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  1. 1 - new setup is responsive, so no need, should auto detect what platform you on.. 2 - we just seen this too, if you hover over the number, it explains :-
  2. Just in time for the tour... we are still finding our way around a bit. What do you think of the new look? Anything you particularly like, or missing? See any bugs that need fixing?
  3. new toys to play with... :u2-1383:

  4. Thank you for being clear. never the less, if i speak the truth there aint nothing that will hold me back. i am kind and fair but won't accept any muzzle if i can prove what i am saying. truth and freedome of speech will overrule any house rule if kept descend. for love and kindness are my human basics and out of that comes truth. bless you. feel free to make your point(s), but please ensure you follow the house rules, as mich already pointed you towards. They are there for reasons. We'll let you know if we have any cause to moderate / remove any content that fall beyond those guidel
  5. if you can add some screenshots we can pass up to try to get TM to investigate
  6. i would offer up whatever you think works... in fact i did to test all was working, the form seems to have disappeared on the news story temporarily but I notified them & hopefully back very soon. I will add in next post a chorus of what I sent up as a test to prove anyone can do it
  7. This track is so special, you need to break that down into what is your favourite lyric (line) in that song Bigwave. I tried since you asked yardie... can't do it.. i like all the lyric, even though for the most part of it done;t know what the hell its about (apart from being inspired by the miners strike in UK at that time, which affected us around here big time). Love the imagery in the lyrics, if I had to choose... this We're wounded by fear Injured in doubt. I can lose myself You I can't live without.
  8. ...all in Vancouver I hear... rehearsals now underway... and so it begins...
  9. I know we got events already posted in some city topics already, but wanted to add a thread were we can add stuff we know about thats happening in U2 fan world as the tour unfolds. You got a meetup? Booked a cover band? Birthday party of big event coincide with the tour this year.? Shout it out..
  10. did anyone get the orange fanzine? Or know anyone who did? Doing a piece about it and might be able to get it as a pdf to share for those of us who were not so lucky... let me know what you make of it..
  11. Red Hill Mining Town 2017 mix streaming now for 24 hours for subscribers : http://www.u2.com/news/title/red-hill-mining-town-2017-mix-streaming-now
  12. Which is BTW big bullsh*t... no its true, never been able to use codes on music, we double checked a while back
  13. In the UK its retail price is £15.99 and it looks like 2500 will be available
  14. In case you missed Bono talking to Chris Evans yesterday about it, here's a link to audio
  15. Anyone planning to try to pick up the new picture disc version of Red Hill Mining Town? Or any other lp's you have an eye on tomorrow? Any tips or out of the way places that plan to stock? I feel a 1987 Joshua Tree release day vibe coming on imagining myself in a queue somewhere far too early in the morning somewhere in the north east of England... Post up any pics or vids here and we will try to feature them here & social media & beyond... Happy hunting..
  16. 2 great pieces, and some nice drone footage of the Joshua Tree area, thanks for posting
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