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    Adam turns 60 on this Friday, the 13th of March. We want to celebrate him here in the Zoo in grand fashion. Please help us in wishing him the very best of birthdays in this thread with your own messages, your favourite photos and stories and your favourite bass lines. My wish for him is that he has the very best birthday filled with happiness and love.
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    Welcome guys to this new thread that will hopefully be filled with laughter and conversations and will turn into a nice chapter of the zootopians resilience. ✌️ Ghost towns are emerging all over the world because of that nasty virus and the very necessary lock in. Every day it just gets a bit more scarier. Anxiety is rising up for everyone. I was walking the aisles of my local supermarket the other day and all I could see was empty shelves. No toilet paper, no canned tuna, not the one veggie that my kids actually want to eat. That’s depressing. The fear in people's eyes and distancing is depressing. Where is the world heading ? And then there was a sound.. That PA blaring music. And guess what ? It was a U2 song. That’s when I realized that there’s one thing we will never lack of, and that’s music. Music that lifts us up and brings us together at all times. The good and the bad. After the subscriber special streaming of #U2Berlin4k,the worst thing happened. Silence. We just had two hours of fun, joy and friendship. Two hours that allowed our minds to wander back to better days and take that much needed break from reality. And in that silence I could only hear my own thoughts resonating “ We need that. We need that light.” And that’s how the first spark started. As it often is, an idea led to another one, to another person, and then another and that’s when I saw we were all on the same page. As I was saying on my post yesterday, we have all the means necessary to keep the party going. We’re stuck home with a bunch of DVDs and a whole world of friends at our fingertips. The #U2Fam knows all about social distancing already. U2 has been building bridges across the world and our hearts for over 40 years so yes we know how that works to be away from our friends. But we also know how much stronger that bond gets then. From Saturday 28th, we’ll be throwing watch along parties every week at 9GMT until we’re all out and safe - or run out of DVDs. Everybody’s welcome to join and participate. And here’s how we gonna do it : We’ll have a poll open here on the Zoo and on twitter for a whole week so YOU can choose which live shows you’d like to watch - People have the power ! Every Saturday, put on your DVD and press play at exactly 9PM GMT so we’re all in synch (Note : It won’t be streaming from the site or else, it will be your own material) Chat along here on the zoo or on twitter using the #U2getherAtHome hashtag. Grab a fresh beer or two and install a mirror ball (optional) Enjoy. Have fun. Forget about the outside world for a minute because I promise that there won’t be silence on my watch. HA ! (Pro tip : let the kids stay up to recreate a live show atmosphere - them running and bouncing in front of the TV should do the trick.) Bono recently said to sing as an act of resistance. Well. He usually gives us pretty good advice doesn’t he ? I hope to see you around. I need it. We need it. Resist and stay safe. What time is it in the world ? (I’m not even sure what day it is to be honest....) One thing for certain when U2 is involved…. it’s always PARTY TIME !
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    Happy birthday to the poshest, coolest, the best kimono wearer of the band, Mr. Awesome Clayton ! (that'd be you Adam. Just in case) 60. That deserves a few words. Or maybe just one... Thanks. Thanks for always having a kind word for us fans even if that means showing up late after show in your bathrobe / kimono (Note : it's only cool when YOU do it. Talking from experience) Thanks for the #Pinkadam love (and all the times I lost it out of utter joy when we could see it peaking behind your bass). Thanks for trying every single time to read our signs at the rail, even the silly ones (that's mostly mines). Thanks for being so open and honest about mental health issues and thus such a source of inspiration for the rest of us still struggling. And I really mean that. A lot. Thanks for letting me believe I can actually play bass (and realize 2 minutes in I'm way off beat but eh.. Details.) Thanks for shining like a pink sparkly bass and let us into that light after all these years. Thanks for the smiles that warm our heart and the winks that feel like suspended eternity for a second. Thanks for the joy, the thrill and that whole roller-coaster of emotions we experience thanks to your music (and your bass lines. Obviously.) And also thanks for not swaying too hard on stage... For obvious reasons Bono's stated last tour. Lastly, I'm sorry but couldn't wrap that post with a nice wrapping paper you'd like but be sure that it's wrapped with all the love and gratitude I have for you and those 3 other lads who bring me so much joy. Happy birthday Adam. You rock. Stay awesome. Much love and take care x
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    A DVD??? We are in 2020 guys! Have you heard about Blu-ray? UHD 4K Blu-ray? This is ridiculous!
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    Adam was right in front of me for a large majority of 4 of the 5 e&i shows I saw. This picture w/ Bono was my favorite of all the ones I have of him (July 1st, 2018 - MSG #3, for anyone who may be curious about which show the picture is from). The only bass player U2 could ever have, both in sound and in look - he’s perfect in both. Putting the “sexy” in sexagenarian. Happy birthday, Adam!
