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    Prague, OK
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    U2, Music, Church, Friends & Work. As far as the profile questions, these answers change often. I simply can't have one favorite of anything U2. I'm sure other fans understand my dilemma.
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    The Unforgettable Fire
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    Moment of Surrender
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    October 29th, 2005 Dallas, TX Vertigo Tour
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    July 30th, 2011 Moncton, CA 360 Tour
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    May 21st, 2011 Denver, CO 360 Tour
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    The Killers, Coldplay (minus MX and GS), The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Garth Brooks

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  1. Cool post! Should be booking my Boston stuff this week!
  2. Songs of Innocence on repeat!

  3. My name is Chadd Bryant and I’m from Prague, Oklahoma. A town of only 2,000. It’s 2001 and I’m 14 years old. Growing up I was a big tomb raider fan and one day my cousin and I came across the Elevation music video. After seeing and hearing this song - I was mesmerized. I had to know who this band was. My mother bought me the All That You Can’t Leave Behind album soon after. From there on I began to discover U2 and everything about them. A few years later in 2004 the Vertigo iPod commercial came on TV. I knew that voice. I knew they were back. I knew I had to see them live. The closest the t
  4. cathkel wrote: If its too expensive for you don't join the fanclub and don't buy tickets,,,,,,,easy.. couldn't have said it better!
  5. Bono has and will continue to use christian imagery in his songs.. and thank God for it! I was saddened by the ex-christian point of view... surely you're not convinced Jesus never was.. or didn't die for u? I'll be praying that theeyes of ur understanding be enlightened... that you may know the truth... you have known the truth.. u just have to return to it. Jesus forgives all.... wehave all fell short...
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