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    Thank you!! From Vertigo... to Vertigo...! 15 years ago today I was in between my first U2 concert and... the second! Me and my friend decided to go to Nice in a pair of weeks because after the gig in Rome we went crazy... This is a picture I took 15 years ago in Rome. Sorry for the bad quality but... so precious memories for me. ❤️
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    Me too... not my first U2 shows, but the first time I had the proper live U2 experience that I'd always dreamed of. I will never forget that weekend. (I wrote it up in great detail afterwards and shared our photos here, for anyone who is interested.)
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    My pleasure - Live Aid and A Conspiracy Of Hope just had to be seen here, and Milan was the perfect nightcap!
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    From the album: Adam Clayton @60

    Mods are fans too, and this night I was beside myself that I finally got his autograph. He truly is a gentleman and a sweetheart.

    © mich40

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