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    Long post...but as many know, Rattle and Hum means the world to me, and I’m sharing this for probably the 269th time. Gloria drew me in in 1983 and I was a fairly casual fan until 1988. But I worked at a movie theater when the movie came out and as the saying goes, the rest was history. I remember we got the trailers in to promote the movie and there were several of us that were curious to see what it was all about, so after we added it to one of the movies, we went down into the theater to watch it. We had it set up on our biggest screen and I will never forget the feeling that came over me as I watched it. Complete awe and amazement and chills down my spine and I couldn’t wait for the movie to come out in November. For those who don’t remember or never saw the preview, here is what instantly grabbed me: Fast forward to November 2nd of 1988. When movies came into the theater, the reels came in in canisters and you has to “build” the movie. Sometimes we “needed” to check to make sure that the movie was built properly and a few would watch it before opening day. This was one of those movies. I fell head over heels in love with the movie and band that day... I have a picture of the movie in the platter, but I’m having trouble putting my hands on it right now, but it’s neat because you can tell the difference in the one color reel. Normally at that time, I worked in the concession stand, but opening night, I got to run the Rattle and Hum merchandise booth, where we sold things like you would see at a concert. I felt so privileged to run the booth, which makes me laugh now. Bonus was that I got to wear my Rattle and Hum T-shirt instead of my normal uniform. One of the perks of working at a movie theater at the time was that you could “claim” promo material. We had a giant 4 panel standee with photos of each member on each panel. I had “claimed” it and one day one of the assistant managers had sold it to someone for $300. 😭🤬 I actually ran into him last year and he said, “Remember that time I sold your U2 standee and you wanted to kill me” and I replied with “I still do”. So, unless it met an untimely death, someone out there has a standee that says in big letters on the back “THIS BELONGS TO MICHELLE”. The manager at the time was so mad at him too, and in 1993 when I finally turned in my keys, he gifted me the banner he had saved. (It’s a bit wrinkled because it’s about 10 feet long and I don’t keep it out at the moment.) Other memorabilia I acquired at the time was the one sheet which hangs on my U2 wall: And one of the previews that one of the managers gifted to me: And just like my concerts, I have a scrapbook page for the movie: Most importantly about my memories and love of Rattle and Hum is that this movie gave me my best friend of 32 years. Up until this point, we had worked together for a few months and I thought she hated me and she thought I hated her, but one day we took our break together and sat in on the movie during Bad and Streets and have been friends ever since. All in all, I don’t know how many times I actually watched that movie in the month that we had it, but it was a lot; and even more for that tiny section during break time. I would even volunteer to help clean theaters so I could hear All I Want Is You in the closing credits. And if anyone ever wondered where my adoration for Larry started, it all started with “it’s a musical journey.”
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    A favorite photo of mine from Dublin 2018. Love this beautiful bass! We have a special podcast episode being release on Adam's birthday.... all about Adam! Stay tuned to www.thegardentarts.com
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    Happy birthday to the most smiling member of U2. You stole our hearts. Thank you for being Adam Clayton. Greetings from Brazil!
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    "It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get where you wanna go as long as you get there in the end" -Bono, Manila, December 2019 Bono's quote back in December perfectly summed up my thoughts on my trip to Australia in November. My journey there was a 30 year bucket list dream that finally came to fruition. I will save you from the holiday slideshow; but if you do want to see some of those photos, I have posted some in the Amazing Pictures thread in the Adam Folder. Apologies in advance to those who have heard this before, but my best friend and I became friends when we worked at a movie theater when Rattle and Hum came out in 1988. We would always take our breaks together and go sit in on the movie whenever we could, usually during "Streets" or "Bad". In retrospect, it's a bit funny because prior to the movie being released, I thought she disliked me and vice versa; but through the love of that film, we formed a lifelong friendship. In full fan mode, we searched out any and everything we could and the next year, saw the "U2: Love Town" documentary about U2 in Australia on the LoveTown Tour. We decided then that we would one day hopefully make it to Australia to see the band there. Over the next 30 years, life happened; but when the tour was announced in 2019, we decided this was our "now or never" moment to make that dream come true. She had just turned 50, I'm not far behind and have, with my husband, successfully raised our kids to the self sufficient stage. So we took off on our musical journey, picking up several of our friends along the way, all of whom we became friends with right here in Zootopia, and the show in Melbourne became the night our bucket list dream came true. The Melbourne show felt like I was home again. Something I still have not been about to pinpoint is that for me, the shows on the 2019 tour seem more complete or polished than the ones on the 2017 tour. I can't explain what or why that is, maybe it had more to do with me. Sadly, due to circumstances, it was not my favorite show. I will