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    As far as I can tell, they did not release a single extra ticket for the 2nd presale group. I've been a fan club member for years, and only ended up in the Innocence group because I forgot to renew in time. I was lucky enough to get "verified" - though who cares when there is not a single GA or Red Zone ticket available for our presale group. So absurd. Seriously - did anyone in the Innocence group get GA or Red Zone? Such a farce! After demanding an extra $40 for a membership that is still active just to have the chance to participate in this presale. The whole way they're doing the sales this time around is bound to alienate tons of long term fans. Nicely done, U2. Thanks for nothing.
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    From the album: Tactical Blunders

    U2's music soothes the savage bronze beast.

    © Europa Thomas/Penelope Laird

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    41 548 - All the best to you, padawanbeck84, as you turn it in!! Please do keep us updated!
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    Tears are good...part of living, grieving, being whole and complete. If we didn't have tears how could we know defiant joy?
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    Yes it sound Pollyanna, but hey...there are good things that showed up from this presale/sale situation. This negativity, however deserved, is getting me down! In light of Thanksgiving week I will start by listing a few good things: It shows how much we love our band. How much faith we have in them (and I still have faith they will try to make it right—but It’s impossible to please everyone—back In Propaganda days we just didn’t have a place to complain together ?). How passionate we all are about U2. They are touring and making new music. The guys will be on SNL 12/2 and having the NYC/LA listening parties soon, maybe one or more of us will be lucky enough to attend (I, for one, am going to try my damndest for SNL and NYC!!!). Most importantly, it shows how lucky we actually are to be stressing over attending a concert. We are able bodied enough to attend and have at least some disposable cash to spend and the freedom to go where we want. There are far worse things we could be worrying over. Perspective ? Try to enjoy your Thanksgiving, my US friends, and your weekend, to all ??? xoxo ~Sue
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    Thanks for the feedback. I now have a FlashSeat account they created for me and have the tix on my mobile in their app. Flying in from Denmark for the Vegas and LA shows ?
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    In 2015, I went to Montreal and Boston shows both in GA. For Montreal, I was in line at 4 pm. They opened the door at 6 pm. I was close to the main stage and almost on the rail. When U2 played the B-stage (about 5-6 songs), I had almost no view of the band. I did not want to loose my spot and did not move to the B-stage. When the band members were on the cat walk, they were so close (see picture). In Boston, I used a different strategy. I entered the place at 7:15 pm. Just before the show started, I was next to the entrance were Bono entered the arena near Stage B. He walked just in front of me. I then walked near the Main stage as Bono was also walking on the cat walk toward the main stage. It was fantastic. I had a very good view of the main stage when they played the main stage. I moved from the main stage to the B -stage about 1 song before the band moved to the B - stage. I was on the rail for the B-stage songs but with a "rear view" (just behind Larry). At the end of the 5-6 songs on Stage B, they started to play Bad on the B-stage and they walked to the main stage while playing Bad. I was also walking (not on the cat walk ) with them as I moved back to the main stage. This was awesome and one of the best memory ever.. In the end, when I returned to the main stage, I was not close; had a nice view but not close. Overall, I was able to move from one side to another. There is a lot of space. I will try to have the same experience again as I have GA ticket again for Montreal and Boston. Enjoy!
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    thanks for the reply. that sounds a bit pathetic, takes them a whole year to send out a vinyl, and I bet 90% of the subscribers don't even have a vinyl player. U2.com tried to claim vinyl is making a come-back, I'm not fooled by that. Going straight on to eBay when I receive it. Let's hope 2018 brings something a bit more relevant.
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    One of the most galling parts about this is how much the tickets have gone up relative to the 2015 I&E tour. It's the same stage, it hasn't been that much time, and certainly there's been no major change in the economy. So it's hard, for me at least, to justify that the $270 tickets from 2015 are now $330. I'm not sure a $50 increase is justified after such a short passage of time. Even worse, perhaps, is how many lower priced tickets from 2015 have been reclassified as higher priced tickets for 2018. The $80 behind the stage/side stage seat that I had at Madison Square Garden in 2015 has been reclassified as a $175 ticket this time. And the $100 upper level seat I had a different night at the Garden has also been elevated to the $175 price level. Those are huge increases for seats that frankly are not as good as the price would suggest.
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    I sign up for U2.com membership before every tour. I only do it for the tickets. Never again.
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