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    From the album: Toronto 2015

    Dreams came true in Toronto for me. I made a little sign, asking Larry for a drumstick and he gave one to me and best Larry girl friend, Kim. I will never forget this moment.
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    Oy. Someone needed a happy pill. 😁 The ahove sounds much worse than its actual bite. I wiped my boots on the carpet after I thoroughly rubbed them off in the snow. He's not a dumb ass but tenants are working him. The owner caught the crap, not the manager. I don't just call on people I know to harrass whomever. These are long standing issues which have not been addressed for years. I phoned people who wield influence, however, I had given them my word I'd so so if thing did not change. I was ornery I have to move again. I needed to roar. Unnecessary dog poop on my boots, after bright sunshine refected on very white snow cranked a migraine into a cluster got the best of me. I don't have to move. I need and want to do it. Big difference. Bright side view: There may be an apartment available which is by a beautiful seminary campus and protected woods/nature conservatory. It's near my old house. I used to walk Bruff, my last dog, though those woods and the seminary campus all the time. Now, I'd be living on the opposite side of the same woods. I could walk my second Irish Terrier on the same turf. Lake Michigan is right across the street from it. I made initial inquiries. That would make another move a very good thing.
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