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    EDGE, I made a cake just for your birthday! Happy Birthday!
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    Thank you for your artistic touch and for your human touch! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!
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    Mr. The Edge, wishing you the very best and happiest of birthdays. It’s your beautiful day, don’t let it get away....
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    It’s time to celebrate The Edge’s birthday. Please join us in wishing him a very happy birthday.
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    Happy Birthday The Edge! Some days ago, I have finished this drawing. I know, it is not perfect, but I have put a lot of effort into my work anyway and wanted to share it with the community. Without you, there would be less beautiful melodies on earth, I`m glad you took the path that you have taken. Hopefully, you will continue your amazing work for a long time!
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    Happy Birthday❣️🎉🎉🎉💕✌ Thank you for creating so many beautiful sounds, songs, places we never dreamed could exist!! ‘Love your U2 Love! ♥️🙏🏻🎼♥️
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    Wishing a very happy birthday to the enlightened, the enchanting, the ethereal -- The Edge! 🎸 🖤 ☮️ 🌟
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    Happy birthday Edge! Thank you for bringing us so many distinctive riffs and sounds and long may that continue. I hope you have a lovely day today.
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    ( A Poem For The Edge! 🎂 ) Happy Birthday Edge!🎸🎁🎂🎉🎈🍾🥂🥂 It is you're birthday Edge! 🎸🎂 Is you're gift another guitar Edge❓🎸🎁🎸 I bet it is Edge. 🎁🎸😃👍👍👌 Don't drink to much scotch Edge! 🥃🥃 We want you to play On you're Birthday Edge. 🎸🎂👍 A love song from ZOOTV Edge.🎸😎 You really show of in tgat concert Edge. 🎸😎 You too are a brilliant showman Edge. 🎸🙌🙌👏👏 You know it too don't you Edge.🎸🎤🎹🎹 Yes......... I do...... 🎸👌 I said it for you Sweet Edge.🎸😃👍👍 You too have Mysterius Dancing 😃👍👍 The way you move you're feet from side to side to move to the left! 🎸 Or to move you're feet side to side to move to the right! 🎸 You alway get the moves so right!🎸👌 Edge you are so lovely when you smile!🎸 😃 And give the special Edge thumbs up! 🎸😃👍👍 We all love it when The Edge gives the thumbs up! 🎸😃👍👍 It really is the perfect shot! 🎸😃👍👍📱📸👌 We all love the way you move you're fingers! 🤘🎸 Justlook at those fingers go! 🤘🎸 They go 🤘🎸🎶and go 🤘🎸🎶and go.🤘🎸🎶 There is so much more to say about you Edge. 🎸😃👍👍 But I better not it will go to long Edge! 🎸😂🤣👍👍 So so from me and all of Australia! 🇦🇺 And people at Zootopia! And U2 and Edge Fan around the World. 🇦🇺🌏 We wish you a very special Birthday! 🎈🎸😃👍👍🎂🎁🎸🎈🎉 Have A Very Happy Birthday Edge. 🎸😃🎂🎁🎸🥂🥂🍾 Thanks for the beautiful music Edge. 💓💓💓🙏🙏🙏 🤘🎸🎶😃👍👍
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    Happy Birthday, Mr. The Edge! 😎🎸 I was right by you by the b-stage at the second Philadelphia date on the e&i tour (6/14/18) - proof below (I have a better shot, but Apple is not letting me include it without rotating you by 90 degrees). It was a joy to be so close, esp. since this was the tour that finally brought us a live version of "Acrobat". However, your playing has brought me, and all of us, joy ever since we all first heard the opening to "I Will Follow". Thank you for your guitar-playing for the entirety of your career (and for being adventurous enough to change and improve your sound as often and as well as you have), thank you for your backing (and, occasionally, lead) vocals, thank you for your keyboard playing, thank you for your production skills, and, most of all, thank you for being one of the four members of the greatest band ever (well, IMHO anyway). There's an extra reason that this day is special for me too. Just as Bono shares a birthday with my Dad (May 10), you share a birthday with my brother Mark. Mark was also a musician - he was a wizard on the keyboards. I take you two (pun partially intended) as proof that August 8 is truly a day of high-quality musicians. Sadly, Mark passed in 1996, but I always remember him and his playing fondly, esp. today. I will be watching "It Might Get Loud" in honor of both of you - more details here: https://zootopia.u2.com/forums/topic/41239-u2getherathome-part-2-watch-along-virtual-vertigo-party/page/44/?tab=comments#comment-1197215 Please have the greatest of days today, and we'll be here for you whenever you have new music to present to the world and can play to us live again, no matter how long it takes. Thank you for your whole career!
