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  1. band stayed behind to answer a few more questions for us :
  2. Happy Paddy's Day 1 & all

    1. Frankaz


      so it is, so it is

  3. we have flagged up your previous emails / PMs etc on this. Have you called to enquire?
  4. its coming... what/exactly when - unknown... don't have any more for now as soon as able.. will post
  5. Hey Bigwave Any news on the fan trade section? I've definitely got a spare ticket for Twickenham on the Saturday up in the nosebleeds that I would prefer not to resale to Ticketmaster For now we are pointing / moving any ticket sales / requests into each city related sub forum - London - Twickenham Stadium
  6. I'm interested in whatever response you get as well, because I have a similar situation. I used a credit card for my wife and son to use, and called TicketMaster since my name is on the card - not hers. I pointed out to them on the phone that I could definitely add her to my credit account and she would have a card - but it would not be the card I used. Their response was: "It's fine, she can just bring the card you used for the order and it will be OK". I further clarified that I would NOT be there - and she would be using a card with my name on it - and they said, "It's OK - it
  7. only can use if you have an unused element of your code (i.e. only bought 3 tickets so far, so would be able to buy 1 more ticket with existing code)
  8. A Zoob Like it. We all were at one point, welcome new zoobs... at some point you become a zootop or a zootope I do believe... Still trying to figure this out after being here 8 years. Still evolving perhaps. What you like / dislike so far being here? Give us 2 shops of happy & 1 shot of sad?
  9. By train. agreed, buses are great, and v. cheap also (takes a bit longer)
  10. Ha... Let me clarify. By creative trade I meant making apples to apples out of some combination of RZ and GA. and cash. I am not looking to pay more than face value or charge anyone more than face value. I am looking to get Pitch 2 tix to Croke. And I am saying that I am happy to use whatever combination I have including cash, my extra GA's and if I must- my RZ for Chicago (based on what the person I am trading with has/needs)... Better? perfect
  11. as yet that's an unknown, I would guess if we do get any more shows announced for this year that have presales, then any unused codes would be valid for those... but only time will tell.
  12. welcome to the boards Flibby, we are still working on a potential ticket swap area in Subscribers section - leaving swaps / wants posts where they are posted for now, just a reminder to all, face value only etc etc and no links to reselling sites allowed
  13. welcome - easy to see new posts each time you visit click here : New Content
  14. from http://www.u2.com/help Q-If I purchase a ticket but wish to resell or transfer to another person, may I do so? A- For North America, tickets purchased during the presale are non-transferable. If you bought tickets for the group, you must enter as a group.
  15. check out this topic from today, maybe you can get refund? http://zootopia.u2.com/topic/34726-refund-for-tm-credit-card-entry-tix-available-for-up-to-3-days-after-purchase/#entry1064626
  16. might have only been 2 tix left for that section at the time (in that case not a code issue, but an inventory issue?)
  17. there is no option to delete topics, mods can do it if need be - often good to leave them in place as a help to others in same boat etc... even if your issue is sorted ok. I get that. In my case, it was just a dumb question and the answer came shortly thereafter. I guess I should stop posting to this and it'll just sink to the bottom eventually, lol. no, not a dumb question, good it was able to be answered quickly.
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