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  1. Yep, someone needs to sort this out ASAP.....absolutely useless website!
  2. Yep, I've tried every format too and it doesn't work....absolute joke that they introduce this yet don't have basic functionality to accommodate the phone numbers.....ridiculous!
  3. "Any unused codes may be used for the upcoming pre-sale"
  4. you are not supposed to and you risk having your tickets cancelled. They have their tix already????? Are you sure about that? They can still be cancelled by TM even if they have been posted out.
  5. home page has announced the extra shows and pre sales will happen again....general sale is Friday!
  6. seriously doubt it Norty - Perth 2 went on sale straight away today.......
  7. [quote name='Nniixx wrote: aussiegirl']yes because this is the pre sale, not the general sale.........pre sale is 4 tix per show, general sale to the public is 8 tix. So I'm going to have to use my second Ticketek account and my wife's CC (which is linked to mine) ? ya...just make sure diff name and cc number
  8. yes because this is the pre sale, not the general sale.........pre sale is 4 tix per show, general sale to the public is 8 tix.
  9. you can only buy 4 tix with each code.....When they release the extra shows, I would expect there to be another round of pre sales (not 100% tho) so if you have a 2nd code, you can use that to get another 4 tix to another show....it wont matter which code you use first. But you will only be able to use both codes for the same show if you have 2 different Ticketmaster or Ticketek accounts ie you can not buy more than 4 tickets under the one account in the pre sale.
  10. heres how it works people....your code is on the tours/presale page when you log in...write it down! You will get an email from u2.com, probably tomorrow saying which category you are in and what time your pre sale starts. There is likely to be a link in that email that directs you to either Ticketmaster or Ticketek....make sure you have already set up your TM or TK account in advance! You put in your code, pick your tickets and click through til you get confirmation - easy. If memory serves, there will also be a link to buy in the pre sale home page when you log in..... once the pre sale is under way.
  11. melissa - you will get an email, probably tomorrow which will confirm which category you are in, from u2.com.
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