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    Fact: The Unforgettable Fire is a great late night song.
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    Happy Holidays! I hope everyone has a peaceful season.
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    2 years of Songs of Experience... Still lovin' it!!
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    B. you're almost 60... get ready for the in-house party
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    Happy Easter, everyone!!
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    5... I wanna reach out And touch the flame Where the streets have no name... #TheJoshuaTreeTour2019
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    I got my tickets, they're not the best but they're not the worst 😎 so yay, I got my seat tickets for November 27th
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    Can't sleep anymore with the great news (Australian tour)!!
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    My husband's favorite album is gonna be ten years old this year! Happy birthday to NLOTH!
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    Hi. This week has been the hardest, trying to understand how people could elect a man that supports torture, racism and spreads hate and violence among people. I cried so much till I had no more tears left. If I could, I would leave Brazil. I just lost all my hopes in humankind. U2, you are one of the reasons why I don't give up living. Thank you for existing.
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    Nothing to stop this being the best day ever....
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    Current earworm status: Bono saying "get out of your own way" over and over.....
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    nothing to stop this being the best tour ever...
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    So Excited that I pre-Ordered the *POP* Vinyl re-issue, thank God for the download card cause, as you know, I don't have and won't buy a record-player anytime soon.....But I will enjoy the big fat wide luxurious art of the album while listening to what I understand will be a REMASTER !!!! Hurray for *POP* my fav U2 album....Looks like a part of our complaining has got us some results.....Told you complaining is good !!!!
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    the more i hear it,the more i love the new album! my favorites are : Red Flag Day,Book of your heart, the little things,the blackout and summer of love...cannot wait to hear all this next tour!!!
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    happiest of birthdays to my forever hero Larry Mullen Jr
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    Fun new updates in the Zoo. Check them out!
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    Great to look around Zootopia again! I’ve been a U2 fan since early 80’s, have a complete set of Propanganda magazines, been to 20+ shows, and can say that U2 songs have been there for me throughout. Hopefully I’ll get more time to browse the website now!
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    Bono, In my life you are bigger than any words I can think of to use! Is this good? I dunno!! Happy Birthday!!
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    Thank you to everyone that joined us for the stream today. Zootopians, you all are what made it so special.
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    WHEN IN darker doubt , sadness and deppression. LIsten to *POP*POP*POP*POP*POP !!!!! *POP* forever !!!!! Hapy Birthday, POP !!!!!! Love you forever !!!!!!
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    Listening to the U2-gift, I hear new Sounds I didn't notice before, again and Again, like everytime I listen to U2 and Above All...THE DRUMMING.....Finally Larry gets the SpotLight I have always desired for !!!!! I Love this Gift !!!!! And the Booklet too !!!!
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    TODAY We're still building and burning down love Burning down love And when I go there I go there with you It's all I can do... #TheJoshuaTreeTour2019 #auckland #mtsmartstadium
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    Listening to the subscription gift is bringing back all the feels from those two tours. 💙
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    Two new downloads and sub gift set to dispatch in October. https://www.u2.com/news/title/two-more-downloads---and-delivery-update
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    Hello ! And Much Love for Japan from Romania !!! ¬ Cristian
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    So absolutely thrilled to have bought my ticket through the presale for the Melbourne gig! So excited!
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    2 new tracks to download for subscribers.
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    ***HAPPY BIRTHDAY ***POP***...BEST U2 album EVER !!!!!!
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    Bono, congrats for the speech in Davos. You represent us! Thank you for all your efforts! Ps: Sorry for our dumb and idiot president (he doesn't represent me). He just won the elections because of the fakenews.
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    I like your new pic/avatar. Muy bien! 😊
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    ICYMI- Downloads for the U2 3-D subscriber gift are now available in MP3 and WAV formats. 
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    i have seen thousands of live bands during my life but none have even come close to the perfect performance u2 produce every time i see them, which is every tour since 1980.
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    And you can dream ........... So dream out loud !! I just Can't Wait to hear ACROBAT ....... Live in Europe
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    Happy bday to Bono's beautiful landlady Ali!?
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    35 years today these 2 great singles came out : 2 hearts beat as one and Sunday Bloody Sunday...from the album War!
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    Love Peace and be kind to one another. Forgive
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    March 9 th 1987....Happy 31 st bday to this masterpiece, the Joshua Tree,their 5th studio album,produced by Eno/Lanois....My collection!
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    Just received downloads of The Unforgettable Fire live at Croke Park 1985 from a friend. It's like Christmas! UF 85 was my first show and it's bringing back great memories. Amazing!
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    Wishing everyone a happy Christmas!
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    Can’t stop listening to SOE. Music for the soul.
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    Happy Birthday to my favorite drummer! Happy LMJ Day everyone!
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    90's U2 FOR EEEeVEEEEERR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    What a performance of Bullet The Blue Sky in the Tonight Show!
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    it's quite surreal to see yourself in a U2 video... this has been a life long dream & i'm still dumbfounded that i got so incredibly lucky..
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