just leave it at I will never in my life understand why people go to concerts and get so intoxicated that they will never even remember the show the next day. Despite that, the actual show was great and it was good to see the band in full force. Not wanting to make the trip solely about U2, we made sure we had time to see some of the beautiful country that Australia is. After our few days in Melbourne and the Melbourne show, we took off. We traveled the Great Ocean Road, then moved on to Sydney for a few more days of sightseeing parts of the city, The Blue Mountains and one of the wildlife preserves. One thing that we got to do while we were in Sydney was to attend The U2 Conference. If you have never heard of the U2 Conference or not sure exactly what it is, it is educational and lots of fun and I highly recommend going to one if you ever get the chance. The U2 Conference was created by Scott Calhoun and the Sydney one was the 4th one ever and was organized by Naomi Dinnen and they did a great job putting it all together. This particular one was a day of exploring some of Bono's lyrics and their relation to the Psalms, dissecting the sonic construction of "Mofo", having a look at tattoos that were inspired by The Joshua Tree with Beth Nabi's U2 Tattoo Project, looking at touring statistics (which I was amused that my one hometown show made one of the slides as one of the places in the US that they have ever been just once) with Andre Brett, U2gigs very own Ax, and getting to listen to some very special guest speakers. The first guest speaker was The Edge's guitar tech, Dallas Schoo. I have always adored Dallas from watching him do the pre-gig guitar checks and seeing how he connects with the fans too. (I have often wondered if other bands' fans connect with their roadies like U2 fans do.) He's relaxed, he's funny, he's professional and he has a book's worth of stories. He talked to us for about an hour and I could have listened to his stories all day...and he probably could have talked all day too. Most of the stories he told, I feel he told with a sense of "what gets told in this room stays in this room", so I don't feel like I can really share most of what he said, but I can say that I will never hear Mister Mister again and not think about how U2 "stole" Dallas from them. The second guest speaker of day was Richard Lowenstein, director of "U2: Love Town" and most recently, the "Mystify: Michael Hutchence", both of which we got screenings at the conference. He also had some great stories surrounding his relationship with the band, especially during the time that he was working on the Love Town documentary. He did a formal 'meet and greet' before the screening of "Mystify: Michael Hutchence" and autographed movie one-sheets. As I said earlier, one of the reasons I had wanted to go to Australia was from seeing his documentary "U2: Love Town" in 1989. I was able to chat a bit with him and tell him that it was his documentary that started the spark of the dream. Sydney 1 and 2 were some of the most epic U2 shows I have ever seen. Sydney 1 had quite the rain shower before the show, which locals assured us that Michael (Hutchence) was making his presence known. Stories have it that after Michael passed away and U2 were there for one of their tours and Bono was singing MLK and it started raining as he sang the lyrics "let it rain" and it was Michael letting Bono know he was there in spirit. The story seemed plausible since Sydney 1 was the 22nd anniversary of Michael's death. The rain did subside before the band hit the stage, and the band and the fans who loved Michael felt something very special that night. I do feel like Bono was singing his heart out for Sydney and for Michael. The show was especially powerful and emotionally charged and the tribute to Michael with "Stuck in a Moment" was heartbreaking. Sydney 2 had the same energy and fire to it. The band was in amazing form and seemed relaxed and happy to be there; and the songs sounded wonderful and I was completely lost in moment. Everyone that knows me, knows I'm a crier at shows and oh how I cried at that show. I cried because I still couldn't grasp that I was actually in Australia seeing them. I cried because it was my final show for the tour, the last time I would ever hear The Joshua Tree played in full, the last time I'd hear Red Hill Mining Town live, fully realizing that I had heard it 6 times more times between 2017 and 2019 than I ever in my life thought I would. I cried because I didn't know if/when I'll ever see them again. Most of all, I cried because I made a dream come true. It took me a long time to get there, but I got there in the end.
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    Karaoke... our With or Without You had Shine with the Stars... we win 😁
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    for those asking, just got a note from the tech team (i will be sure to send back any comments on the tech aspect of things, they will appreciate I am sure It’s never been released at this quality.. 1080HD with 5.1 Dolby Digital Made especially for this event.
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    those words are worth to post... "And let me tell you something... I've had enough of Irish Americans who haven't been back to their country in 20 or 30 years come up to me, and talk about the resistance... The revolution back home, and the glory of the revolution, and the glory of dying for the revolution... Fuck the revolution! They don't talk about the glory of killing for the revolution... What's the glory in taking a man from his bed and gunning him down in front of his wife and children Where's the glory in that? Where's the glory in bombing a remembrance day parade of old age pensioners their medals taken out and polished up for the day Where's the glory in that? To leave them dying, or crippled for life, or dead under the rubble of the revolution that the majority of the people in my country don't want? NO MORE!!!"
