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    Staring at the ceiling for 2 hours 17min is not as much fun as watching U2 shows with cool people from around the world... But I suppose nothing good is forever and precious things have a limited lifespan... In any case, I suppose that in the year 2053 I can tell my grand-nephews that while the 2020 quarantine sucked majorly, among the very good things that I was lucky enough to experience and make it more bearable was the #U2getherathome event... And I sincerely hope everyone around here (and beyond) will have the chance to remember this for many, many years...
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    What are you guys talking about ?? I watched the Milan DVD from Vertigo Tour and it was awesome !! 😂
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    Why don't we tentatively agree to the possibility of next weekend for this show? Subject to change, of course. That should be enough time for people to potentially track down a copy - I'd be surprised if a video of this wasn't somewhere to be viewed... (I checked - there is.)
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    ...and I was just given confirmation by email that my vote for this primary was received and tabulated today! Consider this a small blow against the tyranny expressed by those who would prevent us from being able to vote from home! 👍
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    *opens trench coat and says in a shady voice* "I got all these DVDs for you... all that you could ever want... you just gotta pay the price..."
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    Well i guess that if the CAPS LOCK is the yelling of the internet language then smaller case is probably the... whispering ? That's how I see it anyway 😅
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    Something awesome happened. Another Irish Terrier is coming into my life. Boy. His name is Flannagan. Breeder just wants a good home for him. Flan is fighting with the Aerdales this man also breeds. (Go Terriers) Looks like we're driviing to Ohio to fetch him. This is a minor miracle. Word was quietly given to me that there would be no Irish Terriers availbale for a year. They are on the endangered breeds list for the AKC. Nobody is breeding during the pandemic. I was going to have to crush the hopes of someone I love dearly. Now I do not. Two of them 😀 Riri (my girl) and now Flan for my ex, who has become one of my best of the best friends. He looked at me yesterday and asked, "How long am I going to have to wait?". My heart broke. I couldn't tell him that none were available. All I could say was, "I never lost hope. Don't you lose it.either." Five hours later, the lady who gave me Riri told me the news of Flan. Two Irish terriers, one male and one female, means they can run and play together. I cannot believe how fortunate and blessed I am. A huge thank you to our universe. Go Irish anything - especialliy terriers and U2. I know I'm gushing but I am so high I could fly right now. Never lose hope.
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    Oh you don't have to pay for that trust me, babbling is my main way of communication so whenever I post really... See ? I'm doing it again (really need to stop replying before coffee)
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    More than understandable there’s going to be delays with this years gift. I would just like it to be acknowledged on the site that it’s going to be delayed. There’s been a poor history from u2.com of failing to meet dates they’ve said and not acknowledging it with an apology or explanation, certainly not at the time anyway. It’s a very easy explanation this time and no apology needed just an acknowledgment on the site.
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    I'm just very torn between the idea of wanting more - because hell that was good fun - and this 👆, that I truly believe also. ... That's why the once in a while thing wouldn't be so bad ? Compromise ? I don't know. (Don't mind me, that's pre coffee thoughts, they're usually nonsense)
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    You have a very good memory - I brought it up back on pg. 43 on this thread (along with a whole lot of other things, both realistic and less realistic). 😄 https://zootopia.u2.com/forums/topic/40956-u2getherathome-watch-along-virtual-party-to-get-through-socialdistancing/page/43/?tab=comments#comment-1190431 Well, let me second your re-nomination - surely there must be enough of us who have it to make it worthwhile? Should we canvass the readership of this thread to see if enough of us do?
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    It has definitely felt like something was missing this weekend.
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    I have loved Wille Nelson since I was a little boy. His is one of the best concerts I've ever seen. I think he is one of the coolest human beings I've ever known. (of) He was not feeling well last Fall either. He was here in concert and I've been worried about him ever since. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain would be in my top 60 songs I could not live without. I shall say prayers for him. Weird you posted this-I've been thinking about him the past couple of days. I rock as hard when he's in concert as I do with U2 only it's country. I love him dearly. He is a national treasure.
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    Next weekend would be perfect for another #u2getherathome party, its a 3 day weekend here 😊
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    That's the one thing i'd love to have on the official store. All official releases... For some of these DVDs these days, it almost feels like having a shabby drug dealer to get you what you want lol. Some are just SO hard to find.
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    As much as it pains me to say it, mine was purchased from Amazon. $23. I hate Amazon but did not know where else to go. They had more for sale. It's the only place, outside of Japan, that I could find on the internet.
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    i ordered the 1987 Joshua Tree Remastered cds/dvd. It arrives June 3rd. I would like to add a vote for a Paris Live 1987 DVD. viewinjg party.. We could go back to a more innocent time and celebrate now.
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    When we have ran out of DVD`s, could Mich & Max be so kind and contact U2 control tower: Ask Mr O´Herlihy, if he could open archives, there must be a huge amount of soundboard tapes&disks during the last four decade. At least I could listen one (audio) old concert once a week.
