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    Welcome guys to this new thread that will hopefully be filled with laughter and conversations and will turn into a nice chapter of the zootopians resilience. ✌️ Ghost towns are emerging all over the world because of that nasty virus and the very necessary lock in. Every day it just gets a bit more scarier. Anxiety is rising up for everyone. I was walking the aisles of my local supermarket the other day and all I could see was empty shelves. No toilet paper, no canned tuna, not the one veggie that my kids actually want to eat. That’s depressing. The fear in people's eyes and distancing is depressing. Where is the world heading ? And then there was a sound.. That PA blaring music. And guess what ? It was a U2 song. That’s when I realized that there’s one thing we will never lack of, and that’s music. Music that lifts us up and brings us together at all times. The good and the bad. After the subscriber special streaming of #U2Berlin4k,the worst thing happened. Silence. We just had two hours of fun, joy and friendship. Two hours that allowed our minds to wander back to better days and take that much needed break from reality. And in that silence I could only hear my own thoughts resonating “ We need that. We need that light.” And that’s how the first spark started. As it often is, an idea led to another one, to another person, and then another and that’s when I saw we were all on the same page. As I was saying on my post yesterday, we have all the means necessary to keep the party going. We’re stuck home with a bunch of DVDs and a whole world of friends at our fingertips. The #U2Fam knows all about social distancing already. U2 has been building bridges across the world and our hearts for over 40 years so yes we know how that works to be away from our friends. But we also know how much stronger that bond gets then. From Saturday 28th, we’ll be throwing watch along parties every week at 9GMT until we’re all out and safe - or run out of DVDs. Everybody’s welcome to join and participate. And here’s how we gonna do it : We’ll have a poll open here on the Zoo and on twitter for a whole week so YOU can choose which live shows you’d like to watch - People have the power ! Every Saturday, put on your DVD and press play at exactly 9PM GMT so we’re all in synch (Note : It won’t be streaming from the site or else, it will be your own material) Chat along here on the zoo or on twitter using the #U2getherAtHome hashtag. Grab a fresh beer or two and install a mirror ball (optional) Enjoy. Have fun. Forget about the outside world for a minute because I promise that there won’t be silence on my watch. HA ! (Pro tip : let the kids stay up to recreate a live show atmosphere - them running and bouncing in front of the TV should do the trick.) Bono recently said to sing as an act of resistance. Well. He usually gives us pretty good advice doesn’t he ? I hope to see you around. I need it. We need it. Resist and stay safe. What time is it in the world ? (I’m not even sure what day it is to be honest....) One thing for certain when U2 is involved…. it’s always PARTY TIME !
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    I do. Some pages are prettier than others, but I have a page for every show AND the first movie ticket stub and paper adverts for Rattle and Hum. The Galleria 10 is where I worked. I have no idea how many times I actually watched it while it was there, but it was a lot.
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    The U2 I&SD tour...... combined songs from their upcoming Songs of Isolation and Songs of Social Distance Albums.......
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    Sorry we couldn't make the thread while the rest of you were here, although it looks like we missed out on some site glitchiness, so maybe that was for the best. I hope you'll accept a few belated thoughts on this tour because it was one of my favorite tours and the first one of theirs where I saw multiple shows (Dallas, Chicago #3, San Antonio, and Houston). Rewatching the show I was struck by how truly awesome the screen was for it. Of course, I already knew that, but it was good to be reminded again. This tour also had one of my all-time favorite openings: Larry and Adam's "Mission: Impossible" theme song to announce that the festivities were about to begin (not on the DVD, tragically, but it was certainly played), then the scintillating "Pop Musik" remix, then the opener "Mofo" flowing into "I Will Follow" - easily one of the best starts to a show of all their tours. After finishing the show, I thought (yet again) that there need to be more "Pop" songs played on future tours (e.g., how has "Gone" gone on this long without being played again regularly?). Another section I loved was "Please" flowing into "Streets" - that worked so well. The digital doves flapping on the screen, complete with trippy tracers, as "Streets" was ending is one of the images from that tour that sticks in my memory the most. I have a few memories of each show: Dallas A tidy, little six-hour drive took me from my home in San Antonio to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas for the 7th show of the tour. This was the first show where they dropped the problematic "Do You Feel Loved" from the set - I love that song, but, if you have ever heard recordings of it from previous shows, I think they made the right decision; it just wasn't working. They also played "If God Will Send His Angels" - that's a personal fave of mine. The number of headliners I have seen open for U2 I have already lost count of - the headliner that night was...Rage Against The Machine. On the first leg of the tour (and, I think, on the second leg in Europe as well), U2 had a "karaoke" section in the middle which they dropped on the 3rd leg onward (the Mexico City shows were on the 3rd leg). I still remember Bono racing out to the b-stage saying something along the lines of "let's get ready to rock" and tearing into that old classic rock chestnut..."Daydream Believer". 😆 It was very humorous. Chicago (show #3) I was at an academic conference at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan (for those who don't know the area, Ann Arbor is just west of Detroit). After it was over, I stayed for a few extra days for a vacation - a rock and roll vacation. 