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    45, 410 - I'm just happy that the library wasn't in a mess this morning
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    I need to respectfully disagree. I hope and pray that thirty years from now my new favorite(s) are as awesome as U2 still is. It's four decades later and they're still making me ache for more. I don't just want to see them live again-I need it.
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    So true. I reckon this will be a release for RSD in November. I'd also like to see a release for The Hands that Built America.
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    My faith is restored! In fairness this is a good response. On demand streaming and in 4k too is a good solution so the band have taken the feedback on board. Fair play to the staff here too who must have passed this on and no doubt helped.
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    ...and I'm going to bump this because part 3 of our adventure is coming up soon, and I am hopeful that the next iOS update will fix the rotation problem so that reduced pictures from our past, present, and future can appear here looking as they should. Stay tuned...
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    A DVD??? We are in 2020 guys! Have you heard about Blu-ray? UHD 4K Blu-ray? This is ridiculous!
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    Announcing our 2020 subscription offer. The complete show on limited edition DVD. View the full article
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