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    “YouTube, Island Records, Interscope, and UMe have announced the relaunch of U2's Official YouTube Channel with weekly releases of the band's most iconic music videos and never before seen content on YouTube, all remastered at the highest standard.” Continue reading here: https://www.u2.com/news/title/remastered-on-youtube/
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    One of the new “extras” released today.
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    Hopefully as many girls as possible over the course of Justice Ginsburg’s long life and career. She inspired and will continue to inspire me.
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    I bought the AB uber deluxe 20th anniversary reissue for just over $300 from Amazon Canada (which was somehow cheaper than Amazon US). That set was a veritable cornucopia loaded with conent - EXTENSIVE tracks on cd (two albums, tonnes of remixes, and alternate version of AB) and vinyl (album and all complete singles), two excellent documentaries (one of which was only aired on TV; my old VHS recording of it was wearing thin), music videos, Live from Sydney dvd (previously only available on VHS and Laserdisc), the best packaging I've ever seen with a magnetic tiled cover and pull out drawer box, 84(!) page HC book, Propaganda magazine reprint, 16 art prints, large sticker sheet, beautiful tour pins, and a pair of fly glasses! The 2017 JT reissue was much less fancy, but was still great to have the MSG show, alternate versions of old tracks (not just remixes), and all the b-sides and rarities together on the same slab of vinyl. Plus Edge's book was almost worth the price alone. I still happily shelled out premium pricing to get it. The ATYCLB reissue is very disappointing. To buy this at roughly the same price in Canadian $$ as the AB reissue, for what I estimate to be 1/4 of the content, is no longer acceptable in my mind. I sincerely hope that U2 management recognize that the hard core fans are getting tired of this trend of overpaying for underwhelming content. I will be taking a pass this time.
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    She was 87. May she Rest In Peace.
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    I'm in Colombia and nothing here 😔 In June I received the mail "Your U2.com Subscription order has shipped!" and UPS shows this only: Date Location Activity 06/08/20206:33 P.M. United States Shipment information received by UPS Mail Innovations
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    All That You Can't Leave Behind? It's a great album, and U2's last effort that seemed to deliver what it set out to do with its incredible focused. You have the euphoric first few tracks but regardless, I always get a sense of peace and serenity from the album. I'm always struck by it's understated and thoughtful nature. It's a beautiful album and one that is like daylight in contrast to the darker material they tackled in the 1990s. Moving on to the 1990s then. why there hasn't been a Pop reissue I have no idea. While it is a bit messy (starts at a party and ends at a funeral yet even though, both contrasting styles contain excellent work), it is a very fine album indeed and arguably their most rewarding album in the last 25 years. It has a great sonic tapestry and musical ambition to it that has been lacking with U2's work in recent years (aside from a handful of Eno/Lanois produced tracks from Leave Behind and No Line, much of what we have got is fairly unambitious). Bono's lyrics are on fine form too. For sure, no hit singles and nothing close to it, but the subtle nature of much of it digs deep under your skin. It is such a shame how unheralded it is.
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    I think possibly ATYCLB is coming from the end of U2's career where there just isn't so much quality, unreleased stuff left in the vault. And "remastering" an album from 2000 doesn't really make sense either. Mastering in 2000 was already all high-quality, digital, polished. Sure, they could have included a different concert, and possibly new video. But as for video, well, I'm not sure DVD or Blu-ray releases many any sense anymore. It's just not how people consume video. CDs are at the very tail end of being justifiable. But people just don't consume video via optical discs now. So they've really just packaged together (quite nicely it must be admitted) what they have, and are charging as much as they can get away with for it. To be honest, I don't really blame them - it's a different world now for a music artist (and their team) to generate revenue. They've got to come up with something, and this is it. Still, I'm content to pass, with no sense of regret or disappointment.
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    Congratulations! Thank you for studying my native language!
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    I - after many, many months - finally finished 1st in the Diamond League (i.e., the highest of their 10 leagues) for the week on Duolingo! 😊 The highest I was ever able to finish was third (once in the Diamond League, once in a lower league that I can't remember). I even did it as a free member too; so, I beat out all the other free and paid members this past week as well. 😎 I have to give a lot of credit to Duolingo - they make learning a new language very entertaining. (I do recommend the app to others wanting to learn a new language.)
