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    Two have contacted me on Instagram. _u2.bono and paul_david_hewson_u2. The later even showed me a fake ID. When reporting, do I report them as spam? The only options I see are “spam” or “inappropriate”,
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    So much for that, Instagram decided that the paul_david_hewson_u2 account is not violating community guidelines. I called him out on the fake ID and got blocked before I could screen capture it 😆. I ended up not reporting the other because it’s public posts look more like a fan page, but users should still be wary if that page contacts them.
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    Report as “inappropriate” and that will take you through a few comments, which will include “this person in impersonating someone”.
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    Edge did use one during the 360 tour to post photos, but it became defunct after the tour was over in 2011.
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    *Mournful Wookiee howling* Rest in Peace Peter Mayhew. Such sad news to wake up to this morning. Thank you for making Chewbacca so memorable - and thank you for always having time for your fans, right up to the end. A number of my fellow trading card collectors were at Star Wars Celebration last month, talking to you, getting autographs and selfies. It's hard to accept that, only weeks later, you're gone. Give Carrie and Kenny a big Wookiee hug when you see them. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-48142765
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    As of right now, there isn't any tour or tour announcement expected. If/When there is one, please wait for official news - it will be published on the main site, on u2 official social media and here in Zootopia. Please do not make plans based on rumors... Thanks.
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