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    The current pandemic is our reality at this moment. Right now is not possible to give any kind of update, as things are basically uncertain. Please be patient and for the time being, enjoy the stream...
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    Someone has already mentioned this, could we watch Paris DVD from Joshua Tree 1987 tour someday?
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    I saw new activity in this thread and freaked thinking I missed one yesterday. (while I napped because I had nothing to make me dance) Let's start over? 😎
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    Has it really been only one week since last show? 🙄😳😱
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    Beautiful music by beautiful people. Known by some in here as @MacFoley.
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    Also Cows getting in on the act near Swansea, Wales....check out the cow with a plastic garden chair stuck on its head....moo couldn’t make it up.... https://www.itv.com/news/wales/2020-05-21/herd-of-cows-stampede-through-empty-streets-in-village-as-lockdown-continues-across-wales/
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    Also sheep at MacDonalds in Wales queueing at the ‘drive-threwe ’...... pretty sure they don’t do any lamb burgers so our woolly friends are safe..... https://www.itv.com/news/wales/2020-04-21/flock-of-sheep-visit-empty-mcdonald-s-restaurant-during-lockdown/
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    Are other ideas for metaphorical get-togethers here on-site still welcome, or has this thread for all intents and purposes run its course? Either way, it’s fine - I was just curious. In any case, it was a great idea! A nice fringe benefit for me personally is that I finally got to hear all of these shows in surround sound for the first time. Of course, all of these DVDs/BluRays had surround versions the whole time; however, they came out before I had my system set up. It was very interesting to hear the difference, both between the stereo versions and the surround versions, and between the surround versions for each of the shows (the surround mixes definitely improved over time from 2001 onward). If there is more to come somehow, let us all know. Thank you!
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    I got my mail-in ballot for my state’s June 2nd primary election yesterday. (Yes, this primary is mostly symbolic now since Joe Biden effectively already has the Democratic nomination; however, there were down-ballot elections that are actually meaningful.) I’m just glad we have no-excuse mail-in voting now. This process was just signed into law late last year; talk about fortunate timing!
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    I received the art prints I bought at a virtual Star Wars convention at the start of this month. Both artists also included extra prints in the parcels as a thank-you present, which I thought was lovely of them. And the cards I wrote about in the previous post arrived on May the 4th
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    A facebook initiative had people posting their photos toasting Bono on his big day. This is a collection of all of us around the world celebrating (few cakes, cards and memories included) 🍻 Cheers Bono!
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    Self isolation means I've finally got some time to look at videos I filmed at the Sydney 2 show last year. Here's my first effort, a hightlight of the show! Exit - Sydney, 23rd November, 2019 Apologies about the "belly button cam" angle. The camera was attached to the rail. Settings were set to manual mode, set & forget, & left alone, so I could enjoy the show. For the camera nerds. Manual mode. 1/60s, f/4.0, ISO 320. Wish I'd used ISO 250, as everything is a bit overexposed. Manual focus, left alone. Filmed with a Panasonic LX100 mark i, in 4k, 30fps. Rendered in DaVinci Resolve 15. 1080p, so I could pan, zoom & crop in post, without loss of quality. Rendered to (a very large) cineform codec, as a normal MP4 produced weird black artefacts. Apologies for the "spirit fingers", or "spirit arms" in this case. There's no standing still during Exit. I was jumping around like a lunatic!😂 Plenty of other videos to work on, from JT 2019 & e+i Europe. I haven't had time to work on them. No excuses now! So, more to come.
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    I joined this lovely community and had fun watching the Elevation tour with a bunch of cool people! 😄 And I'm about to finish an essay for school, when I stop procrastinating on here...
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    and another. In God's Country - Sydney, 23rd November, 2019.
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    I've uploaded another one so far. Bullet The Blue Sky - Sydney, 23rd November, 2019
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    Instead of hijacking this thread I've made a new one here: Feel free to continue all discussions around U2.com there
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    I haven't been shy in airing grievances here, and I empathize with what just has been written above - however, what the set actually looks like was covertly posted here. If anyone would like a peek, take a look: https://www.u2.com/music/U2.com+Limited+Editions/4183/U2+eXPERIENCE+%2B+iNNOCENCE+–+LIVE+IN+BERLIN
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    YES..."And You and i" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bg-oUSmXacs Be Still I stand in this window to sing you a song Love's at a distance but Love isn't gone Blue turns to grey by the end of the day Same color as my eyes as I pull down the shades Darkness all around- no sound in the street Deaf dumb and blind- but I still hear them weap They sing from a window locked in a room When will it end- can I see you soon The willow will bend- The flowers will bloom The sun has it's time but then it's the moon's Behind every lie the truth is contained Behind a grey sky... The blue still remains.
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    George Floyd, who died Monday after being pinned to the ground by an officer who pressed a knee into his neck. 46 years of age. How many more?
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    RIP Little Richard ... https://www.google.be/amp/s/www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/little-richard-dead-48505/amp/
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