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    Even though you "politely" pass people who have been waiting for hours, this pretty much makes you a dick.
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    Thanks for that post, dmway. It was very interesting to read that article. I would not have seen it otherwise. Thank you.
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    It's a logical thing to think - U2 does things in threes (I will someday finish that post analyzing their album releases - it's more than just threes...) Bono tends to think out loud in interviews (i.e., the things he says about the future are merely on his mind - whether or not they actually come to pass is a different thing altogether) - I do remember his saying "Songs Of Ascent" in an interview, but that was back during the NLOTH sessions, and, after I did a little research, I noticed that "Songs Of Ascent" was one of the working titles for NLOTH. I think I posted that earlier. For better or worse, I do think their next CD will be a "best of" or a live album (perhaps of the JT tour, perhaps something else). If they did another "best of", they'll put something new on it. I just hope it's more than one song. Yes, I can't wait for their relationship with Live Nation to end - I hope it does. (Just because we want it doesn't mean it will happen, though.) "Drowning Man" and "Like A Song" are both songs that have never/virtually never been played. However, being a big fan of "War" myself, I'd also be up for it! (It's my favorite album of theirs from the 80s.) Here's a list of songs they have not played: http://www.u2gigs.com/article373.html All will be revealed about the SOE concerts very soon now! ?
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    And the craziness has begun. U2start is reporting that a fan-run GA queue has started in Chicago for the May 22nd show. They will show up for four hours every Saturday between now and the concert on May 22nd, and will expect to be in front of the line. I'm sorry, but showing up for four hours one day a week a month ahead of time is not waiting on line. That person should not get priority over someone who shows up the night before and is willing to wait there all night. I know moderators do read the posts on these forums, and that there may be a line of communication between the forum moderators and the band's management. I would humbly request that management be made aware of this silliness so it can be shut down before it gets out of hand.
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