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  1. I haven't found it on the screen either.
  2. Does anybody if/how this Easter Egg is accesible on the Blu-Ray Disc?
  3. Yeah it's too bad we can't actually view it.
  4. I just pre-ordered the Blu-Ray from amazon.com. I hope U2 will decided to either release this concert as an iTunes download (like the Milan and Joshua Tree Paris DVDs) or as a Fan Club CD because it's much harder to rip Blu-Ray audio than it is to rip DVD and I'm not getting the DVD.
  5. also since the super deluxe does not contain CDs or any extra DVDs, I will buy the Blu-Ray only.
  6. I seriously hope that they release a CD set of this DVD as the next Fan Club gift. I like the live cd sets better than the last two Fan Club CDs. But I was glad to see the live version of "I'll Go Crazy" on Artificial Horizon. Anyone from u2.com I can contact for this request?
  7. http://www.u2.com/rmpphot...0_DVD_FINAL%20_cover.jpg Here's a high-res version of the cover.
  8. I might buy the super deluxe edition if it includes the Blu-Ray disc and also CDs of the concert (with Breathe as a bonus track). There's nothing more they could include as far as bonus content. I'm very happy!! BLU-RAY DISC!!!!!!!!
  9. I hope the "exclusive format" is Blu-Ray disc!
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