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    As I said th other day, there's a few thoughts I'd like to share beforehand about that particular show. It's something I wrote a while back when the DVD came out. That live in Paris is for sure the most special one for me. Because I was there. Because I was supposed to be there. To that show that was postponed. It's a long read and i'm very sorry in advance, but I hope it can help you see that DVD as I see it... and understand how so very special it is. It wasn't an easy one to write, still not an easy one to share.. but there you go. ---------- The day has finally come! Worldwide celebration for the U2 fans and loads of happy dances spreading all across the globe, as the DVD U2 Live In Paris is released. We’ve been waiting for it for quite some time now, and even though we got a fix with the HBO edition, I think we’re more than happy to finally get the final cut into our houses. We will be able to relive those moments til the freakin disc breaks and enjoy all the sweet memories attached to the #U2ieTour. Well, as far as I’m concerned bitter sweet memories let’s say. To be completely honest with you - even if it was probably one of the best show I ever went to - I wish it had never happened. I wish things had gone as planned. I wish that DVD would say “Live in Paris 15th of November”. Reality catches up unfortunately, and I am still really glad to get that DVD today, because it’s not just any DVD. For starters, it’s a U2 DVD so of course I’m thrilled! – but it’s way more than that… I have been willing to write an article about what happened in Paris for a while now. And yet, the words wouldn’t come out. Writing about those 2 last shows in Paris also meant writing about what led to them. I guess I was not ready, and I doubt I will ever be – but has Bono put it “There’s a time to cry. There’s a time to pray. There’s a time to shout” and the time has come to write and open up about it. I don’t mean to get depressing and it might get a bit intense – but as a good friend pointed out to me, it was intense. I always let my emotions as a fan take over my writing, and it’s important to me to recall how important that show was – for all of us. I won’t mind if you don’t read it. I just need to write about it – As a U2 fan, as a music lover and as a French person. I hope a little insight will allow you to see through my eyes why those shows in Paris really meant so much for many of us. November 13th, early afternoon. What a beautiful day that was. We were strolling around Parisian landmarks with my friend Dawn, who had come all the way from California to attend the U2 gigs in Paris. Some sense of bliss had taken over our minds. We had been waiting for that moment for so long. We were together in Paris, the sun was shining and we had great numbers in the GA line. We kept talking about how blessed we were at that very moment, and how amazing life could be – all because of U2. Obviously, we had no idea that the whole dream was soon to turn into the worst of nightmares… And the night came. Probably one of the worst nights of my life when I think about it. Our fellow friends of U2 Achtung had thrown a U2 fan party and we were all there having fun and getting ready for the wondrous night to come with the guys the next day. I went out for a smoke and received that first message from a friend in the US, just a few words “Be careful, there’s some bombing in Paris” – what the hell? Dammit Paris, you s*** tonight. I had just lit up my cigarette when one of the barmen grabbed my arm yelling like a mad man “Everybody inside! There’s some shooting a few streets away”. My only reaction was “Oh god’s sake, I just lighted this up! Lemme have my smoke eh?” – yeap. That’s the thing, you can’t realize what’s happening because it’s so unreal. You were partying a few seconds ago, and your brain can’t process anything. But soon, you start hearing the sirens blaring, people running and you get kicked out on the streets. Then it strikes you. You have to get the f*** out of this place as fast as you can. Run for your life, literally. You still have no idea what’s actually going on but the increasing messages from your friend and family let you know that it’s not good at all. You try to go on the opposite direction of the police cars and rescue teams… but soon enough, there’s no opposite direction anymore. You’re just stranded in the middle of the mess. No metro, no taxis, no nothing… All you have to do is walk, really fast. Walk away anywhere else but here. At this point, we had no idea what was going on. We only had heard about the first shootings and thought it was an isolated event – we realized the next day that we were actually walking right into the heart of the attacks. And we walked. On and on. Reading the same messages over and over again, ”I hope you’re ok. Get to safety.” It took us 4 hours to get back to safety. But we were far from ok – we had just found out about the Bataclan. And then, the longest hours started. Waiting for news from our U2 friends, other friends, family… basically everyone I knew that was in Paris – until I passed out from exhaustion. And the dream faded away… I woke up the next morning sobbing like a baby. I’m not even sure I stopped crying while I was sleeping. So many mixed feelings from glad to be alive, to the sadness of it all. I felt like an empty shell, staring at the wall, trying to process what had happened and was still happening. We had to check out of our hotel and ended up on the streets again. Empty dead streets. I often go to Paris since part of my family lives there and I had never seen the city so empty. As if time had stopped. Fear had taken over and paralyzed every single thing around. We stopped 3 times for a coffee, and we were sent away 3 times because of bomb scares. We met a few U2 friends around the arena, same look on our faces, hardly able to talk. No words. Just waiting for a confirmation that the shows were cancelled so we could get away from the center of Paris as quickly as possible. I just wanted to go home, I just wanted to hug my baby girl and tell her I loved her. F*** all this. It felt like I’d never smile again. Nothing good could ever happen after that. That’s what those terrorists did. They didn’t just take lives that night. They took families and unfinished stories. They took our hopes, our joy, our dreams away. They took everything that was good in the world. And