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  1. Could you please cut and paste the email here? I have not received it yet. Thank you!
  2. I haven't received my directions for Wednesday's show yet. If you've received it, could you please kindly cut and paste it here? Thank you! ?
  3. This is now the second person from the u2.com team (Candance) that I've contacted who told me that we are not guaranteed a code as fan club members. Here is the pasted email reply I got - the capitalization is from the u2.com team employee: "Presale codes are sent by text message approx. 2-4 hours before the presale begins. (INTL fans may get codes sent by email) Registration DOES NOT GUARANTEE a presale code. Receipt of a presale code DOES NOT GUARANTEE tickets. Fans that do not receive a #VerifiedFan code can take part in a general onsale IF there is one."
  4. Yep, email is correct on the profile and checked spam. I got an email confirming I had renewed and also for u2.com store purchases - just did not receive the email regarding tour announcement. I've always received emails before. Any other suggestions? I sent in a help request as well. Just trying my best to make sure things are set before pre-sales. Thanks for any help.
  5. Monica, it's regarding u2.com fan club members. I even called back twice to verify this and she, once again, said that as fan club members we are not even guaranteed to receive a code. Hoping it was just a mistake on her end, but not sure at this point.
  6. Did you guys all receive the email from u2.com announcing a tour yesterday? I did not receive one at all and have always received their emails. If I can't even receive an email announcing the tour, this ordering tickets/text via cell phone business is making me nervous.
  7. Sorry about quoting myself, but "Mariana" insisted that as fanclub members we are not even guaranteed to receive a code at all. Could someone verify this?
  8. Very confusing process. I just called the u2 fanclub number listed and was told (by Mariana) we are not even guaranteed to receive a code at all now? I know we are not guaranteed tickets, but no guarantee for receiving a code via text?? The person was adamant about this...
  9. Please excuse the preschool style art skills and stubby fingers induced photo. Thanks. Sun, birds, heart, Robben Island, and colors from the South Africa flag.
  10. I guess I'll join the club. I ordered on March 17, the first day the offer was made. I waited patiently, knowing that they wouldn't be pressed until May, and that Fanfire/Live Nation has an entirely different concept of "time" and "customer satisfaction" from other companies like amazon.com or zappos.com. In early July, I called (the first of a total of 4 calls so far) to get an update on my order and was told that it would arrive within two weeks. Nothing arrived. I called again and again, got the same spiel about it arriving soon. The last call, I was told by the customer service rep that the supervisor would check out my order and get back to me within 48 hours; it's been 11 days, supervisor! I also contacted them via email 6 times - 3 times through the u2.com store and 3 times through the link Bigwave provided. The u2.com store email only contacted me back once with an automated reply about how my order was going to ship soon. The link Bigwave provided finally contacted me back 2 days ago and said, "Thank you for choosing Live Nation Merchandise. I do apologize for the delay. I will escalate your order to my manager to see what we can do to get this out to you." Still no reply back from this manager, nor do I expect them to at this point. My one helpful suggestion: Have Larry give them two words. ;-)
  11. When it comes to trying to get to your original spot, I think most fans can usually tell who's being honest versus the jerk who's gonna leave a bruiseor two on your body. Hope no one gave you too much grief over it.
  12. Unfortunately, this sort of self-entitled behavior is a little too common and is often fueled by alcohol. I've gotten a few bruises from these people, but,for the most part, the "crew" of U2 fans tend to look out for each other. Seriously, U2 fans can be some of the coolest people! I've got one really bad story though. One time this drunk guy kept on trying to push his way to the front for well over ten minutes. This caused aslight wave of fans accidently pushing each other forward. Sadly, the lady in front of me thought I was trying to steal her spot because instead of squishingher with my body (i.e. possibly injuring her!) I decided to brace myself by putting my hand on the rail. I tried so hard to explain to her what was reallyhappening, but she couldn't hear me (well, duh, we're at a concert and she was also drunk out of her mind) and so she ended up elbowing me severaltimes and pounding on my hand and yelling at me with some not-so-nice words! Gee whiz, at least I can laugh about it now. ;-) Oh, besides enjoying the concert that night (with exception to the pushing, pounding, and elbowing), I also found $50 bucks on my way back to the hotel,which was quite a lot for a cash strap college student - I felt like a lotto winner after that. ;-)
  13. The immature child in me wants to tip it over and run for the hills. ;-)
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