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    45438 - Just over an hour ago, my entire neighbourhood clapped for the NHS and everyone working right now to battle COVID-19. Love truly is bigger than anything in its way.
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    this one could be of help too: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
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    45, 441 - Evening counting. One good thing about being at home all day is that I can stay in my pyjamas all day if I want to Also, can I complain about the fact a "classic rock" radio station didn't play *one* U2 song in the 7 hours I listened to it today? They literally played everything else except U2. And I'm not sure I'd classify Nickelback or Green Day as "classic"
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    45 437 Why is it always sunny in Britain when you can't go out? ☀️
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    45 436 Breathe is a great song and here's what was running through my mind today: "16th of June, Chinese stocks are going up And I'm coming down with some new Asian virus Ju Ju man, Ju Ju man Doc says you're fine, or dying Please Nine 0 nine, St John Divine, on the line, my pulse is fine But I'm running down the road like loose electricity While the band in my head plays a striptease"
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    45 426 Well from Yesterday onwards we've all been working from home... So at least he can't infect anyone else! Not liking working from home though. I miss the social interaction, even though I don't like people!
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