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  1. new toys to play with... :u2-1383:

  2. “We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails”. Dolly Parton

    1. xtraspicy62


      adjusting sails captain!

  3. 1385-WZ

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    2. pain_18_


      I still can't watch the video on the top of the page, BW...It says no program supports this video !!!

    3. pain_18_


      https://amp.twimg.com/v/72c2a486-c8c3-4dfd-9cd7-57b64c3d7f37 is it this one or is it something else ?? 'Cause I managed to see this one !!!
    4. pain_18_
  4. almost there... light...tunnel..

  5. Bono live on Letterman a bit later... i think I have a link to watch, will test & post in forums nearer the time

  6. check your u2.com emails, something happening tomorrow Thurs 17th Oct 6.30PM EDT

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    2. Anjana


      What time is that in the UK please?

    3. Carlos


      Fingers crossed and everything else!

    4. U2LAWoman


      Something good?!3:30 Hurry up!

  7. Every Breaking Wave Radio Edit now available as a download to all subscribers, check your profile : http://www.u2.com/service/profile

    1. sH22


      @bigwave.. can you pm me at let me know what if anything you've heard from live nation about GA, GA line up rules. Thanks

  8. every time I have been to Ireland it felt like going home… even the shite bits… Happy St. Patricks Day wherever, whoever you’se are #sláinte

    2. mich40


      First time I went there was August 1993. It took part of my heart. Takes a little more every time I go back. Dreadfully missing it right now.

  9. get on yer slippers

  10. happy birthday to me :)

    1. All I Want Is You 2

      All I Want Is You 2

      Happy Happy Birthday!~)

  11. Happy Paddy's Day 1 & all

    1. Frankaz


      so it is, so it is

    1. mich40


      Yay! So glad to get to hear the whole song!


    2. Anjana


      Yay!! Thank you that made my day!! Good to hear something so fresh again:D

  12. I blame Sherlock.

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    2. TCarlin5


      Having heard the resulting Metallica album, Please God, NO!!!! :-D

    3. Malahide


      Yes, it's the fault of Cucumberbatch.

    4. pain_18_


      That Brennan BlackpirateEyePatch ...

  13. I'm in... its big and empty. All for the morning...

  14. If your a bit lost and need some assistance finding your way around, check out the How-To's http://zootopia.u2.com/forum/144-the-new-zoo/

  15. let it snow let it snow let it snow... ♫ ♩♬♬

  16. Madiba. Sadness is upon us all at this moment.

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