the “what if” started. What if we had taken the wrong turn on that street? What if we had gone to that restaurant a day later than we did? What if it had happened at the U2 show? What if, what if… The darkness taking over. No strength to fight back. Too hurt to get back on my feet. And yet, something was to happen that night. Something that helped me beyond words. As always U2 rescued me and gave me that beacon of light I desperately needed. When I saw our four guys showing up at the Bataclan, standing there unafraid, a spark lighted up in me. I had to stand up too. I had to fight back. I’m French for god sake. We don’t go down that easily. The fact that the guys showed up there made me realize how lucky I was to be alive and that there was no way I would live in fear. They gave me a hand and raised me back on my feet. Once more, this band turned on the light when all I could see was darkness. A light holding a promise – they would be back. And soon enough, the announcement came. They were coming back to Paris and those stolen moments were to be given back to the fans. It all happened really fast, maybe too fast in my opinion back then. We had just barely got out of that nightmare and the guys were calling us back to it. A choice had to be made, but it never occurred to me not to go back to Paris. People called me insane, stupid and probably delusional for not realizing what had happened. But I actually did, and very well thank you. To be honest, I didn’t want to go back; I truly didn’t want to be back in Paris – but I knew I needed to. I knew that attending those shows no matter how afraid I was, would be the only way to achieve some sort of closure. That it was the only way to get out of the funk, be “stronger than fear” and let go of the nightmare. And I was right. I won’t say it was easy, I won’t say I wasn’t looking over my shoulder every time I heard something weird and I won’t say that the mood in the GA line was the same as usual. We knew we were up for some very special shows, and partly because we were all in some sort of special place ourselves. We weren’t sure we were safe or everything would go well. And for every U2 fan back in that arena that night, it was truly a leap of faith. And the miracle occurred. I have no words to describe the emotions I felt during those two shows in December, and how much they meant to me. I remember looking up at the arena during Every Breaking wave and seeing all those lights around. Instant crying. I remember the beauty of those piano keys and the purity of Bono’s voice – and I remember us all. We were all there, unafraid, singing at unison and that sense of unity was the most powerful thing I had ever felt during a gig. The show went on, and Bono gave us his speech about choosing love over fear while Streets was chiming in. Right back to ugly crying because that was it. That very moment was what I had come for. This explosion of joy, that roar from the crowd and the power unleashed by Edge’s guitar was a true electric shock sending me right back to life. There we were standing up for everything that is good in human beings. Love, hope, art, creativity, music, friendship… Dreaming louder than all the evils we had gone through a few weeks earlier. That was our freakin victory. That was our freakin answer. A celebration of love and life. The sadness was still present but the fear was gone. Completely gone. And when the band started playing COBL and the emotions took over with the names of all of those who had lost their lives that night – I truly understood that Paris was the city of lights that night. And we were those lights. It was our duty to be stronger than all this and use our voices to drown out the haters. We had to celebrate life in honor of all those people gone too soon. We had to live every second at its fullest to do them justice. And that’s probably one of the main reasons why those shows felt so intense for everyone I guess. It wasn’t just about music, it was about taking a stand against hate. It was about being the best of what humanity can be. Choosing love over fear. Letting hope and dreams guide us toward the light. Never surrender, and keep fighting for what is good in this world. If you want to make the world a better place to live in, then do it. Make a choice. Take a stand. We’re the only ones that can remind ourselves that life can be good and that positive attitude can take over any evil. So that U2 DVD will certainly not be only a DVD to me. Unforgettable memories that I will hold dear for the rest of my life. A reminder of how proud and honored I am to have been there, more than music and memories – it’s a proof I overcame my fears. All thanks to U2 (and a little bit me I guess). We all lost something on the night of the attacks. Someone, something, ourselves… and yet, I had never been more glad to be a U2 fan than then. Because no matter what I lost that night, some of it has been returned to me during those two shows. They gave me the strength to fight back and they helped me dare dream again. And more than anything else, they reminded me that as long as you chose light, you chose love – and that hope held within can help you win every battle you go through, and defeat all evils. Choose love over fear. Always. It’s now definitely the right moment to let go of all this, because after months of waiting – it’s show time. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the U2 fans around the world that supported us while we were in Paris. I received hundreds of messages that night and the days afterwards and I’ll never be able to thank you enough for those. All your kind words helped way more than you think. All of you were part of the beacon of light that helped me get out of the storm unharmed.
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    People seemed to enjoy my scrapbook pages. Here’s my pages for my Vertigo shows.
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    I am not good with words, English isn't my first language, anyway... This is a photo I took with my old camera almost 10 years ago (ouch!) in Zurich, during the second night. A very very rainy night. I was at the barrier, in front row, Adam's side. It was the coolest gig of my life! Loving your fashion style, Happy Birthday, Lord Clayton!
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    Happy Birthday to the man I named my eldest son after. My wife wouldn’t let me add the Clayton though.
