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    That will be fantastic!, I got general admission tickets but I'm well happy just that. Hardly anyone got any of the GA let alone the superfan, think you're the only one I know that has!
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    I think you are talking about two different sign ups. if U2.com profile page says 'setup complete', then you are good to go for the U2.com subscriber pre-sales. The Ticketmaster sign up would be to (hopefully) get a code the day the general public sale starts on the 20th. (For the Ticketmaster general sale sign up you do have to pick a venue.)
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    I stand corrected.. should have said 'since I been here (2008)" - happy to nod to this correction, thx
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    So why are we not guaranteed a ticket what is all this fan verification bollocks then.I've been a fan club member for 30+ years and the way we have been able to get tickets was great.So I'm in the first presale and am only aloud two tickets so only one show for me and I'm not even guaranteed them tickets what did I pay my $40 for.U2 are either getting very greedy or have lost the plot concerning looking after fans.
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    Lucky to get a pair of Superfan tickets via a TM email. Really chuffed. I live in London so maybe had a better chance. I think you get early entry as I have to go to MTV in Camden first to pick up a wristband. Also need to be at Trafalgar Square by 3pm. Pleased I don’t have to queue up to get a decent spot, something I’ve had to do for the majority of the 50 or so times I’ve seen them.
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    I got 2 GAs. Well chuffed!
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