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    that was about 15 years ago....and I promise I didn't let her go. She does still adore him and the band though.
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    My daughter got mad at me one time and told me that she was going to run away and go live with Bono. I told her to go for it. lol
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    This little guy crashed into so many people's lives ... and he changed their lives forever ❤️Just because he is...❤️This man changed our lives with his existence, his love for people, his hope for a better world, his incredibly big heart ... his deeply beautiful soul! 💚❤️💚❤️💚B´Man is who he is: a lover of art, a troublemaker, a love-hungry soul, a poet, a loving husband, a loyal friend, a strong and honest character, a father with deep conviction ... a giver ❤️❤️💚Well....it´s our showman ❤️The showman, who gives us front row to his heart ❤️What more can I say about this unique character?I love him from the bottom of my heart, because he IS what he is! He is WHO he is!I hope that this wonderful person is with us for a very very long time and that we can still have a lot of great stories and experiences with him ❤️💚There are people I wish they were immortal - Bono is one of them ❤️❤️❤️❤️💚HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my hero...to Paul David Hewson aka BONO #u2 #bono #bono60 #birthdaybono #bonosglobalbirthdaybash ❤️❤️❤️
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    This is a pic from the year 2001, a period in which I had that awful moustache. It's long gone now. I met Adam while waiting outside the band studio in Hanover Quay, Dublin in the hope to meet members of the band. Adam was very friendly and took me by the waist for the picture. If I would describe him I'd say every inch a gentleman.
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    I L♥️VE THE DETAILS Pain! I love how the water falls down beautiful I would love to see more water fountains. 👏👏 AND those BEAUTIFUL LITTLE flowers in the middle. So much detail all together. All in a beautiful bunch. 👏👏🌺🌺🌺 Well done pain. I would love to see some animals again maybe some whales 🐋or Dolphins! 🐬 CAN you do FROGS I LOVE FROGS🐸MAYBE ON SOME LILLY PADS! 🐸Don't have a lily Pad EMOJI! 😂 WELL DONE AGAIN Pain. ♥️
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    Grazzie MIlle !!!!!!!
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    Now I want one. I wish I could think of a funny safe elevator joke. Alas, I am drawing a blank.
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    What all the best U2 fans are wearing in 2020! Muito linda! 😎
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    I know, it is not the best photo, but all I wanted was your look and smile, and I had them @MSG NY 2015, I keep them in my heart, soul and retina. Happy Birthday B-man!!
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    Thank you all for your comments ❤️❤️❤️❤️💚💚💚💚💚
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    I love him so much, and I have often wished that he was my dad.
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    Que bonito, así pensamos muchos, ojala existieran más personas como el, este mundo seria otra cosa. Muchas felicidades a los dos por seguir juntos.
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    I had to wait about 8 years from the day I first became a U2 fan to the day of this concert, but it was worth it. I took other pictures (but not too many because I wanted to be present in the moment), but I like this shot the best because it looks like it could be an album cover or a book cover image. Happy Birthday, Bono!
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    Bring a fake one and say they're both from Larry?
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    They are too precious for that. lol
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    I wonder what he's thinking. He looks very happy or pretending to be so. "Great. Famous rock stars and it's pizza again.." I'm just kidding. Thanks for posting this. It gave me a good laugh. .
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    The girl is pretty!! Alain Delon...! So fascinating! But Bono is EVEN BETTER!! I love Bono here!! Nice colors and... Beautiful drawing!!! Great!!
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    Thank You SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!! @seresere !!!!!
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    Hi. I guess I didn't answer your question properly, but I think I have already told you how "I managed to run into Bono by The Wall". 😆
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    GRAZIE MILLE !!! @seresere !!!!!
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    I love the flowers and... nice coloring!!
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    I L❤️VE the beautiful little FLOWERS! 🌷🌺🥀🌸🌼 And the lovely pastel colors. They are all blended so well with the bright green. 🌿🌱 Well done it's really beautiful. ❤️❤️
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    @seresere HUGE THANK YOU !!!!!!!
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    Absolutely BRILLIANT photo of BONO DOING A LOVELY DRINK trick. 📸👏👏I I L💓VE IT when he does a DRINK TRICK! 🍾😂😂😂THE SHOWMAN is a NATURAL AT IT he makes it look so PERFECT! 🎤🍾👌😂😂🤣🤣👏👏❤️❤️
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    THANK YOU So Much, @seresere YOUR words are vital to me !!!!!!
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    @seresere and @Manohlive THANK You, friends and GRAZIE MILLE !!!!!!!!!!
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    Oh the mother and child reunion... You make me smile, pain. You really do.
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    GREAT photo of ADAM. A BEAUTIFUL photo with ADAM in front of a LOVELY bright background. I LOVE THE PHOTO. KAREN
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    LOVE the picture of BONO. He has his hands open. It just makes me feel like REACHING OUT TO BONO AND GOING IN HIS ARMS. Well I wish. LOVE THE PICTURE, GREAT SHOT OF BONO. KAREN XXXX
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    Great images Lora! Thank you for sharing them with us!
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