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    After this disasterous presale and general sale I've come to the conclusion that U2 doesn't need me as a fan anymore. I have sacrificed thousands of dollars traveling the globe to see my favorite band perform. I've been so lucky to be front and center at many shows. I've made life long friendships. I met my boyfriend in a GA line. Maybe I've needed U2 all of this time. I thought they needed me too. Now I feel they don't need me as a fan any longer. I'm dispensabe. U2 doesn't need me anymore. Deb
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    Thanks for the feedback. I now have a FlashSeat account they created for me and have the tix on my mobile in their app. Flying in from Denmark for the Vegas and LA shows ?
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    In 2015, I went to Montreal and Boston shows both in GA. For Montreal, I was in line at 4 pm. They opened the door at 6 pm. I was close to the main stage and almost on the rail. When U2 played the B-stage (about 5-6 songs), I had almost no view of the band. I did not want to loose my spot and did not move to the B-stage. When the band members were on the cat walk, they were so close (see picture). In Boston, I used a different strategy. I entered the place at 7:15 pm. Just before the show started, I was next to the entrance were Bono entered the arena near Stage B. He walked just in front of me. I then walked near the Main stage as Bono was also walking on the cat walk toward the main stage. It was fantastic. I had a very good view of the main stage when they played the main stage. I moved from the main stage to the B -stage about 1 song before the band moved to the B - stage. I was on the rail for the B-stage songs but with a "rear view" (just behind Larry). At the end of the 5-6 songs on Stage B, they started to play Bad on the B-stage and they walked to the main stage while playing Bad. I was also walking (not on the cat walk ) with them as I moved back to the main stage. This was awesome and one of the best memory ever.. In the end, when I returned to the main stage, I was not close; had a nice view but not close. Overall, I was able to move from one side to another. There is a lot of space. I will try to have the same experience again as I have GA ticket again for Montreal and Boston. Enjoy!
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    Nah, I don't want to be close. If I have to stand behind all the others to move, I'll do that. I want to have my own GA dance party in the back of the crowd.
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    41, 530 - Counting just before dinner. I hope you can finish the drawing @pain_18_
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    I am remembering Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa, his life and work, as he was brought into this world 153 years ago today in Albi, Tarn, France. Such a precious one.... http://www.accessify.com/visit?domain=toulouse-lautrec-foundation.org
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    Happy 13 th bday to HTDAAB...favorite song : Vertigoooo!
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    Absolutely, this will backfire. I just checked and for the 2015 tour (same arena, same stage set up etc) I paid $115 each (including fees) for seats in first row balcony, center arena. Sec 301 row 1 of the TD Garden in Boston. This time around the same seats are each $386 with fees. TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY DOLLARS MORE FOR THE SAME SEAT????? I was planning on buying those again and getting as many as I could but NO WAY at this price. I usually go to ALL the Boston shows and shows in multiple other cities but that just wont be happening now. Enough is enough. I lucked out and got 2 GA's through the subscriber pre-sale but that will have to do. Sadly, I'm not excited about going anymore. Or the new album.
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    I think so. It's not just the prices being high but also how many tickets are at the highest prices. Just out of curiousity, I checked to compare my 2015 tickets against this tour since it's the same stage setup. The top ticket price jumped $50 from 2015 to now. I haven't gotten that much of a raise in that same period and I'm sure a lot of people are in the same boat. Many more seats are at the highest price levels this time compared to 2015. A seat that I sat in that was $100 in 2015 is now classified as a $175 seat. A seat I had that was $80 in 2015 has been reclassified as a $175 seat as well. Other seats that were in the $150 range last time are now going for $330. I think they could have gotten away with taking the best 5% or 10% of seats, maybe even the best 20%, and charging $330 for them. But I think making more than half the tickets that price was too much. If I'm going to even consider spending that much, it needs to be for an outstanding seat. Row 12 of the upper level away from the main stage is not an outstanding seat, but they charge $330 for that now. Looks like people bought the "good" $330 seats but rejected the mediocre seats being charged at that level.
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    A tangential question... I received a download code from LiveNation which, I assume, was sent to me because I bought pre-sale U2 tickets. I generally ignore these, but if the code entitles a person to access U2 music, I might see what's there. Anyone else get such a code here?
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    That is a steal! $125 for Foo Fighters at MSG. Any seat. Our seats in the nosebleed section cost the exact same amount as the people who got GA. However plenty on Stub Hub.
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    I like your thinking. I've seen Wolf Alice 5 times in the last few months for less than £20 a show..
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