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    I refuse to believe that any human being is beyond redemption, even Donald J. Trump. I'm not saying it is going to happen but there is no hope without possibility. I wasn't speaking about the legalities concerning Clinton. I do not care about them. Any President who lies to a grand jury and obstructs justice should be both impeached and removed from office. Period. Had I been a Democrat in office, I would have voted to remove him. That is just me. Whomever kept Reagen having Alzheimer's a secret should have been charged for lying to the American people. The list continues. This is just how I see things. I'm not arguing. Truth should be sacred to one nation under God. It no longer is.
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    I completely agree. Bono became a hero to me when he convinced George W. Bush to give funding for PEPFAR. The greater credit goes to him. Perhaps I should have mentioned this.. For me, it's a given. That being said, two people came together and helped millions. I'm trying to make some sense of what has happened over the past four years. I cannot type the obsenities I feel toward Mitch McConnell. You know how I feel about our current president. I was not arguing with you. I was being realistic that both sides are amped up for battle and need to chill. It's as it would be with naughty school children and its both sides. Democrats would be trying to get this nomination too, with or without what the Republicans did to Obama. It's the nature of our political divide. President Trump would not be without it. My argument is with that more than any party, even though I am a registered Democrat. We're gonna have to meet in the middle. I'm trying to find common ground from the left. I know it's idealistic but it's possible or we are screwed, Each side needs to forgive the other and put the good of our country ahead of their own political and personal agendas. My ideal vote goes to whomever can accomplish that. As sad as it is to say this, I think they may well get another appointee. I'm hoping otherwise. I don't think we are off topic in discussing this. It is a monumentous moment in our country's history for a number of reasons. Now her death is at the center of it. Let's hope people take notice and vote.
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    It not a matter of "wanting"; it's the matter that so much occurred during that administration that was completely reprehensible. It's hard to erase images like those from Abu Ghraib from the memory - that administration was directly responsible for those atrocious acts. PEPFAR was/is great - however, you are giving credit to GWB that more properly belongs to Bono. PEPFAR never would have occurred to GWB on his own without Bono's lobbying. Al Gore and John Kerry wouldn't have needed more than one meeting and most likely would have come up with more money. I give GWB credit for not rejecting an idea that was self-evidently good, but that's about it. It's good that you said that you don't think that I "blindly follow Democrats" because I don't. (Of course, your mentioning at all certainly implied it.) On the whole, I think the Democrats are actually too centrist too often. However, when the other party greedily embraces its lunatic fringe, you can't merely end up being appeasers in the guise of being "fair-minded". When extremists hijack a party, the only rational thing is to oppose. The Democrats weren't hypocritical during Clinton's impeachment. They listened to the evidence and realized that they couldn't justly remove a president from office for a personal failing. You are justly removed from office if you abuse the power of your office for political gain. This is why less than 100% of the Republicans in the House and Senate voted against him as well. They realized that it would have been an abuse of the impeachment process had they succeeded, and they would have had to own the decision eternally. A president who attempts to extort a country to come up with bogus opposition research against one's opponent in an upcoming election is a proper predicate for removal from office; one lying to cover up the fact one has had an affair is not. The Senate should have censured President Clinton for sure. However, once they went the impeachment route, they could only fairly vote they way they did. Thus, he stayed in office. (Bono called out the Republicans quite pointedly during that whole controversy as well, you know.) Yes, I miss the old days when there was more cooperation. However, from 1994 onward, one party has attempted to become more dictatorial as time has gone on; the other had to play defense against it. There isn't common ground for compromise in such an environment. Once we have fewer McConnells and Trumps in power, middle ground begins to exist again. Let's hope that happens sooner rather than later. Back on topic: R.I.P., RBG.
