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    Love Peace and be kind to one another. Forgive
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    U2 how many more songs you got left in you? well I do believe you have many more songs left in you to tell your life stories and all your adventures and so on. I don’t think it’s a question of how many it’s a question of how long do you want to keep playing and making records and doing tours. It’s not based on age or trying to out do another band it’s about what’s in side your heart your passion of wanting to make new songs and keep playing for your fans. I think you still have a lot left in you and a lot of stories to tell your fans. 50’s is the new 40’s and so on. REM May have thrown in the towel and others but just because others do doesn’t mean U2 has to follow. U2 is the worlds greatest band they have nothing more to prove but that doesn’t mean it’s time to hang up your guitar. You continue to play because it’s your passion, it’s what you love to do and that’s why you continue to make new music and new songs. Love U2 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    You are so not alone with that. I happily sign every petition for a SOI or/and SOE in-a-row show. (or/and takes the pressure a bit out of it I would gladly die just with hearing SoE live from start to finish)
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    Think I've settled on my most peaceful moment of the album. Dim the lights, chuck the kids into the next room, take a gentle sip from your favourite drink out of your favourite glass, close your eyes and embrace the last 60 odd seconds of 'Landlady.' Just beautiful.
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    Happy St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday to everyone ??????????????????????????????????????????? ❤️ U2 ?
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    I'll take that for my 2018 subscriber gift. I'll even pay extra and I won't whine or bitch if it takes four or five years. (respect to anyone upset about gifts) I'm kidding about it all, however; I'd pay and wait patiently. I wouldn't even need a download. dmway-Thanks for the link. I quoted you correctly this time or am I confused yet again?
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    A friend of mine saw Bono in the Orlando airport and texted me. 'He's just sitting here sipping coffee. He's not disguised and he's in the middle of the terminal sitting as though he's flying coach. Nobody has noticed him.'. A few minutes later he texted me and told me that Bono was noticed and a mob of people went up to him. My friend said that Bono did not shy away from any of it; quite the opposite. He talked to everyone and signed things. My friend said someone eventually got Bono out of there and to wherever Bono goes when noticed in the Orlando airport. I fly from Orlando to home quite often. My family lives in Florida. I hate flying home because kids are crying now that Mickey is gone and their parents are quite crabby. Can you imagine looking away from that and seeing Bono casually sitting while sipping cafe? I did not believe him until he laughed and showed me a picture he snapped because he knew I would doubt his story. I still wonder if he somehow photoshopped it. He assures me he did not. My friend had previously told me he thought Bono was a bit of an ass-#@$#. He quickly changed his tune after seeing how Bono was humble and gracious to the fans. He won't pay to see them live, but he did admit that maybe Bono is not such a jerk after all. Ha. Eat that, U2 foe!
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    Yes - Glastonbury, both the festival and the town/area , are very interesting. When I was living in England, I walked to St. Michael's Tower on top of Glastonbury Tor (a lengthy saunter - allow some time to make the climb), and the view from there is spectacular. Here's info on that: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glastonbury_Tor All the days of the (mostly) yearly festival are all over the BBC - it is a true cultural event. It's a very spiritual place; the actual town did get a bit New Age-y over time, but the older shops there still have the original feel - if you ever go, stick to those. Also, be sure to see the Chalice Well: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chalice_Well On your earlier post, it would indeed be cool of they played SOI and SOE in one show consecutively, but that would have to be some kind of special fan-club show (yes, please, U2 - I/we would be up for that! Yes - I want the tour ASAP too...
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    After watching countless hours of Glastonbury on Palladia, I finally saw a documentary on the festival. This American knew nothing of the history to Glastonbury. It was very cool to watch that documentary; all the different mini-cities of campers and such. I had no idea about its history. Very, very cool. It was a well spent hour or two watching that documentary. Seeing things like that almost makes me want to pay for cable again. Thank God for YouTube. SOE-Bono sounds great on that live indoor video for The Little Things., which I have been watching on YouTube. The band sounds great. I love the guitar to that song. The Edge skips a lot of it in lieu of keyboards and I still love it. They sound incredible.
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    I'm probably in the minority in saying this: It would be a dream come true if they played SOI start to finish...took a break...then came out and played SOE start to finish. I do think they are going to play heavily from SOE. They just toured this past Summer. They've both afforded and merited the right to do as they please with the setlist for this tour. I'm taking liberty in using the word, 'merit'. It's just a fan's opinion. I doubt the promoter would be happy if they took this approach. I seriously doubt the ones who don't go to every tour would like it either. I'm having a difficult time deciding which songs I could do without from SOE. I think Landlady is a safe bet to be played. I fear Red Flag Day might be skipped. I'm not sure why. It's going to be tough to not know of the setlist when I see them in Chicago. I shall do my best, as I like the surprise. How though? How does one not look at the news on U2.com? I need sedation until May 22, 2018.
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    I wanted to stop by to say "Happy Birthday" AC!!
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    Thank God you were Born into this world.....Adam Clayton.....whether you believe or not.....you make it a better place! Clayton is a true friend.....so true, he'd serve as a guardian or a human shield, for his fellow pal, Bono.... as Follows.... Bono said: “I looked up at the end of the third verse(of pride) and I clearly wasn’t dead. But not only that . . . Adam Clayton was standing in front of me.” Explaining why he stepped between Bono and the throngs to take the bullet, bass player Adam said: “It’s weird what goes through your head. Or maybe not even through your head. “Maybe it’s just an instinctive thing of daring someone to carry out a threat like that.” Band mate Edge said of Adam’s bid to take the bullet for his pal: “I just thought, ‘That’s a mate.’”
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    Definitely "Little Things"! Also "Red Flag Day" - it has a driving sound that reminds me of their earlier stuff. And I can't wait to sing back and forth with Bono "You and I are, rock and roll!" Cheesy, I know but I think American Soul will get the place bumpin'. "Summer of Love" is another one - it's so dreamy and groovy. I think it would work well for a downtempo live song. I'm also hoping for some of the SOI tunes - I would lose my shite for "This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now".
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    I'm really looking forward to hearing these songs live now. The arenas are going to explode with "The Little Things That Give You Away", and I am already looking forward to singing (loudly) along to "Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way" (among many others). Any songs that anyone else is looking forward to live?
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    Happy birthday to one of my four favorite people on Earth. Wishing you the very best. Love you Adam! See you in May.
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    Happy Birthday to You Adam ! ! See you in September ........... Adam Clayton.wmv
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    Happy birthday to you, dear Adam Charles Clayton! EnJOY your beautiful day !
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    Happy Birthday to Adam Clayton!!! Our favorite bass player in the world.
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    I found the Q magazine U2 special while I was out shopping. Then this evening, I found that the library's eComic service includes Farscape graphic novels It used to be my favourite TV series and I knew that there were some graphic novels that continued the story, but had never been able to find them - until now.
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    I completed another race-training session which consisted of 3 miles!!!
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