. Please help us in wishing him the very best of birthdays in this thread with your own messages, your favourite photos and stories and your favourite bass lines. My wish for him is that he has the very best birthday filled with happiness and love.
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    Happy birthday to the poshest, coolest, the best kimono wearer of the band, Mr. Awesome Clayton ! (that'd be you Adam. Just in case) 60. That deserves a few words. Or maybe just one... Thanks. Thanks for always having a kind word for us fans even if that means showing up late after show in your bathrobe / kimono (Note : it's only cool when YOU do it. Talking from experience) Thanks for the #Pinkadam love (and all the times I lost it out of utter joy when we could see it peaking behind your bass). Thanks for trying every single time to read our signs at the rail, even the silly ones (that's mostly mines). Thanks for being so open and honest about mental health issues and thus such a source of inspiration for the rest of us still struggling. And I really mean that. A lot. Thanks for letting me believe I can actually play bass (and realize 2 minutes in I'm way off beat but eh.. Details.) Thanks for shining like a pink sparkly bass and let us into that light after all these years. Thanks for the smiles that warm our heart and the winks that feel like suspended eternity for a second. Thanks for the joy, the thrill and that whole roller-coaster of emotions we experience thanks to your music (and your bass lines. Obviously.) And also thanks for not swaying too hard on stage... For obvious reasons Bono's stated last tour. Lastly, I'm sorry but couldn't wrap that post with a nice wrapping paper you'd like but be sure that it's wrapped with all the love and gratitude I have for you and those 3 other lads who bring me so much joy. Happy birthday Adam. You rock. Stay awesome. Much love and take care x
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    Welcome guys to this new thread that will hopefully be filled with laughter and conversations and will turn into a nice chapter of the zootopians resilience. ✌️ Ghost towns are emerging all over the world because of that nasty virus and the very necessary lock in. Every day it just gets a bit more scarier. Anxiety is rising up for everyone. I was walking the aisles of my local supermarket the other day and all I could see was empty shelves. No toilet paper, no canned tuna, not the one veggie that my kids actually want to eat. That’s depressing. The fear in people's eyes and distancing is depressing. Where is the world heading ? And then there was a sound.. That PA blaring music. And guess what ? It was a U2 song. That’s when I realized that there’s one thing we will never lack of, and that’s music. Music that lifts us up and brings us together at all times. The good and the bad. After the subscriber special streaming of #U2Berlin4k,the worst thing happened. Silence. We just had two hours of fun, joy and friendship. Two hours that allowed our minds to wander back to better days and take that much needed break from reality. And in that silence I could only hear my own thoughts resonating “ We need that. We need that light.” And that’s how the first spark started. As it often is, an idea led to another one, to another person, and then another and that’s when I saw we were all on the same page. As I was saying on my post yesterday, we have all the means necessary to keep the party going. We’re stuck home with a bunch of DVDs and a whole world of friends at our fingertips. The #U2Fam knows all about social distancing already. U2 has been building bridges across the world and our hearts for over 40 years so yes we know how that works to be away from our friends. But we also know how much stronger that bond gets then. From Saturday 28th, we’ll be throwing watch along parties every week at 9GMT until we’re all out and safe - or run out of DVDs. Everybody’s welcome to join and participate. And here’s how we gonna do it : We’ll have a poll open here on the Zoo and on twitter for a whole week so YOU can choose which live shows you’d like to watch - People have the power ! Every Saturday, put on your DVD and press play at exactly 9PM GMT so we’re all in synch (Note : It won’t be streaming from the site or else, it will be your own material) Chat along here on the zoo or on twitter using the #U2getherAtHome hashtag. Grab a fresh beer or two and install a mirror ball (optional) Enjoy. Have fun. Forget about the outside world for a minute because I promise that there won’t be silence on my watch. HA ! (Pro tip : let the kids stay up to recreate a live show atmosphere - them running and bouncing in front of the TV should do the trick.) Bono recently said to sing as an act of resistance. Well. He usually gives us pretty good advice doesn’t he ? I hope to see you around. I need it. We need it. Resist and stay safe. What time is it in the world ? (I’m not even sure what day it is to be honest....) One thing for certain when U2 is involved…. it’s always PARTY TIME !
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    Adam was right in front of me for a large majority of 4 of the 5 e&i shows I saw. This picture w/ Bono was my favorite of all the ones I have of him (July 1st, 2018 - MSG #3, for anyone who may be curious about which show the picture is from). The only bass player U2 could ever have, both in sound and in look - he’s perfect in both. Putting the “sexy” in sexagenarian. Happy birthday, Adam!
