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    Yes great to watch this together, thanks to dmway for helping coordinate and to mich40 and everyone for being there.
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    Don’t give up hope - I finally got my copy today. I’ve praised Amazon here for how quickly they have been delivering things recently (e.g., a SACD I ordered last Friday afternoon arrived on Sunday(!), and while using the free shipping option too); however, my local post office is as flaky as ever for delivering packages. 😄 They have had my copy of the DVD since last Friday afternoon, but they only got around to delivering it today. On the other issue, I still think some kind of hi-def version will make it to us eventually, either by selling it later in the year and/or the current hi-def streaming version becoming downloadable. I praise the site for their speed this time around, and am hopeful that shipping to all parts of the world will be as fuss-free as possible. A couple of pictures:
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    The faint music that you can hear in the credits is a remix of The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
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    Mine was delivered today in The Netherlands. Much quicker then I anticipated, got the shipping mail on June the 9th. The UPS tracking code didn’t work though.
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    Watched the DVD tonight with headphones and was blown away. They captured that show perfectly! I saw the Nashville and Atlanta shows, and was happy that there were a few variations from my shows. It was emotional...took me back to being there and how awesome that tour was. Cudos to all involved!!
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    45, 517 - Normalcy is much needed. I had a horrible day yesterday and now it feels like most of my family hates me Yes, maybe I misunderstood what my nephew posted on FB, but there's no need for all of them to pile in and attack me to the point I'm now scared to log back in even to post an apology. Or to try and ring any of them. My Dad tried ringing my eldest sister last night and she wouldn't even listen to him. It just seems like I can't do anything right. And they don't understand how much it hurts when they all turn against me like that. Especially when, at other times, my sisters are copying and pasting mental health awareness memes and reassuring me that they care about me, only to then turn around and say things that make me feel utterly worthless. I have spent the last 20 years fighting against depression and anxiety and trying to put my life together and I don't think they understand that. Or how much cruel words from them come very close to undoing all that effort. Sorry if this is too personal, but I can't really express this to anyone else at the moment. I'm going to put some music on and hope that helps me feel better. There are U2 songs for that too.
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    Sleep well! Dream of all of us in Dublin taking up Bono on his offer to have a drink. 🥃🥂🍻🍹🍸🍷🍾
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    Thank you! It did work out ok, didn't it? (Despite the fact that I was almost late. 😆) There will be more - hopefully with @Madfl3a and others along for the ride.
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    (First, a P.S. to my post above - I wish they would put the old tour shirts in the shop. I'd replace my JT tour shirt and my original POPMart shirt (the other one I once had that has gone to meet its maker) in a heartbeat. They do do that on rare occasions (e.g., my POPMart shirt I have now was from the U2.com shop - I was very happy to have the opportunity to replace it.) Please make it so, U2.com shop! Thank you.) I've been in the habit of posting thoughts about particular tours before our communal DVD viewings (mostly because I wasn't able to make the viewing itself); however, I will be here today and I hope as many as possible join us! The Joshua Tree tour...well, our band finally made the big time. We U2 converts knew they someday would, and this tour was the proof. The crest of the wave that began with the release of "War", continuing through the "War" tour (with important dates at the US Festival and Red Rocks within a week of one another), then the release and tour for "The Unforgettable Fire", leading to their appearance at Live Aid, then co-headliners on the following year's "A Conspiracy Of Hope" Amnesty International stadium tour, the stage was set for them to break through in a big way. All they needed was an album that was so good that it would win over even people who weren't riding on the wave with them: "The Joshua Tree", of course, fit that bill. They became so big that they even made the cover of "Time" magazine ("Rock's Hottest Ticket" was the legend emblazoned upon them). So, the tour was a big deal to current fans and fans that were about to be initiated. So, enjoy the 4th of July of 1987 in Paris! The show has a couple memorable things: it was one of a handful of shows on the JT tour where "Streets" wasn't played (yes, the e&i tour wasn't the only tour not to have "Streets"; they didn't play it for a few dates even on the original JT tour too - strange to think now, but true), and the band are joined on-stage by a big person - not "big" in the sense of "famous"; "big" in its literal sense - if you haven't seen the show before, you'll see what is being described here. I'll say no more to keep the element of surprise - if you know what I am describing, please refrain from describing it further so that others can enjoy the surprise too. Thank you in advance. So, let's enjoy Paris again in a little under an hour...
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    I’ve seen a few people on Twitter say they got it today. Looking very pretty.
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    I got my email. I have my tracking number. It arrives by Monday. Mine is being shipped from Virginia.
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    Just to keep it in front of mind over the next week or so, our next collective viewing is still scheduled for a week from this coming Saturday (i.e., July 11) at the customary time of 4 pm EDT w/ matching times worldwide. Our U2 visual treat will be the “musical journey” of Rattle & Hum. Be safe and well, everyone, until then - and if you haven’t received your Berlin show DVD yet, may you get it ASAP! 🍀🍀🍀
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    I received the eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE DVD today.