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    No pics of Adam because I do not take pics at shows. I almost always end up right by Adam for U2 shows. He's always looked so chill onstage. Vertigo was when I first noticed the grin he gets when he's looked over at us in Chicago. I have no idea what he was thinking. Part of it feels like, 'You guys are nuts.', I don't know. Happy Birthday, Adam Clayton.
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    I understand, and can sympathize with this reasoning. The problem is that you didn't pay $50 for a DVD. You paid to be a member of this website/fanclub. The gift is only one part of a larger sum. I don't understand people saying I didn't pay for this gift when they purchased something with multiple components. U2 never says what any gift will or will not be until it is officially announced. This is what they've chosen to do this year. It is what it is. I can undertand being disappointed. I can understand someone consdering if they want to keep subscribing. I don't understand the constant barrage of attacks against the band, and this website, when things aren't as one would wish. It's the chance we take when we subscribe. One can join this website for free, still be a part of the live threads and so much more. That costs nothng yet it's expensive, and a lot of work, to maintain a website. . . This gift is one day old and people are already deciding that they are going to have to buy the BluRay. No you don't. You'll have the DVD. You want the BluRay. There's a huge difference. It's also presuming this will be commercially released on BluRay. From what I read, it's exclusive. There's been no indication of it being anything else. It's EI, from Europe, and it's the Berlin show. I've read, numerous times, from many different sources, that this is one of the best U2 shows ever. I don't understand why people can't enjoy it for what it is. Thi is just how I see it.. We all possess the right to express our vews in these forums and threads.. It's part of our subscription. Your opinion has just as much validity as mine. We wouldn't be a community if it did not.
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    I think this gift is wonderful. I'm shocked they would release EI as a subscribers gift. I am very happy. DVD versus BluRay-I don't care. It'll be a good picture and it will have great sound. I still don't have IE on BluRay because somethng always eats up my money before I can get around to buying it. . If I focus on being unhappy with the font when the Sun rises with my name on it-I miss the silent brilliance of the moment. Perhaps they'll release EI for commerical release on bluray, it will be a North America show and many of us will have our hope to have a physical copy of both fulifilled. Props to U2. Fantastic gift.
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    It was a problem on all of their recent tours. A small group commandeers the front of the line, sets up their own lists and check-ins and pushes out the locals. Their feeling is that they follow the band, so they are entitled to the front row. It breeds resentment among those who cannot spend the time or money traveling around following U2 and only go to see them when they visit their hometown (I live in NYC, so they are here on every tour - I've seen them multiple times in the last 5 years without having to go more than about 30 miles from home). When you are seeing them in your hometown, your regular life (jobs, school, family) gets in the way of random hour check-ins and/or sitting in line for days. I've said it before, I'll say it again. They need to put in the system that Springsteen uses. Depending on the size of the venue and the GA, X amount of numbered bracelets are distributed X hours before a show starts. A public lottery is held to determine which number becomes the front of the line and everyone falls in behind that person. The more often you go, the better your odds of being in the first group at least once on a tour. The locals have just as much chance of being in front as the tour followers. Done.
  21. 6 points
    One of my favorite U2 stories was for this tour. I got tickets for the Staples center on Nov. 1st, 14th row behind the stage. Was a bit bummed to be looking at their backs the whole show... but, hey, we're in the building right? Turns out the first 13 rows behind the stage were collapsed to make way for the stage, making row 14 actually row 1. Then Bono spent half the show singing to Larry because his birthday was the day before. Absolutely amazing. Here's one of the many pictures I took, makes me wish digital cameras were better back then!
  22. 6 points
    Well ... That's been fun eh ? Pretty emotional right now so i'll try to be quick. Thank you. All of you. So so much for turning this idea into a reality, and a brilliant one Those watch along really meant the world to me during those hard times and they have proven once more that we get to carry each other. Some people told me that i'm a U2 fan and a U2 fans fan. And it's true, i love this band just as much as I love this community and this whole thing is the perfect example of why I do. Stay safe, stay strong. Don't let the silence settle though. Keep being those vibrant joyful souls that i'm honored to have met during those nights. You all rock. Thank you.
  23. 6 points
    I hear U2 have donated €10m to fund PPE for Irish Health care workers. great work boys , now let’s hope they can source some. https://www.rte.ie/news/coronavirus/2020/0408/1129416-ppe-supplies/
  24. 6 points
    Happy Birthday, Mr. Clayton! Two of my arsenal are your signature models because they have the best-playing necks I've found, and each a unique sound. Here's to many more great grooves!
