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  1. #U2Request took place on April 14th, 2015. U2 fans from all over the world united with the goal to have their voices heard, voting for songs they would like to see played live on the new iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour, starting on May 14th 2015 in Vancouver. Fans worldwide sent over 50K tweets to #U2Request, and 39K of tweets and retweets on April 14th from midnight to 23:59:59 their local time. You can view the full results over here : http://u2request.selfip.info/ by @harrykantas We asked @Noodles105 to tell the #U2Request story in his own words... "My name is Angelo D'Arezzo, and I am
  2. It's twenty years to the week since Aaron J Sams decided to make a 'U2 Web Page'. Part of a University class project, that webpage became U2Wanderer.org and with long-running collaborator Carl Uebelhart and other contributors, the site is still going strong. We asked Aaron for five tips on running your own U2 fan site. Here's what he told us - including how the late, great Johnny Cash sent him his thanks and his autograph. 'Truly one of the most memorable moments I’ve had working on Web sites.' -------- I’ve been making U2 lists most of my life. Early in the 1980s I had a list of U2 sin
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