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    44 088 afternoon all the start of another week closer to Manchester.the time is going so quickly...cou.ting the days. ????
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    Our ‘point of view’ at e-stage in Antwerp I+E 2015 ... no zoom used ???
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    During I+E in 2015 we were about halfway down the catwalk on the second row from the rail. Wonderful view of both main and e-stage. Bono stoppen right in front of us a couple of times. Have a great time durig the show. We took our boys to their very first concert last year in Paris and it was amazing. They were 9 and 11 at that time and they had never before been to any other concert ... what better as first concert experience than U2! ?
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    We’ll be in the Boutique 009 Hotel near the main train station, staying only 1 night. I’ve seen there are a couple of Irish pubs, so I guess the party will go on after the show ?
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    Quite a trip you have made then to come over ??. Have fun ... we might run into eachother in Cologne ?
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    The show in America was quite political. I was nervous about the American flag being used until I heard Bono say things that I believe no matter where I might live; love; help refugees; fight hatred; stop poverty; fight racism and bigotry; etc. It's the same message that U2 have always had. The flag was a small part of the actual show. I didn't even notice the American flag in Chicago. I was so into them that it didn't matter I was right by the stage both nights. I must have seen it but It didn't matter.
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    https://www.u2.com/news/title/back-on-song-back-to-berlin/news/ "I've seen a great doctor and with his care I’ll be back to full voice for the rest of the tour. So happy and relieved that anything serious has been ruled out. My relief is tempered by the knowledge that the Berlin audience were so inconvenienced. There was an amazing atmosphere in the house, it was going to be one of those unforgettable nights but not for this reason… We can’t wait to get back there on November 13th." - Bono
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    I dreamt the other night that Edge had some document he needed me to edit. And I kept saying loudly to anyone who would listen, because I knew how ridiculous it sounded and I couldn't quite believe it was true: "Oh, I have to go, Edge from U2 needs me to edit some documents for him!!" I got the job done and sent the flash drive off to him via mail or courier or something. That was it! So random.
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