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  1. Yep, someone needs to sort this out ASAP.....absolutely useless website!
  2. Yep, I've tried every format too and it doesn't work....absolute joke that they introduce this yet don't have basic functionality to accommodate the phone numbers.....ridiculous!
  3. one of the saddest day in anyone's life is when their mum passes away.........thoughts go out to Edge and his family xx
  4. Thats the thing as Gibbo said, I actually cant be bothered.......all too hard which is why I don't come here much anymore Used to be such a fun place to visit.......ah well.....
  5. I have to agree with Allegra........this site and delivery of subs gift is shite and there's no denying that. It's gone down hill faster than a sled on ice over the last couple of years. Like Allegra, Ive been on here forever (as most of you know) and I've always been patient and fair with the way things have operated....but seriously, it's April and I re-subbed in Dec, as I have for the last eons of years. The longest a subs gift took was 6 weeks I think......it's been about 16 weeks now......totally crap service and they wonder why people aren't re-subbing.
  6. I'll give $100 to the person that takes their Uber copy to Paul McGuinness and says "you owe me $500 thanks" LOL
  7. terrible terrible tragedy......my neighbour and also the girl who sits next to me at work both went to the Aussie Moto GP last week to see him....one of them met him and said he was so lovely...they were devastated......thoughts to his family, friends and fans x
  8. seriously he can not be 50...............doesnt look anywhere near that age!
  9. sorry to hear that Jen....i think many people have experienced it and its unacceptable.........everyone should embrace their individuality, whatever it is...........we may not all get along but we can at least respect each other
  10. bullying should be a crime....people are taking their lives over it........why cant people be nice to each other? Civility has gone out the window...replaced by nasty, thoughtless, ignorant, intolerant, uneducated people..........
  11. it truly saddens me that the death penalty is still in use anywhere...but especially the USA.......it's 2011, not 1811........for a country with so many positives, that's like living in the dark ages
  12. it's an absolute disgrace that any country has the death penalty still........disgusting!
  13. a lovely vocal but not our Irish bloke Better than JD Fortune though!
  14. I prefer to call these "art"....... Dublin 2, 2009
  15. they need to go away for a while....see what they can come up with.......and I'll pretend that theyre getting younger and will be around for another 30 years
  16. [quote name='Dengeki wrote: aussiegirl']I loved him then, I love him now and I'll love him when he's old and crusty.....lol....but Zoo Tv era was when he was hottest! Gotta ask, where did you get that pic for your avatar?? from the photographer who was next to me when it happened
  17. I have a few in my collection ....have a couple of blue Edge ones from last December too ....fun memento's
  18. Great idea.....however..........why not seek to make it the official calendar for 2012 and donate the profits to Amnesty, Greenpeace, RED or ONE? PM can give the yay or nay to the idea. You'd get more entries and better quality photos and the thrill of having one of your pics in the official U2 calendar.....exciting
  19. I loved him then, I love him now and I'll love him when he's old and crusty.....lol....but Zoo Tv era was when he was hottest!
  20. I bags #2.......and that's for ALL NZ and Oz shows
  21. [quote name='joshthetree wrote: aussiegirl']Hearing about writing your name on a list days before the show is a joke and no one should have allowed that to happen. For me it's always been a case of when you join the line, that's it - you stay there (bar an hour or so to get food/quick shower at your hotel) until gates open. I have always been quite happy with the fan run name and number based on the fact that you stay there in the line. On several occasions I've helped to do this and always tried to be fair about it. If someone wanted a number for their mate who was rocking up at 4pm, sorry bad luck. There were always people who tried to push in late but they didnt get too far....... I quite like the sound of the Springsteen way.....sounds pretty simple. The hard thing is people get so passionate/excited to see U2 that emotions take over and can cause stress, which is never good. It's a shame U2's security were so bad on this whole tour......I think it's hilarious people think they did a good job, esp Dave.........they had almost no presence at the 17 shows I saw....Dublin, Sydney and Glasgow were absolutely disgraceful! the security were great for me at dublin, glasgow, sheffield when i had a broken ankle - really looked after me - couldn't fault it yes it would appear if one had a injury (real or otherwise) it wasn't so bad why didnt I play up my 4 fractured ribs for the Oz tour???????? Doh!
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