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  1. thx nice meet up with that singer on both your birthdays, sweet
  2. noted.. thx - i went a bit OTT with the toys and it being the singers birthday... should be ok now
  3. so sorry for your loss Angella. Thoughts & prayers go out to you x
  4. Big big thanks to Max & Mich for the texts & images & info above - here it is, the first live thread of the #U2TheJoshuaTreeTour2017! We spruced the place up all special and are all looking forward big style to what comes. Seems appropriate to open the live threads on the singers birthday, we hear there might be a few celebrations tonight... and rumours that the GA line is already underway (more on that as we know) If you are going, or following along online, hope you can stop by here, and the other live threads as they pop up and make the place jump. Now, whe
  5. did you accidentally create 2 accounts dadano? looks like thats the case, let me know which one you want to keep and I can merge the 2 (only 1 account per member / subscriber is allowed)
  6. we decided to let things run in each city forum, like this one, seems to be working fine... will let others chime in about best protocols, but PM system here is useful tool and keep copies of all correspondence in case of any problems down the line...
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