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  1. 2 minutes ago, bigreddiver said:

    Wanted to highlight a question/concern to the Mods about the Singapore show:

    I was one of the people that managed to purchase GA tickets about 30 hours early (on Sat 15 June - the ticket and the transaction were cancelled shortly thereafter).  But the potential issue I wanted to highlight is that on the GA ticket from 15 June (bought early & cancelled after) the Gate listed for entry is Gate 9.  However, the GA ticket bought during the Red Hills presale today (Sun), 16 June, lists Gate 15 for entry.  If National Stadium is planning on admitting GA ticket holders through multiple gates, this may raise concerns with any fan-managed numbered queue system.  Not sure if this is an issue that will be sorted out at the venue or if there is advance communication that can happen to minimize everyone's anxiety at the venue.



    Singapore GA line... it has started already???!!! (Just kidding - something to note for nearer time tho, thanks for info)

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  2. 1 minute ago, BrunoDog said:

    Hallelujah - thank you all and to ‘smell the flowers’. That was not without stress.  It’s now 4am here and no way can I get think about going back to bed now - I’m zinging  with adrenaline.  I entered the address of the hotel I had intended to book (but not booked yet).  Fortunately I had the details saved and they were easy to open and get the address. So really I haven’t even booked this hotel yet but I’ve put the address in anyway.  It didn’t seem to mind at all - it was almost like as soon as the country was put in as Singapore you could have put any old address in.  The bug was obviously in the fact that any non Singapore country wasn’t compatible with the ‘venue collection only’ drop down.  Now I had better go in and change my address back.... but I am worried in case it cancels my red zone tix....🤔

    Well done. If at first you don't succeed... and all that. Trying to get the Singapore only address thing fixed, but this seems good workaround for now

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Sarajane said:

    Oh, and to answer your question, I got that message on the Sydney 2 show after I had purchased my 3rd ticket using my code. I thought about getting one more but got that message. I don't need it so it's OK now. 


    that probably explains it, as you had checked out with your code already for one ticket you are probably are locked out of using it again for that particular show (technically that should not happen but I think it might account for things in this case - if you did want to check as an exercise, you could try your code to unlock an Auckland 2 presale ticket- and post back if that would work).

  4. 6 minutes ago, Sarajane said:

    Quick question for the Mods. I bought one Red Zone for Sydney #1, one Red Zone for Sydney #2 and one GA for Adelaide. - 3 tickets total on my pre-sale code. I'm not looking to purchase any more tickets but shouldn't I have one left? I just went in to see if any more Red Zone were available and it said "entitlements exhausted" as if I had used all four. Just thought this was odd. As I mentioned, I don't need another ticket but if this happens to others that would be a real bummer if they, like me, had only purchased 3 tickets. Thanks!

    which show did you get that message for, was it one you already purchased through pre sale code perhaps?

  5. 3 hours ago, ddarroch said:

    Yep, that's what I'm doing. I'm just concerned that if U2 decided to put something on for Sydneysiders on their free day (yes, very unlikely I know), I'd never get an email about it. It's been 3 months since I purchased my u2.com membership. In that time I've received a grand total of ONE email from u2.com (the 25% off merchandise coupon that came with my membership). I received far more emails when I had a free membership! I contacted support@u2.com, all I got back was a message telling me my presale code (which I already knew) 🙄

    try changing your email address in your https://www.u2.com/profile page. Some email servers seem to randomly block emails from U2.com. Yahoo emails I have noticed are prone to this, some others, so also try an email with a different provider (e.g. if your existing Profile page is using yahoo mail, try a google mail instead etc.).

    Might take a cycle or 2 emails for you to receive to new email address, but if it works, please let us know

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