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    A favorite photo of mine from Dublin 2018. Love this beautiful bass! We have a special podcast episode being release on Adam's birthday.... all about Adam! Stay tuned to www.thegardentarts.com
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    Happy birthday to the most smiling member of U2. You stole our hearts. Thank you for being Adam Clayton. Greetings from Brazil!
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    People seemed to enjoy my scrapbook pages. Here’s my pages for my Vertigo shows.
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    I am not good with words, English isn't my first language, anyway... This is a photo I took with my old camera almost 10 years ago (ouch!) in Zurich, during the second night. A very very rainy night. I was at the barrier, in front row, Adam's side. It was the coolest gig of my life! Loving your fashion style, Happy Birthday, Lord Clayton!
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    Happy Birthday to the man I named my eldest son after. My wife wouldn’t let me add the Clayton though.
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    No pics of Adam because I do not take pics at shows. I almost always end up right by Adam for U2 shows. He's always looked so chill onstage. Vertigo was when I first noticed the grin he gets when he's looked over at us in Chicago. I have no idea what he was thinking. Part of it feels like, 'You guys are nuts.', I don't know. Happy Birthday, Adam Clayton.
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    Happy Birthday, Mr. Clayton! Two of my arsenal are your signature models because they have the best-playing necks I've found, and each a unique sound. Here's to many more great grooves!
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    Hello from France :) Hope your are all doing well and safe home. Here is a glimpse of my first U2 show, was 19 and was living near the arena. Funny fact, my parents were at home, at about 3 or 4 km from the venue, and they could hear the whole show ;) Stay safe all :)
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    A friend posted this on FB.
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    Happy Birthday, Adam! I haven’t yet gotten the chance to meet you, so this is the best picture I have from my first U2 concert in June 2018 in DC. I put Pink Adam on the back of my guitar in your honor, and thanks for your strong, throbbing bass lines, especially in “New Year’s Day.”
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    I've been painting Adam for atu2.com since 2002. Here are some vintage-looking trading cards I made of some of my best work. My absolute favorite is a small watercolor of Adam in his yellow Buzzcocks shirt. 😊
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    WELCOME TO THE U2 eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE – LIVE IN BERLIN STREAMING PARTY Let's make this a worldwide celebration for this fantastic show - please share your U2 Berlin stories on the Live Thread - from this or any other past tour - as well as your memories of the show. You can share your U2 Berlin photos on the gallery. And, this being a big weekend for our favorite bass man, we’ll especially invite you to share your stories about Adam, as well as all your Bassman photos in the Adam Clayton @60 fan gallery. (ask the mods if you need help to upload any photo) For any update, please keep checking periodically the site and Zootopia. LET'S PARTY!!!
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    I have a number of Adam photos but this is one of my favorites. I had the honor of meeting him & even though I failed to speak actual words it meant a lot to me. Thank you for being an awesome human being and a sweetheart to your fans 💖 Happy birthday Adam!
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    The 360 is my Favourite !!!! Love this Photo, I'm so happy for yout that you attended such a MIracle of a Tour !!!!!!!!
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    Further thoughts on this show/tour after some more time to digest them... I always loved this DVD (see my earlier post for how often I used to watch it); however, last night was the first time I listened to it in 5.1. When I had it originally, I only listened to it in stereo. If you can enjoy this in surround sound, I highly recommend it. I noticed a few things with the extra channels and with the extra time: I loved COBL as an opener. It showed off the new album (at the time) and the new visuals well. I loved how much the early songs featured in the set - "Boy" and the early singles are some of my favorite U2 music. Their playing the "Cry" opening to "The Electric Co." was quite wonderful - it immediately reminded me of the early performances like the Red Rocks show. The interweaving of the older songs with the new was well done too - it showed off the strength of HDDAAB. Another thing that struck me is how well filmed the show was. Lots of great angles of the stage, the band, and the crowd. One of my favorite shots was during "The Fly" where you get a Bono/Larry-view perspective of the crowd near the stage - you feel like you were on stage with them. The band used the ellipse well on this tour too. Two of my favorite scenes were "Love And Peace Or Else" and "Zoo Station". The band spaced themselves out well all around it on the first; Bono and The Edge ventured out effectively, mirroring one another, on the second. Having the "Bullet"/"Running To Stand Still" pairing was a nice nod to their ZooTV (and original JT tour) pairing - and yet, there was a difference: they were played more deliberately on this tour; "Bullet" even had a little bluesy sound to it in Edge's guitar playing - a nice difference from the more bombastic versions of the past. This tour began their tradition of, if you want a little extra energy later in the show, have an AB section! 😎 (They would do this again for the later "U2360" shows and the later European "e&i" shows.) This was the section of the DVD I used to watch repeatedly, even late at night on weekdays. I especially loved this tour's version of "The Fly". The semi-acoustic (or very amplified acoustic) The Edge played on this song on the tour had an amazing sound - so sharp that it sounded like it could cut glass. I wish he would use it again. With the 5.1 mix, even Bono's guitar sounded really good during the opening; he just dug hard into that repeated chord he played at the start - just perfect. "Original Of The Species" and "40" near/at the end of the show just sounded wonderful. "40" needs to be come back as a regular show closer again; yes, it was for "i&e", but let's keep having it. God, I loved this tour - as I said earlier, JT and AB are the obvious anniversary tours (one which has occurred, and one I hope will occur), but I would put "Vertigo" as #3. I loved everything about this tour - the look, the music, the unique performances. It was wonderful to witness it again.
