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  1. just tried from 2 separate computers and there are plenty available for O2... could be a flash based issue (your computer flash up to date?) as i noticed you need to enter code on entry to the AXS page - & make sure you are following the correct link from the http://www.u2.com/tour page, AND you are in the eXPERIENCE group )code will start U215A....
  2. you are showing as a paid subscriber, but will be in the iNNOCENCE group : Q - How do I know what pre-sale priority group I am? A - There are two groups of subscribers taking part in the pre-sale and the email you receive with your pre-sale code indicates which group you are in. Our 'EXPERIENCE' group of longtime subscribers (those who were current, paid-up subscribers on 09/09/2014) have access from the first day of the pre-sale. Your unique pre-sale access code will have a prefix of U215A... Our 'INNOCENCE' group, who joined as new subscribers or upgraded an expired account after the release of the latest album in September 9, 2014, enter early on the second day. Your unique pre-sale access code will have a prefix of U215B...
  3. around £60 for Glasgow
  4. so disappointed. they gave me a innocence presale code for friday.. you will be fine, trust me
  5. your code will show up here : Tours FAQ here : WEBMAIL
  6. big welcome to all new subscribers, good place to start is Zoo FAQ HELP And checking all your details are correct on your ACCOUNT INFO page. You are now officially a Zootop.
  7. not possible I'm afraid
  8. keep trying, should be still available for at least one of the dates
  9. only one code per subscription per tour leg (though your latest subscription will still be valid should the tour extend into 2016 and you will receive a new code for that nearer the time)
  10. I would argue that, if you had no other choice at the time (the system was only showing that option to some people) - feel free to point that out to them in your reply, and if they still refuse I will take it up with The Live Nation guys
  11. big backlog - will take a good few hours, hang tight, you are both showing as subscribers
  12. I rejoined 3 months ago and I my code will be useless. At the same time there will be a bundle sale. Anyone want to buy my U2 book for 50 bucks? your code will be valid, not useless
  13. only you have received a warning for your abusive nature and ranting. Carry on of you want another one.
  14. You can't use the gift coupon code to activate a subscription on your own account? Nah the E-Mail says make up a new e-mail address n stuff to go with the proposed new code i have sitting there which i have no plans of using. 12 Hours really ?! Sorry to hear man i know how frustrating it is. I wont be surprised if the Website fails to deliver any new subcriber a code. I miss the glory days one could simply camp for 9 hours and get tickets in the morning i'm not a fan of all this Presales stuff If it were me, I would try and re-sub again, and ask HELP page to cancel your gift subscription as your ordered by mistake. They will do that.
  15. I did ask about that, and don't rule out future further benefits for long time subscribers, its something that I want to see.
  16. I believe some European cities have their own rules which means for some shows you will be able to split 2 tickets over 2 nights, but some cities you will have to use the code for one show only. As to which cities allows what, thats not clear yet... Why hello stranger! A tiny bit of clarity at least. Are we thinking the UK shows are going to wind up being 2 tickets = 1 show? Oh, and regardless of clearing my history blah blah blah and despite resubbing I can still only see the free general side hello... & welcome back - seems to be taking a few goes at logging out, clearing cookies / cache etc before recent re-subs are showing properly as paid subs. Can you try a fresh PC / Mac / browser that you haven't logged in to here for 2 weeks see if that fixes it (full logout first via SIGN OUT )
  17. you are showing here as a paid subscriber so should be ok, think emails are taking a while to arrive, huge load today
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