  25. 6 points
    Yes - thank both of you for fleshing out the reasons why others and I complained right out of the gate. Your observations are what we were getting at. It would be very useful to know what the site means exactly by the word "limited" in the description of this gift. It is "limited" in the sense of "special and truly unique" (and if so, how is it special/unique specifically), or is it "limited" meaning time-limited, i.e., it is the 2020 gift and not beyond that? Will this concert be getting a wider release? That would be good to know too. IMHO, this show will certainly be released commercially - there is no way (again, IMHO) that this DVD will be the only way this show will become available. If this were the only place to get the show, multiple formats would have to be offered. Further questions: if a worst-case scenario plays out (i.e., the U2.com edition is identical to the general release regular edition), would we at least get it in our mailboxes before it goes on sale to the general public? If it ends up being identical to the general release, and the general release goes on-sale first before any of us receive the U2.com edition in our mailboxes, any complaints posted here would be richly earned and deserved. Well, let's hope for the best. More information about this show, I think we can all agree, would be very nice to have as soon as possible. Also, there were a few comments above that were not completely well-founded, and I'd like to address those further here. I think everyone knows that it's not very fun to read people's complaints on message boards and forums. However, what really matters is whether any objection is valid. I've read a few complaints on the site over the years here that have made me laugh and/or roll my eyes; I've read other that were right on point and addressed a failing that was/is properly a failing. While it is no fun to read trivial complaints, it is also important not to conflate the rational objections with the irrational ones. There are some who conflate complaints about the shortcomings of the site and/or fanclub in general (and there are legitimate ones) as if they were complaints about the band. That's complete nonsense. The band and the website/fanclub are separate entities. Complaining about LiveNation/Island Records/Interscope Records/Universal is not the same as complaining about the band. Also, there are a lot of causes that are leading to the complaints that have developed over a long period of time - that also isn't being properly acknowledged sometimes. There are ways that the benefits of membership here have declined over time; unfortunately, this seems to have coincided with the time when Paul McGuinness departed the stage and LiveNation took over. The benefits of being a member here were chronicled by a few above - and those mentioned are benefits. However, for other acts' official webpages, most/almost all the benefits mentioned are completely free of charge; U2.com is one of the very few official band pages that still charges a fee every year. Many bands used to charge, but now no longer do. Yes, the ones that don't charge don't usually have a membership gift, but an overwhelming majority of sites that don't charge do offer pre-sale ticket access. I would hazard a guess that the two main reasons most of us (including myself) continue to renew here are: pre-sale ticket access during touring years and the annual gift. Some might ask, "How about the forum as a reason?" Well, that may be in your personal top two (it would be co-number 2 for me) - however, as I already mentioned, most official band forums are completely free to sign up for and use - even a section of this site is free. I mention this because other bands manage a fully-functioning fan forum without charging; thus, site-upkeep as one of the reasons to charge doesn't really hold water - how do the other sites do it, if membership fees are truly necessary? (I'll stop here and leave other issues for later.) Also, I would argue that our devotion to the band is what feeds our complaints sometimes - we want a site that kicks ass like our band does. When it falls short, we have every right to say so - hell, we have literally paid for the right. Being paid members here shouldn't require us to be submissively obsequious when we have a legitimate issue. Well, I don't really wish to go on here. I have already resubscribed - gladly, proudly. In broad brushstrokes, as I said earlier, I love this year's gift - however, it would just be nice to have answers to the questions we all raised above. Thanks again to the mods who read all these complaints, legitimate and otherwise. Peace. ✌️
  26. 6 points
    Christ above you can't please everyone can you! I for one am very happy and appreciative with this gift!
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  29. 6 points
    The show was absolutely epic. I felt like Bono was singing his heart out for Michael Hutchence. It was definitely one of the most special shows I’ve been at. And yes, @Manohlive, I was dancing.
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    Thanks to everyone that has joined us today. You are what make these streams so special. Subscribers: if you want to take a little bathroom break and meet us over here for the documentary, see you in a few:
  32. 5 points
    love and peace or else into sunday bloody sunday. nailed.
  33. 5 points
    It's time for me to talk about my memories:😃 In 1988, I was only 7 years old; that means I only started being a U2 fan much later. But one thing I can say for sure is that Rattle and Hum is where everything started. To be more specific, 2000 was the year. I was living with my sister, brother and cousin in Porto Alegre (the biggest city in Southern Brazil). We were all living there because we were studying at a Federal University, except for my cousin (who was taking a course to pass the “SAT” these Federal Universities require - which he, unfortunately, did not pass by the way. He had to go to a Private/Payed one). He was having a History Class on Saturday and that was about Ireland’s history. He invited me to go with him and I accepted the invitation. In the middle of the class, the teacher showed a part of the Rattle and Hum DVD: “Sunday Bloody Sunday”. When I heard the power of that song, especially Bono’s speech, I suddenly felt something in my heart that I could not explain (maybe I was Irish in a past life). U2 had me at “F the revolution”! 😆 Always working a lot and studying, I did not have much time for music, but, some time later, when I had already graduated, my ex-husband (who was only my boyfriend at the time) suggested me to rent Rattle and Hum, which I did and, after that, I JUST WAS NOT THE SAME PERSON ANYMORE!
