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    Great post as usual. I agree with the entirety of this post and I wanted to piggyback off your comment regarding planning. I try to do GA as often as I can but sometimes I get seats with my mom or friends that can't/wont do GA. It would be nice to have some idea what I'm buying beforehand. Especially now that artists are offering so many different "packages". Additionally, how ridiculous is it that between all of the different options there's no continuity even when using the same platform, ie. Ticketmaster on desktop vs. mobile vs. iPad etc. The best available is nonsense as well. Seat maps. Just show me the venue. Show me the seats. Put a dollar amount on it.
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    I don't even think the listings give an accurate idea of how expensive the tour actually is. Almost all of the lower level tickets are in the $330 price range - all of the seats lining the sides of the area from the main stage to the e-stage. Then, all of the upper level sections above those lower level sections are also priced at $330 at least through row 12. The upper level seats higher than row 12 are priced at $175. Additionally, a larger percentage of the tickets in the first two price levels are being "scalped" by the band and Ticketmaster by designating them as "VIP packages". These "packages" have a tremendous upcharge - the $175 tickets are sold for about $325 in the package, and the $330 tickets are sold for $650 in the package. For this extra fee, fans are given some token gift like a framed photo or lanyard, and perhaps get "free" parking at the venue. In no way does the monetary value of those perks come close to equaling the added premium being charged. The tickets chosen to be categorized as "VIP" are often the best seats in that particular section. To me, this is sort of like deceptive advertising, because you see the Ticketmaster page and the list of prices and sections, and you think to yourself, "If I select the $330 price, I'll get the best seats in the building" - but it turns out that's not really true. I just wish there was more transparency, and that one didn't have to figure all of these things out sorting through seating charts and presale pages and the like. I remember before the Elevation tour began, which was the first tour where the band used tiered pricing rather than a flat rate for all seats, and fan club members were sent a printed letter listing what the prices were and what areas were available at the different price levels. I feel like we were treated with more respect because we were given all of the information in advance and had the opportunity to better plan for purchasing and had a better opportunity to make an informed purchase. I also don't mind the $330 charge so much as I mind what a large percentage of the venue is being sold at that price. If you could tell me that I could spend $330 for a ticket and have a seat that was in the top 5% or even top 10% of all the seating, I'd say that while that was very expensive, you were getting a premium product for a premium price. Spending $330 for a ticket better than 90% or 95% of everyone else's ticket, that's a reasonable deal in my view. But the problem is, it appears that over 50% of the tickets are being sold at that price point, which means that the request for $330 a ticket isn't a premium fee for a premium seat, it's a premium fee for what's an ordinary seat in many cases. I'd be willing to pay $330 for one night to have a ticket that was both close to the main stage and came with a great view of the screen. I would not be willing to pay $330 for an upper level seat, that was ten or twelve rows up and far away from the main stage. But, as far as Ticketmaster and the band are concerned, both of those seats are completely equal in value. That's what I object to. It would be as bad if they charged Red Zone prices for all regular GA tickets.
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    The ticket process for Elevation Tour worked best via Propaganda.. As a member you got to buy tickets for 2 or 3 shows of your choice, all by snail mail but it worked perfect.. Popmart and earlier you could even ring Principle Management if you were struggling and they were very helpful. Larry's sister Cecilia helped me a few times, even getting me comp tickets for a gig in Oz. They really looked after the fans back then.
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    Well if you do get 4 CD's, Christmas is coming! Give them as gifts. Or you could donate one to a library or something, especially if its still in the shrink wrap.
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    Thanks guys! Celebrating tonight by seeing Queens of the Stone Age at Wembley, should be fun!
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    Calm down people, we've all been here before, this is what we've been told, 1. Europe dates announced in Jan 2018 2. Paid subscription members will get a code for first pre sale,.1- Experience members then 2-Innocent members. 3. If you don't use your code for U.S. dates then you can buy international tickets with it in 2018. Verified or not, if you got a code, it will work 4. Pre order the album cd before end of November to get a code for 3rd pre sale sent to you in January 2018 5. Listen carefully! No purchase is required to get a cd code! Read the terms and conditions, if you follow the link a code will be sent for free. 6. Recent past tours have been mainly ticketless for arenas and paper tickets for studium, probably due to crowd numbers and logistics 7. Chillax mofo's
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    I'm laughing so hard right now. Seriously, I can't stop laughing at this.