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    I'm sorry - I have to push back here because this is simply a false equivalence, vis a vis, Supreme Court nominations - this point is proven by simply the mention of one name: Merrick Garland. There is no one more nakedly partisan and extreme than Mitch McConnell - the only person remotely in the same neighborhood is the (thankfully, former) Congressman Newt Gingrich. He/they were/are/always will be absolutely shameless. Had there been a Republican president in 2016 and Chuck Schumer had been Senate Majority Leader, he never would have done what McConnell did back then - Mitch held that Supreme Court vacancy unfilled for almost 9 full months in advance of the 2016 election just for the chance to get in a Justice like Neil Gorsuch in 2017. Gorsuch has the spot that rightfully belongs to Garland. George W. Bush deserves to be trashed. Just because he allowed himself a moment of clarity due to Bono's persistent lobbying doesn't mean that he should bask in any glory. He did what was right with Africa, but he had to be strongly convinced to do so. His doing what was right in Africa doesn't make up for what his administration did in Iraq, Afghanistan, the prisoners who are still imprisoned without charge in Guantanamo, etc., etc. His administration, I thought, would be the worst administration of my lifetime after Nixon's - unfortunately, and unbelievably, he has been dethroned by the current administration. They have no right to fill this seat before next year. I do think that Trump and McConnell will be hypocritical and shameless enough to try. What we have to hope for is that enough Republican senators finally grow a conscience and a spine sufficient enough to prevent McConnell from doing so. Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, to her credit, has already taken such a position; let's hope at least 3 more Republican senators see the light too. RGB does not deserve to be replaced by another Brett Kavanaugh-type Justice. Back on topic: R.I.P., RGB.
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    So I was in Bergamo, Italy yesterday looking to get some shopping done at look what I found 😄😄 Thank you for shopping with us pop martians 🛒
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    Very, very sad. I wonder how many girls looked up to her and then followed through on a dream they though could not come true.
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    United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died today at the age of 87.. This is a horrible loss for my country. She was loved and will be missed.
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    I didn't get to post it on Wednesday night, but I went to see the new Bill and Ted film on the first day of it's UK release. It's always a little nerve-wracking when they make belated sequels, but in this case, they've got the original writers on board and of course the same two lead actors (as well as several of the key supporting cast). And it's a brilliant film. Emotional at times, but also genuinely very funny. And well done to the casting department as they made spot-on picks to play Bill and Ted's daughters. Thoroughly enjoyed it and, while they obviously can't have predicted the current circumstances when they were making it last year, it feels like it's arrived at the perfect time to bring a bit of light and warmth and humour into our lives. And with several of the cast, writers etc being on social media, it's so cool to be able to tell them that directly Oh, and if you do go and see it, make sure you stay to the very end of the end credits. There's a lovely extra scene which brought tears to my eyes.
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    45, 562 - Hello @Frankaz *waves* I'm quickly adding a number before dinner
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    2 years ago, I was traveling from Brazil to Madrid to see the EI Tour there!
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    Very well said. 👍 I highlighted the bit I agree with the most - this set, and the JT set released 3 years ago, would have really benefited with the addition of a BluRay audio disc with 5.1 and high-resolution stereo versions of each. Even people who didn’t have a surround system would benefit from this - you have room for all the b-sides and other extra tracks too on such a disc. The Beatles “Abbey Road” was done in Dolby Atmos too - talk about immersive sound! The best thing about Atmos is that the effect works even if you don’t have a dedicated decoder for it. Bono once sang “let me in the sound” - Dolby Atmos puts you there. Let’s hope such releases exist someday.
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    Just had an email from U2.com to say they are sending me another DVD. Thanks to everyone who helped!
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    My goodness - you would think that shipping to South America would have gotten a little better by now.... Are you aware of anyone in Brazil (or the rest of South America, for that matter) who has received the Berlin DVD?
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    looks like non-US Customer Service might be effected at the moment, hence the message using Help form - we will try to get an update going forward as soon as possible
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    It’s disappointing. At least one different gig of that period would justify a product otherwise expensive and useless. A lost chance...