😎 The first two shows in Chicago were Friday and Saturday night, so obviously these two shows were sold out. However, this third show was on Sunday, so tickets remained. Do I drive all the way out to Chicago to see this show? Of course I do. Keep in mind, Ann Arbor to Chicago is a short flight, but not so short a drive (241 miles) - my insanity will be more fully revealed later when you learn that this round trip was only half of the lengthy driving I did before I flew back home. Point of trivia! This was the very first concert ticket I ever bought on the Internet. I felt so futuristic. It's funny to think now that was ever a "new" thing. It was The Edge's turn on karaoke tonight: he channeled his best Tom Jones and belted out "It's Not Unusual" (also very humorous). The opening band was the Fun Lovin' Criminals (if you remember "Scooby Snacks", you remember the Criminals). I also remember "MLK" after "One" at the end of the show. If I had to guess why that got performed, I think it was a nod to The Peace Museum in Chicago, a visit to which by the band in the early 80s was directly responsible for the naming of the band's fourth album after they saw a display about Hiroshima (thus, "The Unforgettable Fire"). (The other bit of insane driving on this trip involved my driving to Toronto on the following day to see Rush perform in their hometown. Ann Arbor to Toronto is also a short flight, but not a short drive (a mere 280 miles). I saw the show, crashed in a Days Inn next to the old Maple Leaf Gardens, and drove back the next day (which, coincidentally enough, was July 1st, Canada Day). The morning before going to Toronto I was greeted by history live on CNN - the date was June 30, 1997: the historical significance of that day - that was the day that the UK gave Hong Kong back to China, presented live on TV. It was a dizzying couple of days. If the math-inclined members of the forum figured out that I drove a combined 1042 miles in 2 1/2 days just to see two concerts, you calculated correctly.) San Antonio Finally, my hometown show! Also very (and unfortunately) memorable. This was the band's very first show after Michael Hutchence's untimely death. The band was very shaken by it, especially Bono. They hastily put together a tribute on-screen for him. INXS/Australian-related songs were snippeted often (Never Tear Us Apart (twice), Waltzing Matilda (twice), Stayin' Alive (The Bee Gees being from Down Under too) - "Wake Up Dead Man" also performed after "One". Michael's shadow was hanging over the festivities - they still put on a great show (as they always do). I believe the opening band was Smashmouth (if so, we were "Walking On The Sun"). Houston This show has a nice story attached to it. I was working as a teacher in inner-city San Antonio at the time. The class I had had for four straight years was just about to graduate (the tickets for this leg of PopMart went on sale in the spring). Unbeknownst to me, my students got me a "thank you" gift for our collective time together. They gave me a card and there was a ticket inside of it! A U2 ticket! (I think they figured out that I was a U2 fan because I wore my PopMart t-shirt to work the day after the Dallas show. In fact, they knew even before then.) At first, I was very concerned - I had told them that I already had a ticket for the San Antonio show. I thought they had gotten me another one. They saw my concern and asked me to look at the ticket more closely - of course, it was for the Houston show. They always did listen well. 😊 Easily, my most valued gift from any of my students. "Never Tear Us Apart" and "Wake Up Dead Man" were played again - this was just a few days after the San Antonio show, so feelings were still raw. There was a moment of humor which lightened the mood - during "Bullet", after Bono sang his "100, 200, 300, 4" chant and swung his umbrella like a golf club, the top came off, leaving him with a small, naked handle in his hand. 😆 I have to give Bono credit; he soldiered on doing his best to pretend that nothing out of the ordinary had happened. This show was just a couple of stops before the Mexico City shows, so the DVD reminds me of the Houston show very much. (Extra note: the dates of the 3rd leg of the PopMart tour need correcting - the Houston show is listed as the second show in Atlanta; there was only one show in Atlanta, and Atlanta has never had an Astrodome. Also, I know that U2 is extremely talented; however, there is no way they played both Vancouver, BC in Canada and their first show in Mexico City on the same night - the Tours page here tries to claim otherwise; I'm calling bullsh*t.) Thus ends my PopMart travelogue. 😎 I'm glad everyone had fun watching the show together. 👍
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    Thanks to everyone that joined us and coming back once we got back in. This has been lots of fun. And special thanks to @Madfl3a for dreaming this up and pulling it together for us. Until the next one...stay safe and remember to social distance yourselves.
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    Ok...I hope we are all somewhat close together, so I can say how much I love Gone.
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    (read this with a Beavis & Butthead voice): MOFO live rocks... huh huh huh...
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    Apparently they’re selling for $500 on keepmein.....
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    Sh*t - he paid $50.50 for that ticket too! Tell him I can give him a better deal - he can have the exact same benefit from me by sending me merely $20 (cash only); this special sale price only good until real concerts resume. This offer is open to everyone - get the best tickets today! 👍
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    Late additiiion to the favorite Adam bass line list: Where The Streets Have No Name. I'm not sure how I missed the most obvious choice for me. I was just listening to The Joshua Tree and it dawned on me that I neglected Streets. Put it at number one on my list.
