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    Covid sucks. We all know it; but even in these hard times, beautiful things are coming out. Maybe we could add some of the good things here. I’ll start with this one. Mind you, One has always been one of those sacred songs for me that I thought no one should touch...not even U2 with Mary J Blige, and this brought me to tears this morning because it was so beautiful.
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    Right, I think you misunderstood why I asked the question in the first place - it was a point of legitimate curiosity, not specifically a criticism of the decision. You don't remember issues at the other shows at the United Center on "Elevation" - that's good and a relief to hear. If my memory serves correctly, they filmed consecutive days in May (the 9th and 10th - the latter, of course, being his birthday which must have factored somewhat into the taping decision). That scene on the DVD also makes me laugh, only in a good way. It proves they are human beings who got where they were/are in their collective career because they worked very hard and, despite our admiration for them, they aren't always perfect in every way - thus, merely asking questions about their decisions isn't some kind of blasphemy. Case in point: in Bill Flanagan's excellent book about the ZooTV tour "U2 At The End Of The World", Bill relates how the band looked at the rushes of their show at Sydney very shortly after they came off the stage, offering opinions about what shots to keep and what shots to cut. Their meticulousness contributed to making that VHS tape (and later DVD) one of their very best concert films - a Grammy-winning one too, if I remember correctly. With that example in mind, and with the other show not having any other issues with that song, I wonder why they went with the "froggy" version. That's all what I was asking. I'm happy that I also have experience seeing them in Chicago. I loved the PopMart show I saw there. From that show, I could only concur about the warmth and love between the band and the city. I'm beyond impressed that they sold out two shows (and most of a third) at the old Soldier Field on that tour. Not many bands could do that, then or now. I'm glad all your shows in the city were very good - they clearly have been, and would always be, fired up to play there.
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    I was at those Vertigo shows in Chicago. That frog knda made it better because he's f'ing Bono (his words, not mine) and proves it under fire. It dd not take away from seeing Elevation live that night.. People were laughing and clapping for him because of it. I cheered even harder. I do not remember a problem with any other nighs in Chicago. I had completely fogotten about it until now. FYI, dmway. For IE or EI (I'm fairly certain it was IE) all the employees of the United Center (where Vertigo is filmed) donated money to the Red campaign. It was a substantial amount.. Bono talked about it at one of those shows and thanked them for being so generous. The United Center is an awesome, awesome venue. I cannot say enough good things about how kind, gracious and professional the people who work there have been, and still are to me and eveyone else. .
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