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    Hey, no need to wait till October to buy this box set. I'm listening to all the tracks now, why? Because I already have them lol 🤣🤣 Seriously though, apart from remastered versions of all these tracks and the books, this is so lame. I will enjoy listening to the album and bonus tracks again in a remastered sound but I already own all of this and is nothing new. The stuck in a moment acoustic single that people seem to think is an added bonus was in fact a b-side on the Walk On single so again, nothing new. Everyone has the tracks from Medium Rare and Remastered and the Ground Beneath Her Feet soundtrack as well as the Boston show on DVD. Besides, the standout tracks of that show was Bad/40/Streets which I already have on CD and appeared as a B-side on the Electrical Storm single. The remixes I never like so the fact there are 4 unheard remixes means nothing to me and they are probably worse than the others. They could of added on the live version of Walk On which they did for a 9/11 tv broadcast and does appear on the CD of that show. There must be live stuff they have in there vaults from the Elevation 2001 shows either filmed or recorded in high quality which could of been released or a 4k version of the Boston show would of been nice. Or perhaps record 2 new songs especially for this release from songs that were considered for the original album but never got finished? I am a hardcore U2 fan and I will be in no hurry to buy this. Really poor 😪
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    'If our dreams aren’t big enough to fill this moment, I say, we should go back to bed and dream up some better ones.'❤️
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    Disappointing release for sure. In comparison with re-issues from some other bands in recent years it compares very badly in terms of content. For example REM's, Automatic for the People and The Beatles, Abbey Road re-issues included great sounding new high resolution audio and 5.1 mixes on blu ray disc at lower cost. There was much potential for this reissue but unfortunately I have to agree with most of the other comments on here expressing dissapointment. Altough it is true to say it is impossible to please everyone, I think a band like U2 should be setting the bar for re-issues but I don't think this is the case here.
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    10 years ago today, the second (very rainy) night in Zurich... The coolest gig of my life!!
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    I'm glad some have the money to buy these things---I don't and I want that awesome looking book Mich40 mentioned. To ALL people/bands who are in charge of these anniversary super deluxe things: I bought the original album. I then bought the cd. I paid for tickets and went to the shows. I bought merchandise. I buy the dvd's.. You then offer me pretty much what I already own but add one or two new things. You charge a premium but it's old merchandise that's been given a new coat of paint. In a decade or so, you will probably release the same thing again (with one or two bonuses) and charge even more, In the end, it is for old music, yet you keep upping the price.. I understand it's my choice if I buy these things or not. Nobody is forcing me. However, why do you not make those one ot two new things, which die hard fans would not have, available for sale without the necessity of buying what we already own multiple times? My criticism is of the machine, not U2.
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    The only cool thing about those boxsets are the packaging, books and design (the presentation). The songs and videos usually are already out there and most hardcore U2 fans that are the main target of this products, own it. Again, a money grab. Give us real value with content from those secret vaults.
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    Rather underwhelmed at the offering as I have a big catalogue of U2 and have everything aside from the 4 new remixes (dance remixes are not for me) and the audio version of the Boston show (I've really wanted a CD version of this so that's great at least). Don't get me wrong the boxset looks incredible and will be very appealing to people who don't have the 'Unreleased & Rare' album but I am slightly disappointed. I think I expected too much, its one of my favourite U2 eras and I was hoping for a raw demo version of the album at the very least, like Kindergarten Achtung Baby. Oh well, opportunity missed...
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    Everyone who has posted here has expressed my own thoughts so I won't repeat what has already been said. What I will say is that either U2 or people in their organization seem to think that there is an insatiable demand for remixes. Just a quick glance through this forum shows that fans are interested in previously unreleased live material. Remixes are a curiosity/novelty not a major selling point.
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    I'm sorry the pandemic got in our way!
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    O la la Madrid You are hot! The weather is hot! The people are hot! The band and the audience are extremely hot! I dont speak Spanish but boy can I feel the Spanish rhythm tonight... From the moment we started jumping we never stopped! People dancing, people singing so passionately, Everybody is taking us higher tonight! Bono asking the audience for the Spanish word for a mullet, which we still dont know hahah The visuals on the screen are amazing!!! That Hold me Thrill me Kiss me animation wow Wow Wow I am in love! I’m blown away by the new version of New Years Day! its something I would like to hear every day, that bass goes through your body no matter where you are in the venue! Yes! We! you! All! looked so beautiful tonight! Lets do it all again for the second night Muchas Muchas Much Gracias Madrid Jennifer
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    Yes, it is truly horrible. Let’s hope our current “president” and immoral Senate Majority Leader don’t compound the tragedy by trying to fill the spot immediately - however, knowing who they are...
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