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  1. Hopefully as many girls as possible over the course of Justice Ginsburg’s long life and career. She inspired and will continue to inspire me.
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  2. She was 87. May she Rest In Peace.
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  3. One of the new “extras” released today.
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  4. So I was in Bergamo, Italy yesterday looking to get some shopping done at look what I found 😄😄 Thank you for shopping with us pop martians 🛒
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  5. Very, very sad. I wonder how many girls looked up to her and then followed through on a dream they though could not come true.
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  6. United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died today at the age of 87.. This is a horrible loss for my country. She was loved and will be missed.
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  7. Yes, it is truly horrible. Let’s hope our current “president” and immoral Senate Majority Leader don’t compound the tragedy by trying to fill the spot immediately - however, knowing who they are...
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