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  35. 5 points
    Yes great to watch this together, thanks to dmway for helping coordinate and to mich40 and everyone for being there.
  36. 5 points
    ...and I was just given confirmation by email that my vote for this primary was received and tabulated today! Consider this a small blow against the tyranny expressed by those who would prevent us from being able to vote from home! 👍
  37. 5 points
    We owe @Madfl3a big, big time for all these weekends. There are no words, but "thank you" is a good start... so: thank you. What she gave us was a glimmer of, well... hope. And that should not be forgotten. Ever. Something else that should not be forgotten is all the comments, photos, memories brought by everyone in the fan community. It was fantastic - let's never lose what we brought around here all these days. It's fantastic. It's our strenght... Thanks to everyone... stay safe, girls and boys...
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    Woah, that is an amazing and beautiful story! Streets is such a powerful song... I think if you can go through the opening of that without tearing up the least bit, then you have no soul haha. Every now and then I like to watch the 2002 Super Bowl performance and when they go into Streets, no matter how hard I try I can't keep myself from tearing up. It was such an amazing show to help us Americans heal from our tragedy at the time and I'm glad you guys got your moment too. I think Bono once said "We play Streets when we need God to walk through the room." I'm glad you were okay and got to have that moment.
  40. 5 points
    Everyone who joined us here today made it special, including you. Thanks to @Madfl3a for pulling this together yet again this week. Stay safe this week, everyone!
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    No Line on the Horizon... all the love in the world for this song and this album...
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    Hello from France :) Hope your are all doing well and safe home. Here is a glimpse of my first U2 show, was 19 and was living near the arena. Funny fact, my parents were at home, at about 3 or 4 km from the venue, and they could hear the whole show ;) Stay safe all :)
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    Happy Birthday, Adam! I haven’t yet gotten the chance to meet you, so this is the best picture I have from my first U2 concert in June 2018 in DC. I put Pink Adam on the back of my guitar in your honor, and thanks for your strong, throbbing bass lines, especially in “New Year’s Day.”
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    What a great tour it's been! Thanks to each and every one of you who have joined us for the live threads. You are what help make them what they are. Thanks to my co-mods, @Max Tsukino and @bigwave; I think we make a great team and have thoroughly enjoyed covering the tour with you. Who's to say where the wind will take us; but let us all be thankful for the musical journey we've had so far.
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    These two shows for sure we're without a doubt fantastic... the band is in top form and you could feel, even from a distance, that they were really happy to be back in Japan. but what made the experience richer, and without a doubt better, is that you are with thousands who are feeling similar if not the same as you. Bono may be right: elevation could come by sake, some chemicals perhaps, but these days it were from all and every one in the community. and with luck it stays that way...
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    Saw this legend tonight. He was checking out Noel.
  49. 5 points
    whatever happened to staying in the line? it's not right that people can take a number then piss off and check in every now and then. I have seats for my show so I don't have to be concerned with this crap. imo if you line up you stay in line unless you need a loo or food break... or a shower. if you leave the queue for longer than it takes to go home and have a shower I say you lose your spot
  50. 5 points
    I complained about the check-in system in 2017. I hate the way it's got so out of hand on recent tours. When I saw U2 in London on the Vertigo, 360° and IE Tours, it was sufficient to join the queue early in the morning on show day and you could get a great rail spot. That all changed on the JT and EI Tours - now, even if you arrive the day before the show, you've probably already missed out on a low enough number because they start the "list" about a week in advance, and lots more people are getting a number early because they're not required to put in the effort of staying in an actual queue. I'm not in favour of randomising the GA line, because it would probably make things even worse for people like me - I'm really short and struggle to see anything even from the second row. I don't believe that being short entitles me to a rail spot, but I'm willing to sit in line for a long time to give myself the best chance of getting one. Unfortunately that is no longer enough; I would have to spend an absolute fortune booking a hotel room for the whole week before the show, and even then, they're bound to move the goalposts and start the list a fortnight in advance. It's just getting silly. I can understand the use of "check-ins" if the venue don't want people camping overnight or all day due to heightened security, but still, there is no reason to start the list more than about 24 hours before the show. It's complete rubbish how the line leaders claim they're doing it for our own benefit, to prevent a "stampede" or whatever - a problem that never existed in the first place! They're only doing it to ensure that *they* can get in first, and they've apparently befriended U2's security team so they're always allowed to get away with it, pretending the fans are all on board. I think the current system would be OK if only the list was started by venue staff instead of fans, to ensure it happened at a reasonable time in a well-advertised location, and any pre-existing unofficial lists would not be honoured. First come, first served, and in the unlikely event of a "stampede", no-one gets a number until a civilised queue has been formed. We used to be perfectly capable of lining up in order of arrival - I'm sure we can still manage it!
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