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  1. Well 12 weeks on and I am still loving the album so much so that I have been revisiting albums as well and playing them before listening to SOE. So far listened to NLOTH, Zooropa, October, Unforgettable Fire and War and watched Under a blood red sky and Joshua Tree 2017Croke Park from YouTube! Fantastic stuff and still really enjoying SOE.
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  2. Perhaps i am being naive but to me U2 have always stood for Justice and Fairness throughout their career i remember sleeping on the street for reasonably priced tickets back in the 80's (cos i am an old git ) does anyone think that selling Platinum tickets at £400 plus a pop is Just or Fair when the real fans have spent their time trying to get them in pre sales open sales retail sales etc ,only to find when they sell out Ticket Bastard put them back on sale ,if you notice also the platinum ones never came on sale until after the open sale sold out its an absolute scam
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