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    Our arrived on Friday, and we're going to watch it tonight. A dear friend of mine is coming to the end of his journey due to cancer. We have gone to concerts together for many years, including Innocence and Joshua Tree. We were all supposed to go to Las Vegas and see Experience together, but by then he had started doing chemotherapy and could not travel with us. So tonight I'm taking this disc to his house so we can watch it together, and remember the good times.
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    You need to contact the U2.com customer support team, either by filling the CONTACT US form on the right side of the HELP page (www.u2.com/help) or by a phone call [+001-949-333-4820 (Outside the US) | +1-855 867-5297 (Inside the US)].
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    Just Can't Wait For Our copies too 😍🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😤
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    My used copy of the 20th Anniversary Edition of the JT CD box set I bought online just arrived today! I’m So Very glad I was able to find it!! NOW I have that Paris ‘87 show on DVD!! (Too late for the viewing party! But I’m lovin’ it right now!) They Always had absolutely Amazing shows/events/happenings & now Finally I’m able to catch up with so many details I wasn’t aware of. Thanks for pointing that show out!
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    The pizza! - Bono & Edge on the sun, I think... Beautiful pictures, Thanks for sharing!! Can't wait to get my copy
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    You've got this man. The dancefloor is yours I'll be around though 😄
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    I’m here, the whole early morning viewing got a bit difficult...the sun isn’t coming up until the show is almost over.... 😴😴😴😴
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    I'm heeeeerrreeeee. The 11th sounds good to me. Funny story- about a week ago (or maybe 2 by now) I bought an old PopMart shirt off of Ebay. It's just one with the lemon on it. And I was wearing it and my Dad asked me "what's that on your shirt?" and at first I thought I had gotten something on the shirt and I panicked but then I realized he was talking about what was actually on the shirt and I was like "oh... uh... it's just a logo... from a concert tour..." and my mom said "I bet it's U2 isn't it?" And I said "uh... maybe...?" lol. I definitely know the feeling. 🤣
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    If you guys can make it in July, I'll prob join in. All booked til the end of the month 😅
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    Hello dmway, I would like to be part of the Rattle & Hum watch party be it this weekend or whenever everyone can agree.
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    MY U2 2020 SubScription has SHIPPED !!!!!! Tried to track it but UPS says: UPS could not locate the shipment details for this tracking number. Details are only available for shipments made within the last 120 days. Please verify your information.
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    The Stay/Faraway So Close perfomance on this DVD is spooky and almost prophetic when they're playing to an empty house.
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    The return to the real world is freaking exhausting. I really need that. Hopefully I can join next time! Glad you guys had a fun time!
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    Thank you for making the time to be here for it. I would suggest Berlin again next, but I think seeing that one again would be better served once more time elapses so that everyone can get the DVD in the mail. (Yes, the streaming is available now, but we have also already done it. Later would probably be better for repeating it.) I still think a collective viewing of "Rattle & Hum" would work well - we'll see if there is enough interest in the weeks ahead. FWIW, I'd like that to be our next potential effort.
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    Thank you for trying to coordinate this viewing of JT Paris 1987! Today happens to be a rare beautiful Saturday(day off) so I really didn’t want to be inside for anything at 4pm in the sunny afternoon, BUT seeing the videos & these comments is a good thing - it helps to make connections! You are all such intense FANS! They do have a huge history of shows, it’d be interesting to see more.
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    Shall we meet in the pub after the gig, Bono just invited us..
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    Before Edge bedazzled his jeans, he tie-dyed his shirt.
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    Reading my bible of U2 "A Concert Documentary by Pimm Jal De La Parra this concert = with 70,000 tickets sold for this concert it establishes a an attendance record for a single performance in France at the time. If you have the book quite a bit more info on this event.
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    No 3D screens, dancing girls, pyramids nor flying elephans were needed. Just pure rock band, audience and lighs.
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    😄 Again, I was not ever (and, in my mind, still am not) "in charge" of this - this was always meant to be a collective endeavor. However, circumstances being as they are, I'll curate this occasion as well as I can. It is this Saturday (June 13) if enough people agree that it is this Saturday. I thought we had that agreement last Saturday, but that changed. So, yes, it will be at the usual viewing time, since that is what we are all used to. So, that's: 10pm Paris 9pm London 4pm NYC 1pm LA With equivalent times worldwide. 🌎 Is that readable enough? 😊 Dear fellow thread-readers, if you would let us know here that you are at least interested in being here at the aforementioned time, please let us all know - thank you!
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    Once your subscription is placed and while you wait the DVD to arrive, you can watch the show (up to 4k, depending on your bandwidth) here ---> https://www.u2.com/stream/LiveInBerlin
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