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    Hi russpm, I feel like driving to Santa Cruz via curve highway 17 late night after concert is not a good idea. Don't forget also about Bay Area's traffic. I would stay somewhere walking distance to the venue. There are many things to do around. You can also take Caltrain to visit Google campus and see Android statues in Mountain View or other Tech Companies like Apple West Coast is beautiful also. Nice places to visit: Carmel-by-the-Sea , Fizdgerald Marine Reserve, Half Moon Bay etc
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    43 018 good morning natural11 it's raining here to. ☔☔☔☔????
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    43, 013 - Starting to feel better this afternoon - clearly the chicken soup and tea diet is working Aww @caz63 it can be tough, especially on days like today. *hugs* I'm lucky to still have my mum. In 2009, the doctors told her she was unlikely to reach 65 - she's now 66 and sometimes I think it's sheer willpower keeping her going, despite her various health problems.
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    43 012 today being Mothers day here in the uk always makes me sad.I lost my mum 10 years ago and still miss her loads and wish she was still here.?????
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    42 927 Just Pre-ordered the *POP* vinyl
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    Apareces como Free member, no como subscriptor pagado... Por favor sal de u2.com (log off) y de Zootopia, borra cookies y cache de tu navegador y cierralo. Vuelvelo a abrir y revisa tu perfil (http://www.u2.com/profile)... Si tienes derecho a codigo ahi debe de aparecer... Adicionalmente: de preferencia los mensajes en ingles - no todos los moderadores hablan español...
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