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    U2, Music, Church, Friends & Work. As far as the profile questions, these answers change often. I simply can't have one favorite of anything U2. I'm sure other fans understand my dilemma.
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    The Unforgettable Fire
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    Moment of Surrender
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    October 29th, 2005 Dallas, TX Vertigo Tour
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    July 30th, 2011 Moncton, CA 360 Tour
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    May 21st, 2011 Denver, CO 360 Tour
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    The Killers, Coldplay (minus MX and GS), The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Garth Brooks

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  1. agreed. until i want to watch/hear from home I'm glad they are. haha. But i was the only one front row in Phoenix without my phone in the air. the selfie stick was icing on the cake for me. I wanted to grab it and throw it.
  2. A set list of all b sides/songs not known by the crowd? equals no energy, awkward and no fun. people are there for entertainment, fun and a show. singing along is part of a concert experience. not knowing the songs cause disconnect. just enjoy it for what it is. most bands do not tour for 40+ years with original members or can play and sing as well as U2 can. Bono's vocals in Phoenix were mesmerizing... I couldn't believe my ears.
  3. correct. more importantly, the ones on the front row of the barricade are the ones who get autographs, pictures or shake hands/meet them. so be early to guarantee your spot.
  4. don't give up. I finally got my chance in Phoenix. Got Adam and Bono's autograph. So glad I tried again after 10 years of no luck.
  5. "And if there's reasons for you to doubt" something like that.
  6. He says, "Don't shoot, I'm an American. America is not a country, America is an idea!" Then on to The Hands that Built America. His entire rap during Bullet the Blue Sky is incredible. It's bigger than Ferguson or Baltimore. Old Bono talking to Young Bono.
  7. The masses want to hear the songs they know. The average fan in the stadium do not know the new songs or the "deep cuts", and it makes for a disconnected audience. It will have to be done in away to please the majority and to keep the energy up for a great show. Give them a chance to get going.
  8. No need to line up this tour. I walked right up front at 7pm. I went to Vancouver GA both nights.
  9. Hey there, they are just using the credit cards unless an issue arises. I am interested in both tickets and definitely trust worthy.
  10. Like A Song, there were quite a lot of set list changes for night 2. It was definitely worth seeing it twice.
  11. I may be interested. I'll let you know asap.
  12. A recent article stated they decided against this idea due to fans feeling they would get "the second best night", so they are going to do a varied set list during the second half of the show now supposedly. We will just have to see!
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