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    In that case, sell your tickets at face value. I actually took a loss of a few dollars on a Magic game (although I sold mine on Ticketmaster directly). Those tickets were gone in seconds. I don’t have a problem with reselling your tickets, but if life happens and you try to make a profit off of it, my sympathy disappears. Sell them at face value.
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    I was just looking over how many shows could potentially be added to the NYC area this year compared to the 2015 tour. In 2015, the top ticket was about $50 cheaper than today, and less of the building may have been priced at that level. They sold out eight shows, and while the cheap tickets all went pretty quickly, as shows were added it took a little longer for the pricier tickets to sell. For this coming tour in 2018, they're playing three different NYC-area venues, and the most they can do based on the schedule is six shows. Or, maybe to make it easier, in 2015, Boston got four shows, and on this tour, there's room for a maximum of two. It may be that Live Nation, Guy Oseary and the band made a decision that with the price increases making up for demand, that they'd be just as happy paying two shows and getting the fee that they'd get four having played four shows a couple years ago. They may have consolidated demand while keeping their income consistent. And I guess, who doesn't want to get paid the same for doing half the work? On the other hand... I used Twitter pretty much once, during the I&E tour because of the interactive portion of the show. Maybe now would be the time to try to reach out to Oseary. In the past, I have knocked him as seeming to be detached and uninterested in the fan experience because frankly there was no evidence to suggest otherwise, but I would give him a huge amount of credit for being open to a discussion today. I desperately wanted some kind of friendly discussion on these issues two years ago, not that it had to be me personally, but just to have this conversation that's happening online now - if he's now open to it, that's positive.
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    Update: I got the E-Mail. It comes from Ticketmaster. And its per ticket (if you purchased 2 tickets, you can get 2 albums), so I'm getting 2 CDs. I could give one as a gift. And yes, they do this because it counts as a sale for Billboard for each album redeemed. Lots of artists do it now. Since people are less likely to buy music nowadays, its a good way to get people new music and get strong sales for at least the first week of the charts. Normally Billboard doesn't count free albums, but this isn't technically free since you're paying way more for tickets than is the cost of an album, so they count it for sales as a bundle.
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    The citicard thing actually makes me mad. I think it's pretty awful to try to get your fans to pick up another credit card or change their banking system just to get tickets. That's not working towards a healthy view of how we use money that I would think the band would care about. Hey and I apologize to everyone. I didn't mean to rub it in. My bad. I accept the heat I'm taking here and I'm sorry.
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    To be eligible for the ticket drop you have to walk clockwise around a Joshua tree seven times at midnight under a full moon with a Citibank credit card clenched between your buttocks. Good luck. ?
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    I was able to get one GA during the Experience sale. It was a smooth process.
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    You are directing your anger at the wrong place. The people who ultimately and finally signed off and agreed the process are responsible for the situation. Not fansites, nor forum Mods Also journalists (good ones at least) wait for the facts to shake out, wait until the end of the event in question, and collate information with suggestions to make sure this won't happen again.. as opposed to firing off in-the-heat-of-the-moment rants. I very much understand why you are angry, and I would be too in the circumstances, buts lets direct it to the people actually responsible.
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    Yes, managed to get two ticket through Experience pre-sale... now I just need to figure out how FlashSeat works as I am not located in the US or Canada.... but have a few months for that ?
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    Just got off the help line ... again.... (wait... im laughing as im typing "help"). this whole farce has been nothing but bollocks!!! definitely letting my membership run out this year... whats the point anymore? when we are no longer guaranteed access to pre-sale? U2 and U2 fan club you are freakin kidding yourselves here.. just beyond disappointed and I feel shafted by people I have been extremely loyal to over the years. BOO!
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    thank you so much for this important information U2 sister! much appreciated,have a beaU2iful day!
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    I'm not sure "experiment" would be the correct term. (I won't type a more accurate metaphor out of respect for everyone on the site.) I am extremely disappointed in all of this. The greed. The lack of appreciation. And yes...I'll be back here again like a panting dog at the table.....like an idiot. But the scraps from the table are tasting more and more like feces every time we go through this.
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    I sign up for U2.com membership before every tour. I only do it for the tickets. Never again.
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