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    44845 Back on the counting track on Tuesday
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    I also put out feelers to volunteer for disability/accessibility services at Summerfest. (11 day music festival here-draws close to, if not over a million people each year) I want to volunteer to make sure everyone who needs help gets it. The side stages get crazy. I got very strong positive feedback. I'm nervous, but I shall be calling the head of this department and volunteering. .
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    The Irish Soda Bread I made came out good!!
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    This one was "Bill and Ted's Most Triumphant Return" 🎸 It's a spin-off/sort-of sequel to the films. Since I made that post, I've also found the next one in the series: "Bill and Ted go to Hell". I have some comics that I buy each month as individual issues - like the Star Wars titles, and then there are others that I buy in collected paperback editions as I discover them. And yes, I often have to rearrange my bookshelves to make space for them. It's not my fault - people keep on writing things I want to read
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