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  1. looks like it may not be broadcast live, according to u2tour.de, it will be broadcast on Monday - awaiting verification
  2. U2Tour.de are doing a live ticker from the German radio station (U2 arriving soon) just now http://www.u2tour.de/news/article5235.html
  3. great work fold... keep em coming, when i get time i will assemble into a playlist and post
  4. nice find - added topic with full show embedded in HD : Bono & Edge On Italian TV 12/10/14 - Watch Full Show
  5. This is a great opportunity for fans to grab a copy of this super rare vinyl release, and this topic is where you need to add your entry. Full details of the offer & requirements can be found here : http://www.u2.com/news/title/vinyl-special "What we're looking for from you is a vivid memory of an early gig - or a show that changed your life. Could be the first band you saw... or just one you'll never forget. Anything strange or wonderful take place - or was it a total let-down ? Did you meet them backstage after the show - or have you never listened to them again? Extra points if you can include a photo of the night - with your mates or with that weird hairstyle you had at the time or of the poster promoting the gig. We'll publish some of the best entries on the site and our favourites from U2.com subscribers will receive one of these special Songs Of Innocence vinyl LP's. (You can still enter if you're not a subscriber - we've blagged a few other Songs of Innocence prizes too.) Post your pictures / links to the story up on social media (Twitter / FB / Instagram etc) using the hashtag #unforgettablegig and enter in (..this thread..). Entries close on Friday October 17th." Please keep this topic for ENTRIES ONLY : and any discussion about entries, questions etc, please post in the Discussion thread - best of luck to all
  6. if anyone finds any soundcloud links of the latest interviews I can add them to the community player, thanks
  7. thanks K-D grabbing them to add now... (the german edge interview is tricky as its in 9 short parts, audio answers to typed questions, can be seen / heard here : http://www.ffn.de/musik/stars-und-infos/starinfos-bilder/kuenstler/details/u2/
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