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    Thank you!! From Vertigo... to Vertigo...! 15 years ago today I was in between my first U2 concert and... the second! Me and my friend decided to go to Nice in a pair of weeks because after the gig in Rome we went crazy... This is a picture I took 15 years ago in Rome. Sorry for the bad quality but... so precious memories for me. ❤️
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    Happy Birthday The Edge ! Last time we caught up, in Montreal on 360 tour (with just a couple of close friends 🤣)
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    I would certainly hope that the band members would have other things to do rather than check in here on a regular basis. The point of the birthday threads/celebrations on-site here is for us to show our appreciation for them - if they were to actually see them, that would only ever be a bonus; however, they would be and are still worth engaging in even if they themselves never see them. In any case, I'm confident that at least a thread will appear for our beloved guitarist on his special day. It just seems to be a missed opportunity not to have something more special here on Saturday, esp. since his birthday this year is conveniently on a Saturday. But, opportunities have been missed before - the sun will still rise in the east and set in the west, etc. I'll watch the "It Might Get Loud" documentary featuring Mr. The Edge in his honor two days from now. It's the least I can do for a guitarist that has given me/us so much joy with his bandmates.
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    So, I wonder when the site will announce what will be occurring for our beloved guitarist's 59th birthday this Saturday. Surely it must be soon. I hope enough time has elapsed for the tech team to have cleaned up another show - having said that, if they haven't had the time/opportunity, that didn't prevent the Slane show going out as it did for Bono's birthday. In any case, I can't wait to see! 😎
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    Thanks, that´s great news. I think I´m subscribing now. I will let you know when it arrives!
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    ...and now I can finally elaborate more as to why I felt truly blessed to be there - it would have been to difficult to write as we were watching the show. First, I felt blessed simply for being there during one of their most iconic shows, esp. pre-JT - it's right there with their US Festival, Red Rocks, and LiveAid shows as among their most significant. If you get a chance to see the full show (it exists in the expected places), it's worth it. For example, Bono singing along with The Police on "Invisible Sun" was one of the coolest moments of the show. I also felt blessed for how I was even able to get a ticket. The process for getting tickets for this show was done the old-fashioned way for in-demand shows: by mailing in your ticket request! The process was: 1) you could only buy a block of 4 tickets - no single tickets, no pairs, no groups of 3. 4 tickets only. 2) you also had to send in a check for the full payment in advance of the lottery. (If you won the lottery, you got 4 tickets which could have been anywhere in the stadium; if you lost, you were sent your check back.) So, to have gotten tickets at all for the show was a real stroke of luck. Strangely, I had an extra stroke of luck that I couldn't reasonably have expected. A friend of mine suggested getting tickets for the show. We were big U2 fans and we had other friends that were big U2 fans - so getting 4 people to go was no problem. We mailed in our request with the check and waited. However, sadly, we didn't win the lottery. That appeared to be that; we would just watch the show in TV like pretty much the rest of the planet. Then, a completely unexpected development happened. Someone else in our town also mailed in a request - he was fortunate enough to win! However, he had a problem - he didn't have three other people to go with him. He had two, but not anyone for the last ticket. This is now one of those moments where one feels like a certain event was destined to be. Now, this fellow and I went to the same high school, and he was a year behind me. To call each other "friends" would have been a massive exaggeration - we certainly knew one another, but we really were no more than acquaintances. He was a friend of my friends, without our being friends directly. Well, to make a long story short, somehow, someway he decided to ask me to go as the 4th member of his group! To say that this turn of events was unforeseeable would be a completely accurate statement. I could never have expected it. Well, he asked if I would like to go. My heart said "yes" immediately; however, I told him that I felt obligated to check with the three people that I was in a group with to see if it were ok with them if I went. Fortunately, they said "yes" and they were touched that I had thought to ask. Part of the reason I felt obligated to ask (in addition to politeness, that is) is that this guy was closer friends with one of the people in our group - they weren't close friends, but certainly closer than he and I were. But, they were good people too and were happy that I was going to be able to go. I had their blessing and off I went. Not only was it my first U2 show, it was my first time for The Police, Bryan Adams, Peter Gabriel, Lou Reed, Howard Jones, Jackson Browne, Miles Davis (!), Joni Mitchell, among many, many others (Pete Townshend solo was supposed to be there too, but he had to fly back home on short notice because his father was near passing). So, not only because this "A Conspiracy Of Hope" finale show just a great, great iconic show, but the circumstances behind my going were also beyond what could reasonably be expected to happen. Thank you, powers-that-be, for allowing me to go. It was a life-changing show.
