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    Staring at the ceiling for 2 hours 17min is not as much fun as watching U2 shows with cool people from around the world... But I suppose nothing good is forever and precious things have a limited lifespan... In any case, I suppose that in the year 2053 I can tell my grand-nephews that while the 2020 quarantine sucked majorly, among the very good things that I was lucky enough to experience and make it more bearable was the #U2getherathome event... And I sincerely hope everyone around here (and beyond) will have the chance to remember this for many, many years...
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    What are you guys talking about ?? I watched the Milan DVD from Vertigo Tour and it was awesome !! πŸ˜‚
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    It has definitely felt like something was missing this weekend.
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    I saw new activity in this thread and freaked thinking I missed one yesterday. (while I napped because I had nothing to make me dance) Let's start over? 😎
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    Has it really been only one week since last show? πŸ™„πŸ˜³πŸ˜±
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    Are other ideas for metaphorical get-togethers here on-site still welcome, or has this thread for all intents and purposes run its course? Either way, it’s fine - I was just curious. In any case, it was a great idea! A nice fringe benefit for me personally is that I finally got to hear all of these shows in surround sound for the first time. Of course, all of these DVDs/BluRays had surround versions the whole time; however, they came out before I had my system set up. It was very interesting to hear the difference, both between the stereo versions and the surround versions, and between the surround versions for each of the shows (the surround mixes definitely improved over time from 2001 onward). If there is more to come somehow, let us all know. Thank you!
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