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    I live in America. I suffered the State of the Union address last night. I despise President Trump. The reason I bring it up is that I love how the new cd and video shoots are political. I think they are spot on and being done through artistic expression.
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    Look at the expose BBC Panorama did on Viagogo ,getmein & ticketmaster a few years ago .It should still be available on iplayer .The Secondary seller tickets were mainly coming from their own offices and in some cases and events was policy . A simple button on seatwave forcing people to add the seat number when adding the ticket for realse would solve the whole mess
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    Seen them many times in Dublin, but the couple of times I've seen them in Belfast have always stood out for me. No hesitation opting for Belfast again this time.
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    THANK YOU SO MUCH mich40. GOT THEM!!!!!!!!! I'd clicked through trying to find those same tickets twice earlier and they were not avail so I assumed RED was the only option. You saved me money and sanity The passion and intensity and the...volume of this process is really something to behold. Damn! I appreciate you and all the other mods helping people even in all these above and beyond ways. Here's a great background track to help with relaxation. Super helpful for me and I have it on now to decompress after just an hour or so in this hahhhahaha. I'm sure there are so many people freaking out at/with/near you during this time. Rock on
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    There are GAs still available when I just checked.
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    what more can we do? I think you might want to take a break from the Zoo for a short while, as I have said a number of times now, tickets are still available. Its up to you to keep trying for them or not, so please, chill.
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    check the timeline ... they were sold out before i even got a chance .... why?
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    if nobody had access and it was the same for everyone how did they sell out? that makes no sense
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    i feel robbed here guys. i never got a chance. how do i lodge a complaint or something???
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    It's ticketmaster.. they can't get out of their own way... Suck as always
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    And Ticketmaster "Live Chat" is a robot... useless...
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    It takes a lot for me to say this guys, but I agree with the earlier poster. On a purely selfish level I actually think this would be the perfect time to call it a day. Everyone of the band have major interests outside of music (or the band) which they can pursue if so wished. Don't get me wrong....I absolutely love SOE and think that songwriting wise, Bono is on top form......just wonder how much longer the old body will hold up? I LOVE U2....(I don't say that lightly). They have been a constant in my life for about 30 years. I would just like them to go out on a huge high!!!!! Peace.
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    Even more awesome, trust me. Smallest venue on tour, great acoustic, great city. Few around here will admit it, but us old farts know that U2 have very rarely knocked it out of the park in Dublin. It took a long time before the pressure of the 'Hometown Show' was conquered. And the Dublin shows are almost never the best of any tour. Even less likely now that the majority of people at any Dublin shows in the last 20 years are not from Dublin... There will almost certainly be more Irish fans at the Belfast show
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    Miracle Drug. I still have a fever/sinus/throat thing. It seems those trying to get tix in today's presales could use a miracle too.
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    I'm happy to read you took no offense. I was worried you did.
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    Adding 2 Dublin dates to presale without notice is the cherry on top of this tour presale epic fail
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    Use the force of what's attacking you to make grow tour ART !!!!!!!
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    I’ll be bringing the snacks then ??
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    *brings beer* i‘m in, cheers ?
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    I think I took what you said out of context. I like the new album. I live in America. I'm not aware of reviews and hype, save what I read on U2.com. I also don't pay attention to whomever produces whatever until after I'm over the initial high of the new release, and I've formed my own opinion. I'm not saying you have done this. I got sick of artistic works being taken hostage by others who live on the peripheral boundaries. For me, this happened in the nineties when, 'grunge', hit the runways of fashion designers. I decided I need to keep the music for myself and F#@k what the periodicals and TV say about it. I forget that it's very different in other countries. I think they'll be making music until they are no more. The periodicals and TV people will be saying how wonderful U2 was where said leeches once clung to every single vulnerable spot possible and criticized U2 because it meant better ratings. I love this band. I don't like talking about the end. It will happen, hopefully, as the powers that be see fit.
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    We can begin planning a party here ??
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    Yeah same here, after we are allowed to use the code just for one show, I hoped to trade 1 ticket for another night. But with credit card entry it's gonna be a massive headache. I don't understand why they don't allow fans to buy tix for 2 show... But apparently you can buy 1 ticket for a US show and 1 for EU, but not 1 for 2 different EU shows. This is just ridiculous...
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    Fast cars. (artificial horizons)
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    It's not about touts. Ticketmaster is the first trying to rip off fans. They would not let me order the GA tickets I wanted and kept offering me high price tickets instead. We were smarter and got the tickets we needed logging in from another computer but I don't think this is the way customers should be treated and whenever I can buy tickets from another provider I will do.
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    It's a interesting, albeit really sad thought. Undeniable that they are significantly closer to the end than the start. No doubting that. But what a ride.... It is probably why I haven't entirely brought into this seemingly new and surprisingly vehement emergence of a backlash from within the hardcore faithful towards the band of late. Sure the ticket sale process could have been infinitely better (to say the least), perhaps the JT shows would have been better not wedged between these two records and tours and absolutely it would have been devastated not getting a ticket. 100% understandable and gut wrenching. But....... They are still here. There are still shows. They are still recording and they are still touring. The alternative is much tougher to face. It could have all ended long ago. I know that it is difficult to try and follow that line when you suffer the pain of missing out on a ticket, but it is worth a thought. I remember listening to 40 from that final show of Popmart back in 98. Back when you paid exorbitant amounts for a bootleg in a record store. It felt in honestly like it could have ended right then. A slow, almost mournful version of the tune. On the back of record that struggled in the US. And a tour that had its fair share of difficulties in cutting though its own ambition. A tour where they copped a lot of flacks in places. I loved Popmart though, but that song felt so sad at that time and I couldn't help wondering if the next move was the lads head off to the mansion in the south of France and buy a winery. So everything since then has been nothing but a bonus. And anything after Experience would continue that theme. Let alone the vast amount of material locked in the vault somewhere. Keep in mind I'm an Australian fan, so suffice to say I haven't even had a chance at a ticket to show here for a very long time. Right now I think us hardcore fans need to take a step back for a second and remember why we are actually even here in the first place. Throw on a record on, turn it up and get lost in it again. Let The Fly rattle the windows. Get drunk and belt out One. Get even drunker and croon With or Without You whilst kicking out an imaginary microphone stand Rattle and Hum style. Nothing is guaranteed, there is no entitlement - but there are a shit load of tunes to fall back on.
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