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    Imagine, after everything John Lewis faced, receiving the highest cinilian honor The United States Of America's can bestow, from a fellow black man who just so happened to be President of The United States Of America. I can't even begin to fathom what both men must have felt in that moment. We've lost too many great black leaders in the past year or so. Read through these lists, if you have a couple minutes. They are quite remarkable. https://newsone.com/playlist/notable-deaths-2019/item/1 https://newsone.com/playlist/notable-deaths-2020/item/60
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    Happy Birthday The Edge! May it be a Fantastic Year with Unexpected Magic and Joy!
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    Happy Birthday The Edge!!! You're only as old as you feel.
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    All three guitarists playing the beginning of "I Will Follow" - awesome! 😎🎸
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    Jimmy pulling out his singles collection...playing "Rumble" by Link Wray. Awesome! 😎
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    It's hard to believe how much skiffle influenced both Jimmy Page and The Beatles...
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    The mandolin track from "The Battle Of Evermore" - one of my favorite songs from Led Zeppelin's 4th album.
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    Few things are better than hearing Jimmy Page playing "Ramble On". 😎🎸
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    Jimmy Page proves he's still the coolest. 😎
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    Sorry I could not be here again. I've been very busy trying to get two Irish Terriers not to rip each other's throats out as they both learn I'm boss.. I'm bruised, battered and achy. So worth it but really sucks I can't be at these parties. Perhaps the next one... I hope you had fun.
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    Perhaps! 😄 Well, I certainly thought about that, but it would still be disappointing if it were left unobserved. Slane went out at less-than-DVD quality in May; surely, they could come up with at least an equivalent effort now... Also, the idea of “Sorry, Mr. The Edge, no show for you! Come back when you have a real birthday” seems so sad (and would equally be so for Larry’s 59th this coming Halloween too). Are we going to shortchange Bono and Adam next year too since they are “merely” turning 61? Not a good look... But, what will happen will happen. It would be nice to see something special - there is still time... (If nothing does happen, I do have a humble suggestion. Let’s see if the site makes it unnecessary.)
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    Perhaps they only did special celebrations for Adam and Bono because they were milestone birthdays. Might have to wait till next year for Edge and Larry viewing parties!
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    Maybe they'll be busy just having cake and Ouzo ? 😜
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    From the album: seresere

    15 years ago today my second U2 gig in Nice 5-8-2005 My view at The Edge stage
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    Exactly. I think he's just being Larry.
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    I don't think there is reason for any nervousness. Larry has been the most media-shy of the four for, really, their entire careers. When this was first announced, I knew that Larry would most likely participate the least. He's the least enamored of the four in doing anything with the media. Having said that, he will do his part. We'll just have to be patient. 🤷‍♂️
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    I agree - that was great! Thank you for posting it!
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    My pleasure - Live Aid and A Conspiracy Of Hope just had to be seen here, and Milan was the perfect nightcap!
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    There are some early Pop cover designs here with different titles: http://www.u2songs.com/news/pop_reissued_remastered_collected_and_dreams http://www.u2interference.com/forums/f195/stealing-hearts-at-a-travelling-show-large-scans-201099.html
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    First, congratulations on your good taste - every proper U2 fan should have the Super Deluxe AB boxset. 😎👍 I remember paying about 100 pounds for mine (I was living in the UK at the time). It was basically the same amount in dollars and euros at the time. I’m not sure how limited it was - if you go on eBay, for example, you can find plenty of new ones on sale, complete in shrink wrap. My apologies for not having an extra hype sticker - like you, I like saving those as well. Now, the even larger Über Deluxe set may have been limited. That was more in the neighborhood of over 300 dollars/pounds/euros. Perhaps one of the moderators and/or collectors here would know. There is a lot of good information about releases here: https://www.u2songs.com/ Happy listening/reading!
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    From the album: Adam Clayton @60

    Mods are fans too, and this night I was beside myself that I finally got his autograph. He truly is a gentleman and a sweetheart.

    © mich40

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