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    Max the Cat is ready to watch too. (Also in these crazy times, we’ve gotten the Wii back out to play with)
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    Vertigo tour was the first tour I was brave enough to take a camera to the show.
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    Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden, afterwards bought a souvenir poster and few photos
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    I'd like to wish a very Happy birthday to our beloved mod @mich40!🎂🎉💐 And as a virtual gift for always taking good care of us #U2Fam, I'll let her choose #U2getherAtHome program for this Saturday! (because we're cool like that.) More info tonight 🎊 Stay tuned ! 🎁
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    Yup! We're having a special one this weekend. I'll post about it later today
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    I spy with my little eye... 👀 😄
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    It's Adam's 60th birthday and we're celebrating with a special U2 podcast ep! Join us on this fun celebration with 60 Fun Facts about our favorite bass player. Find us on your favorite podcast player or visit us at www.thegardentarts.com.
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    I had a great old time sorting through some of my Adam Clayton photos. Vertigo Sydney 2006
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    That awesome bass looks like its on fire in every sense! 🔥
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    Happy birthday to a fellow March baby, and by far my all-time favorite band member. Safe to say you are responsible for this crazy obsession that started so many years ago. Cheers to your 60s and more!
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    Vertigo tour was the first tour we (my wife is a massive U2 fan too) went to multiple shows Who knew that was a thing ??? 😋 Dublin Then there was the postponed Australian/New Zealand tour Sydney 1,2,3 Adelaide. Great times, hanging out in GA or outside the venues to (successfully) meet the band.
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    I have one of the ticket stub books too for my other shows. I’m pretty sure I have every concert ticket stub 🎫 in there I’ve ever been to, except for one R.E.M. show and I’m still hopeful that one day I’ll find it tucked in a book or something.
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    I do. Some pages are prettier than others, but I have a page for every show AND the first movie ticket stub and paper adverts for Rattle and Hum. The Galleria 10 is where I worked. I have no idea how many times I actually watched it while it was there, but it was a lot.
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    imagine the POP animations but with the current screen? 😳
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    Please upload here your favourite Adam Clayton image from across his 60 years The image should be yours, and please also add a description explaining what it means to you
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    We didn’t go to the Stereophonics last night. It’s ridiculous Seeing events unfold in Italy over the last 2 weeks and in light of this that all concerts haven’t been postponed to slow the spread of the disease so that healthcare systems can cope.
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    The best moment of my life! Me and Adam have a small chat outside Palau Sant Jordi on 06/10/15. He signs our membership card (I am the founder of U2 Fan Club Desire / Hellas) and promises to visit Greece again, at last. Hey mods, if you see our sweet Adam, please tell him a promise is a promise and we are still waiting..Cheers from Greece..!
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    Happy Adamfest! This one is from the first e+i show in Montreal, during Pride (In The Name of Love)... =D
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    Happy Birthday Adam! L-R, Photos 1-2-3, MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ, June 2017 and Photo 4: World AIDS Day (RED) Concert in Times Square NYC, December 1, 2014
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    Happy Birthday Adam! Tokyo, December 5, 2020
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    A DVD??? We are in 2020 guys! Have you heard about Blu-ray? UHD 4K Blu-ray? This is ridiculous!
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