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    45438 - Just over an hour ago, my entire neighbourhood clapped for the NHS and everyone working right now to battle COVID-19. Love truly is bigger than anything in its way.
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    Quite simply ahead of his time!
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    I also rediscovered the massive heads from Zooropa 93.... this is awesome
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    Hi mich40, I think it is brilliant that you have a scrapbook of concert ticket stubs and set lists, I wish I had thought to do something like that, I need to get more organised. I am disappointed to miss this first virtual concert together, but hopefully will catch the next one. Great idea from Madfl3a. Stay safe.
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    From my handy dandy scrapbook of all my shows....a grand total of $59, and back when all tickets were the same price apparently because we were on the Floor for New Orleans and mid level seats for Atlanta.
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    now that the show ended, we should go to get tacos... 🤔 Thanks 3,000 to Jo for doing this... it was fun, even with the board glitches... Thanks to everyone, everyone, everyone for their comments... as always, your rock. Be excellent with each other and wash your hands. See you soon!!!
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    45448 We can also leave the house for work related matters. It's ok for me. It doesn't have to be always like this, but I think I could stand it a few months.
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    this one could be of help too: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
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    Aaaaaaand... the polls are now closed ! Tomorrow night, 9PM GMT, join us right here on this thread or on twitter with the #U2getherAtHome hashtag for a nice break from reality. A few recommandations : Get that mirror ball spinning, those poptarts grilling and that inflatable lemon out of that box in the garage, as I think that tomorrow night there will be quite some Boom Cha-ing happening because.... POPMART Live from Mexico City wins that first round ! HA ! See you then, i'll bring the virtual #U2pints. Stay home, stay safe, and get ready to party #U2Fam !
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    45, 441 - Evening counting. One good thing about being at home all day is that I can stay in my pyjamas all day if I want to Also, can I complain about the fact a "classic rock" radio station didn't play *one* U2 song in the 7 hours I listened to it today? They literally played everything else except U2. And I'm not sure I'd classify Nickelback or Green Day as "classic"
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    Live on tour...via the Internet from Bono’s living room. Full band performance with the players always a minimum of 2 meters apart...in full Personal Protective Equipment (a la, Adam during PopMart). (Larry is going to love playing the drums that way.) It will be awesome, or at least interesting..,
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    This song has been enhanced by some special guests: https://www.udiscovermusic.com/news/bono-will-i-am-jennifer-hudson-sing-for-life-video/ (Thanks to @andryu2 for sharing the link! 😊)
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    45 437 Why is it always sunny in Britain when you can't go out? ☀️
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    45 436 Breathe is a great song and here's what was running through my mind today: "16th of June, Chinese stocks are going up And I'm coming down with some new Asian virus Ju Ju man, Ju Ju man Doc says you're fine, or dying Please Nine 0 nine, St John Divine, on the line, my pulse is fine But I'm running down the road like loose electricity While the band in my head plays a striptease"
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    U2Fam, che ne dici di mostrare a Bono il nostro feedback sul suo bellissimo "LetYourLoveBeKnown", cantando dalle nostre case la nuova canzone degli U2? Domenica 22 marzo alle 18:00 (GMT) canta e pubblica il tuo video sui social aggiungendo: "#StayHome # U2 # U2Flashmob @ u2 #LetYourLoveBeKnown #stayhomechallenge" Perché "Cantare è il nostro atto di resistenza!" #IoRestoACasa 🙏 Those who want to participate but without singing, can also make a tweet with a photo that proves to stay at home, or videos while reading phrases of the song ... + #StayHome #U2 #U2flashmob #LetYourLoveBeKnown #stayhomechallenge @U2
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    I have government permission to cycle once a day.....Yippee!
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    45, 433 - Night-time counting and the UK is now on full-on lockdown. I'm normally deeply disorganised, but am now planning how to make the food and drink we have in the house last as long as we can. It's weird. My Dad is sitting watching TV, not really paying attention to the news and I'm the one trying to be organised to deal with it. I had my regular comics delivered to my house today, so that's some entertainment sorted
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    Little update on the poll : Zoo : U2 Go Home is largely leading here ! Twitter : Zoo TV is def in first place, Closely followed by U2 Go Home and Popmart. Both polls will run til next Friday. How will it work from there on ? Well, i'll combine both and the winner gets the 1st Saturday, and then we'll work our way down for the other ones. I can only pray we won't watch that many of them but for now, that's the plan. Again. Stay safe #U2Fam/Zootopians.
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    This is a great idea!!
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    45 426 Well from Yesterday onwards we've all been working from home... So at least he can't infect anyone else! Not liking working from home though. I miss the social interaction, even though I don't like people!
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    In social media, there's no such thing as a harmless bot... Thanks for the tip... the advice here is, as usual, report and block...
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    Aww thank you so much for your kind words. As I was saying it's not just me - an idea which sparks another one and so on... I'm just a drop on that ocean 😁 But that's exactly how we'll get through that and how life can be fragrant.(if I may borrow those words ) TOGETHER! Looking forward to it!
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    Where The Streets Have No Name why is so easy for me to have forgotten that one? so many, I guess... Bullet The Blue Sky too It's a U2 day
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