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    So I emailed U2.con yesterday.......asking if I needed to get verified now an link to USA Ticketmaster even though I do NOT want to go to a USA show. They replied today.....
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    PLEASE!! Come back to New Orleans ... Joshua Tree 9/14/17 was so transcendent ... joy hope revolution and love through glorious music ...
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    41, 339 - Evening counting - I've just hit the 10,000 words mark in my novel And my story still makes sense (Also, if you like the Icelandic clap, may I suggest following Reykjavik Grapevine on Twitter? Their commentaries on Iceland's football matches are brilliant!)
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    It says the draw for subscribers is for up close. Anyone who is not successful will go in a ballot for GA. 70% go to London postcodes, 30% other postcodes.
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    41331 I'm referring to Euro 2016. The icelandic football team became famous with their handclap.
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    41, 330 - We're glad you did survive @pain_18_ Let's hope next summer is cooler for you.
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    For SAP in San Jose: stage
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    From a couple of seating charts I’ve seen for venues, it’s going to be the same set up as the ieTour, so no pit.
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    Just renew to be safe. $40 for peace of mind.
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    What do I do if I copleted setup as I read "all subscribers MUST" but will not travel to US nor Canada so only like to buy Europe-tickets (to be announced). I really worry that if I cut connection to TM.com or sms-messaging I forfeit my presale-code as it's my 'mistake' that the code they send is not reaching me and I read something like that in the terms/help. Could they add some FAQ for those like me who completed the setup but only want to attend Europe-shows? Waht do we have to do without risking our presale-code? Or can we let the setup completed and simply not use the US/CAN-presale-code and so save it for European-shows? Anything official would be great. Would like to dicsonnect but am worried to risk my presale-code. I read something about forfeit the code if it doesn't reach me because of my settings. Is there a way to get any official statement or FAQ? I still haven't received a reply by emailing support that fit by 100%.
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    41, 321 - November 5th is Guy Fawkes night here in the UK. Bonfire Night. It's traditional to let off fireworks as part of it. It remembers the foiling of Fawkes' plot to try and blow up Parliament in 1605.
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    Those aren't real tickets. They're fake and people who buy from any of those sites are going to find themselves with no tickets and no refunds. It's all BS. I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about them.
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    Love the lads, best ever. But three consecutive tours not coming to Australia! What's the scoop lads.... not since 360.... C'Mon! We miss you.
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    The whole situation seems like a bit of a flustercluck and it should be interesting to see how it plays out.
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    Ready!!!! I booked my room, now just need tickets ?
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    ........I've not posted this much in the Zoo for years......it was always full of confused people back then, and nothing much has changed!!! Just sayin'! lol
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    Thanks for this Mary, that's helpful. Is there any way you could reply to let them know that this isn't clear enough in the information they have sent out already, and that the site or FAQs need to be updated to reflect this. That would save them a ton of grief and probably reduce their email workload!
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    And when we had GA line without numbers and roll call
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    I used my code for The JT tour but it’s not my fault that they announce another tour within the same year. My subscription is for one year and includes various things including pre sale. No matter how many tours they announce in that year, I shouldn’t have to pay earlier than I need to.
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    Can one of the moderators please clarify the process for the European presale.... I've read through 6 pages in this thread and Im still not fully understanding what i need to be doing. I plan to visit europe, not US. So do I ignore all of this until a separate announcement is made for european presale. or should we ALL be doing this connecting with TM thing with the US site.... Can europe info be added to FAQ please??
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    This part of the presale is for the North America leg - If you are outside this region but plan to attend any of these shows, please complete all the steps. For Europe, please wait until the procedure is published. Thanks.
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    Should I bother with the registration now in case I am from Europe and not planning to join this presale, but hopefully a presale for Europe later?
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