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    Yes - the Paris show confirmed yet again how flexible "The Fly" is, from all the different ways it has been played live over the years. I wouldn't want future versions of it in concert to be like the Paris version, but it was cool they did it that way once. (FWIW, the ZooTV, Elevation, and Vertigo tours had my favorite versions of "The Fly"...and the e&i tour, once they started playing it on that tour.) "Raised By Wolves" also was stellar from the songs on SOI as well, in addition to the two you named. EBTTRT was really cool - that song found new life from 360 onward.
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    Why don't we tentatively agree to the possibility of next weekend for this show? Subject to change, of course. That should be enough time for people to potentially track down a copy - I'd be surprised if a video of this wasn't somewhere to be viewed... (I checked - there is.)
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    *opens trench coat and says in a shady voice* "I got all these DVDs for you... all that you could ever want... you just gotta pay the price..."
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    Here’s the new list with the 3 dates: https://recordstoreday.com/PromotionalEvent/572 The U2 one will be released on the August 29th drop.
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    In my novel it is only 1990, so you could say I'm using the technology of the time Also, my computer has a nasty habit of freezing and crashing, so this will help until I can afford to replace it.
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    Absolutely, there were no weak moments, okay The Fly should have been played by whole band and version must be raw. From SOI my personal live favourites are Miracle & Cedarwood Road, those really rock. EBTTRT the screen was amazing, it can be watched again and again.
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    My book on line called :Non chiudere quella porta is going to be published.It's about a young girl who loves music and U2 and thanks to her passion she will be able to overcome every difficulty.If you U2ers can put a like and if you understand Italian, please leave a comment to on this website : iseafimpresasociale Thanks so much
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    It’s saturday evening, don’t have anything better to do than watch and enjoy IE Live in Paris
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    Next weekend would be perfect for another #u2getherathome party, its a 3 day weekend here 😊
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    That's the one thing i'd love to have on the official store. All official releases... For some of these DVDs these days, it almost feels like having a shabby drug dealer to get you what you want lol. Some are just SO hard to find.
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    As much as it pains me to say it, mine was purchased from Amazon. $23. I hate Amazon but did not know where else to go. They had more for sale. It's the only place, outside of Japan, that I could find on the internet.
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    George Floyd, who died Monday after being pinned to the ground by an officer who pressed a knee into his neck. 46 years of age. How many more?
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    Something awesome happened. Another Irish Terrier is coming into my life. Boy. His name is Flannagan. Breeder just wants a good home for him. Flan is fighting with the Aerdales this man also breeds. (Go Terriers) Looks like we're driviing to Ohio to fetch him. This is a minor miracle. Word was quietly given to me that there would be no Irish Terriers availbale for a year. They are on the endangered breeds list for the AKC. Nobody is breeding during the pandemic. I was going to have to crush the hopes of someone I love dearly. Now I do not. Two of them 😀 Riri (my girl) and now Flan for my ex, who has become one of my best of the best friends. He looked at me yesterday and asked, "How long am I going to have to wait?". My heart broke. I couldn't tell him that none were available. All I could say was, "I never lost hope. Don't you lose it.either." Five hours later, the lady who gave me Riri told me the news of Flan. Two Irish terriers, one male and one female, means they can run and play together. I cannot believe how fortunate and blessed I am. A huge thank you to our universe. Go Irish anything - especialliy terriers and U2. I know I'm gushing but I am so high I could fly right now. Never lose hope.
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    ...and I was just given confirmation by email that my vote for this primary was received and tabulated today! Consider this a small blow against the tyranny expressed by those who would prevent us from being able to vote from home! 👍
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    I got my mail-in ballot for my state’s June 2nd primary election yesterday. (Yes, this primary is mostly symbolic now since Joe Biden effectively already has the Democratic nomination; however, there were down-ballot elections that are actually meaningful.) I’m just glad we have no-excuse mail-in voting now. This process was just signed into law late last year; talk about fortunate timing!
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    RIP Little Richard ... https://www.google.be/amp/s/www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/little-richard-dead-48505/amp/
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    R.I.P., Florian Schneider, founder of Kraftwerk: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/florian-schneider-founder-of-pioneering-electronic-group-kraftwerk-dead-at-73-170545434.html
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